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The Premier Airport Guide for Traveler

- as seen on the Today Show, in the NY Times, and voted by Travel & Leisure magazine's "most comprehensive airport guide".

iFly Pro provides in-depth details to over 700 commercial airports, in-terminal navigation to help you quickly find services and amenities near your location or a gate, and real-time flight status and tracking.

iFly Pro takes the basic iFly App to a higher altitude by adding a sleek flight status and tracking utility, plus a Trips itinerary management utility.

Want to know what restaurants will be in your terminal? Which amenities are close to your gate? Is there WiFi? How far the connecting gate is? Ground transport options? Look no further.

Airport Guide features:
-Restaurants, Cafes, Stores, Lounges, Restrooms
-Terminal Maps with GPS location (as available)
-Airline details (numbers, route maps, baggage fees, etc)
-Layover ideas
-Wifi coverage
-Ground transportation options
-Parking rates and locations
-Terminal services (banks/ATMs, business centers, currency exchange, etc)

Flight Tracking & Trips features:
-Status thousands of global flights
-Live maps with weather
-Terminal, gate, and baggage claim info
-Flight delays and cancelations
-Load and manage itineraries with Trips

Plus: tons of traveler help tips, like carry-on/checked baggage allowance rules, airport security ID requirements, traveling with kids or pets, and help on everything from packing to parking to checking bags.

A guide to our guide:

In-Depth Coverage on 700+ Airports
Details on services and amenities covering all US/CAN airports with commercial service (plus over 100 International airports... and growing). Find restaurants, cafes, and shops by terminal and gate, along with hours of operation and contact.

Full-featured flight status tracking Check the status on almost any flight worldwide. Get terminal, gate and aircraft type. See flight progress on a map.

GPS Terminal Maps
Orient yourself and get to that gate on time, or find out where to get a coffee, or navigate to a gate. Over 500 detailed terminal maps available based on Google Maps (and adding many more).

Airport Status
Get up to date status on US airports, including ground stops, departure delays, and airport closures.

Feedback and Support
We encourage feedback on any aspect of iFly. Please Also report any data anomalies so we can quickly fix or update them. Thanks!
iFly Support

Up-front Disclosure on Data
Flight tracking map coverage is for the US/CAN/UK. Flight arrival/departure delay and weather info coverage is for US/CAN.
GPS or cell-Airport information, particularly concerning amenities and parking fees, change rapidly. We are dedicated to making iFly the best resource available for airport information, but sometimes there might be a delay in updating our data. Additionally, many airports simply don't provide detailed information in a timely manner after they make a change. We are constantly upding our data to reflect the most relevant information possible. Thanks for your understanding!
-The iFly Team-