Parking Options at Shanghai Hongqiao Airport

Parking Options at Hongqiao International Airport: Parking charges are according to vehicle size, and length of time. 
1. Terminal 1 parking options are P1 garage & P2 parking lot:  Parking P1 is on east side of Terminal 1 (699 Yigbin 1st Road); P2 is on the south side of Terminal 1 (399 Konggang 1st Road). The parking lots can be reached through two passages connecting several terminals.  
While P1 is for regular-size cars only, P2 is for both regular & oversized cars. 

2. Terminal 2 parking options are at  Garages P6 & P7 & Lots P5  P8.  They are located on both sides of the eastern part of the Transportation Center (1500 Shenkun Road), connecting with the terminal.  Passengers can easily reach the parking facilities from the terminals through three passages. 
While Garages P6 and P7 are for regular-size cars  only,  with a height under 1.9 meters -  P5 and P8 parking lots are for oversized vehicles. 

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