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Parking Options at Fargo Hector Airport

Parking options at Hector International Airport include the following lots:
Hourly Parking across from the passenger terminal;
Daily Parking in the large lot across from the Hourly Lot; and
Economy Parking across from Daily Parking, both of which exit to the airport's circle road, and on to 19th Ave. N.

Parking Fees:
Hourly, Daily & Economy lots charge for each 30-minutes $1, up to daily max, which is for Daily $7/day; for Hourly $9/day; for Economy $6/day.  Weekly fees for Daily $42; for Economy $36.
Parking fees are payable by major credit or debit cards.

When parking your car in winter, keep in mind that the parking lots have no power outlets. Standard Parking, located at the exit booth, may provide a jump-start if needed and if they have sufficient staffing

For more parking information contact Standard Parking at 701-241-1591.

Parking Rates at FAR Airport

Hourly Parking
Description:Hourly parking at Hector Airport is right across from the Passenger terminal.
Rate: each 30 mins $1.00
daiy max (24 hrs) $9.00
Daily Parking Lot
Description:The Daily Parking lot is behind the Hourly Parking facility, situated inside the circle drive and across from Economy lot.
Rate: each 30 mins $1.00
daily max (24 hrs) $7.00
Weekly max $42.00
Economy Lot
Description:The Economy lot is past  the Passenger Terminal and the Rental car lot.
Rate: each 30 mins $1.00
daily max (24 hrs) $6
Weekly max $36

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