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We arrive on Hawaiian air at 2:30 from Maui and have to catch a Delta flight to Atlanta at 4:30. So we will have to pick up bags and recheck in at Delta. Is that enough time to accomplish that.
That should be enough time if everything goes smoothly.
WE will be arriving from Maui on terminal R and need to connect with flight to JFK in terminal Z. There is only 30 minutes from arrival to departure. Is this enough time
What airlines?
Hi! We'll be coming in from Maui on Hawaiian Airlines at 6:45 AM and need to catch a flight with China Eastern at 9:50 AM. Is that enough time? How far are the terminals?
That should be plenty of time. The terminals are a short shuttle bus ride away from each other.
Changing from Hawaiian airlines to Delta leaving HNL. Would a 2 hour window be enough time to get bags, go through TSA and then make flight?
If the Hawaiian flight is inter-island that's just enough time.
Hi , we arrive on terminal Z on Hawaiian from LIH and need to make it to terminal M on Alaska
Will that even work ? We only have one hour
It's possible but doesn't leave much time to spare. You are going from the InterIsland Terminal to the Overseas terminal.
We will be arriving on a Hawaiin Airlines Interisland flight from Kauai. We need to make a connectiong flight to Portland OR on Alaska Airlines. I was told that we need to pick up our luggage at the Hawaiian Baggage Claim and recheck it to Alaska Terminal and then go through TSA again. We'll only have 2 hours from arrival in Honolulu to departure to Portland. How close are the terminals? And Will this be enough time?
What concourse is virgin America on
All gates at the overseas terminal are common use, so Virgin America could technically be at any gate. You get from the Interisland Terminal to the Overseas terminal on a shuttle bus.
Are the Hawaiian Airlines gates and American Airlines gates at HNL in the same terminal or lobby? Approximately how long would it take to go from AA gates to HA gates to catch a connecting flight from HNL to DFW?
An interisland Hawaiian AIrlines flight or a Hawaiian Airlines flight from Outside Hawaii?
Honolulu Airport is a well-functioning airport and departing and arriving domestic passengers are quickly at either their gate or at the exit door.