Havana Jose Marti (HAV) Airport

Havana Jose Marti HAV Airport Overview

Havana Jose Marti International Airport HAV is Cuba's primary Airport, handling 80 percent of its international air traffic.  It is operated by Empresa Cubana de Aeropuertos (ECASA).

HAV Airport is located in the town of Boyeros, 15 km southwest of the capital city of Havana, on the East Coast of the Island of Cuba, West Indies.

With a 4,000 meter runway and an estimated 4 million passengers per annum, Havana Jose Marti International is  hub for Cubana de Aviacion and Aerocaribbean and is served by good number of international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe.

While  flights to the U.S. are operated as scheduled 'Special Authority Charters', a number of major US airports are now allowed to provide service to passengers who are either Cuban citizens, or are visiting relatives in Cuba, or are either involved in specific agricultural businesses or travel for religious reasons.

Jose Marti International Airport has four passenger terminals - Domestic Terminal T1, International Terminals T2 & T3, and  the Caribbean T5 - all served by frequent shuttle buses. While the Domestic Terminal 1 is on the north side of the runway, all other terminals are on the south side of the runway and are not connected:  past T2 (near the cargo terminal) is International T3 - largest of the terminals, followed by firestation & Hangar and then T5 (the Aerocaribbean terminal) near the end of the runway. (T4 is a cargo terminal)

Domestic Terminal 1 - west of runway 6 - is used primarily for domestic flights of Cubana de Aviation, AeroCaribbean & Aerogaviota..
International Terminal 2 - at Airport's north side -serves all U.S. arrivals, along with all flights of European charters. T2had been renovated and expanded in the last few years.  T2's amenities include bars, restaurants, book shops and a rental car desk in the arrivals area.
International Terminal 3 is the largest and most modern terminal. All international flights (other than those listed at Terminal 2) arrive & depart from this terminal. Rental cars are available at its Arrivals area and include Rex, a limousine and luxury-car rental. T3's restaurants and bars are open 24/7. Information desks are located in both the arrivals and departure areas.
Other amenities include a Cadeca's foreign exchange, post office, travel agency, pharmacy, and internet access. Two VIP lounges (tel. (07) 642 6225 or 649 0071) are located at Arrivals & Departures and offer business services such as fax & copy services & private rooms, with snacks & refreshments.
Caribbean Terminal 5 is mainly used by the Cuban airlines AeroCaribbean (domestic and regional flights) and Aerotaxi (domestic charters). It's is located in the south east corner of the airfield, just south of the 24 threshold.

Cuban Imigration /Customs for arriving Tourists:  Upon arrival at Airport airport stfaf will guide passengers to the Immigration area.  Cuban Customs represents a few short enclosed halls with a booth staffed by a Customs official who will check your passport and tourist visa ('tarjeta del Turista' provided by airline, travel agent or tour operator). You are handed back half of of the visa for use on your return.  (Such card can also be purchased from the immigration official at 20 CUC). You also need to present valid proof of medical coverage. Thereafter you may exit the booth through the now unlocked door and proceed to have your carry-on bag checked and go hrough the metal detector (while your checked bags are being scanned on another area).  Thereafter go to the baggage claim area and get your bags.  Keep your passport tourist card & baggage claim tags at the ready as you may have to present them upon exiting the baggage area. If nothing to declare, proceed to Exit doors. 
Cuban Immigration for departing Tourists:  After check-in, proceed to the Departure Tax window to pay the Cuban departure tax of CUC 25, whereupon your boarding pass will be stamped and you can proceed to the Customs booths to present passport & boarding pass and the other half of your Tourist card - whereupon the door will be unlocked and you can proceed to the security checkpoint where your bag will be scanned & you walk through the metal dector arch. Exit and enter the Gate loune.

  • Address:
    Avenida Van Troy y Final, Rancho Boyeros
  • Contact: aijm@hav.ecasa.avianet.cu
  • Phone: +53 (0)7 864 9177 / or +53 7 266 4644

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