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Travel UA codeshare AC from YUL to IAH connecting to MEX. Where do we clear customs? do I need to claim baggage and do customs/inmigration at IAH and check in for MEX or do I only need to transfer from Terminal A to E?
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal. All you have to do in Houston is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security.
Thanks a lot!
I am flying out on 11/23 at 345pm and i was not sure if i should arrive 3 hrs earlier to make it through security? Please confirm. Thanks
Yes, I would plan on arriving before 1 PM if you want to feel comfortable.
Thank you
Hi, I have a flight on Wednesday 11/9/16 at 7:40 and will not be able to get there until 6:15-6:20. Will I be able to make it with security?
AM or PM? What airline? You should be OK but I can't guarantee it.
It is PM and with United Airlines. Just need to make it through security.
In that case that's barely enough time.
Flying from San Juan to Dallas after a Carbibean Cruise. Do you have to clear customs in San Juan or in Dallas?
Flights between Puerto Rico and the mainland US are considered domestic flights, so neither.
What is the fastest way from gate C8 to E35a? How long should it take? Thanks!

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Hi .next month i will travel in Vietnam.Can I bring a Zippo lighter ? Can I put in baggage or carry on,because I want to give this gift for my brother.
Somebody help me ,please
There is a whole page on this, but yes, you can bring it in your carry-on
Hi All,
Im conerning my case:
I'm flying with American Ảirlines from IAD to LAX arriving at 9:30pm and departing from LAX to HK with Cathay Pacific Airlines at 11:30pm. The thing I much worry is that when I arrived LAX I coundnt find customs to get stamped exit and went straight to departure gate to leave the US.
I mean if I didnt do the customs clearance in LAX and will I be stopped when travelling the US in next time???
Your advice is much appreciate
The US does not issue exit stamps. There is no US Customs when exiting the US. Cathay will check your passport when you board the aircraft and has your passport # on record and will report to the US Immigration authorities that you left the country.
I am flying Qantas to Singapore then flying Swiss to Zurich. Will my baggage be transferred in Singapore from the Qantas to Swiss planes? Or am I required to collect my bag and check it in again?
Are your flights all on the same reservation or are on they on two separate reservations?
I'm flying Chicago to Memphis at 4:50 pm Saturday, 9-10. What time do I need to get to the airport? I have to check bags.
Getting there at like 2:45-3 should be fine. Saturday afternoons aren't very busy/.