Public transportation from Helsinki Vantaa Airport:
Buses to Helsinki or the Tikkurila railway station are not only comfortable, but also fast (about 35 minutes); you can take either the City bus 615, or the Finnair City Bus. Both Bus 615 (or 620 at night) and Bus 61 get you to the Tikkurila station, which offers connections to commuter & long-distance trains (incl. St.Peterburg & Moscow) *.

Daytime & overnight buses by Matkahuolto & ExpressBus depart from the Airport Coach Terminal. 

Bus stops at T1
Bus stop 1: Finnair City Bus
Bus stop 2: to Tikkurila railway station
Bus stop 3: to Tampere

Bus Stops at T2
(a) Buses across from Arrivals 2B
include Bus Stops 11-14, 21-24, 31-34 & a bit further southwest of Bus 34 are buses 35, 36:
Bus stop 3 is to Tampere
Bus stop 11: AirPort Bus, hotel shuttle buses
Bus stop 12: Bus to Remote Car Park Bus stops 13–14: Express buses, bus 540
Bus stop 21: Bus 615 to Helsinki city centre, 620N
Bus stop 22: Bus 61 to Tikkurila railway station *
Bus stop 23: Buses 519, 519A, 520
Bus stop 24: Bus 51
(b) Bus across from Arrivals 2A:
Bus stop 10: Finnair City Bus
Bus stop 13: to Tampere

* As of July 10, 2015 passengers may board the train directly at the new train station under the Terminal - see below

* Until July 9, 2015 the Tikkurila Railway station can be reached via Bus 61 (at T1 bus stop 3; at T2 outside, stop 22) - a 25 minute ride - HOWEVER, note that on July 10, 2015,  the new 18 km (partially underground)  Ring Rail Line train connection opens - considered to be the most important service improvement at the Airport within the past 15 years - enabling passengers to travel directly from the Airport to Helsinki's city center by train.  Both Helsinki Airport & Aviapolis stations are to be 40 meters below ground.  Passengers may accsess the railway station at the passenger terminal's sub-level, reached via escalator or elevator. Those catching long-distance trains (which use the Ring Rail Line) may change over at Tikkurila station.

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