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Do we need to go through customs in Sju to Tortola or once we get to Tortola. We have a flight coming in 1:30 getting seaborne at 2:55 to Tortola will we be ok?
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You will go through BVI Immigration and Customs in Tortola.
I'm flying in on Alaska Airlines from Seattle and connecting to a Delta Airlines flight to Atlanta. Could someone please tell me if I will need to pass through TSA again? And, if so, about how long should I need between flights. Thank you!
What airport are you connecting at?
Arriving in a international fly from Sydney, Australia in Qantas airlines at 13.00 and departing to Tampa, Florida in American Airlines at 14.45, would I have enough time? from which terminal to which I should go? could you describe the steps to clear customs if a check luggage in Sydney to destination in Tampa? travel on my own.
What airport are you connecting at?
landing 10 minutes apart on 2 different airlines. Is there a good meeting place when you come out of customs???
What airport?
Very concerned about my niece going on a flight alone! Is there any way that my sister can walk her daughter to the gate that she is suppose to be at? Niece is only 12!, she doesn't get it, when we tell her she has to be at gate to get on the airplane! Niece is going on a camping trip in Denver!, no electronics are allowed!!
Do they have to be in a prescription bottle or can they be in a daily sectioned
On domestic flights a planner is fine. The TSA aren't the drug police.
Helo. My 21 yr old daughter will be traveling alone for the 1st time in Europe. She will only have carryon luggage. She arrives FCO at 9:15 and her flight to London is at 11:45. Both are in terminal 3. What will she need to do when she deplanes to get to the next gate and is this enough time? Thank you!
All she should have to do is walk from her arrival gate to her departure gate. If she doesn't have her boarding pass for her London flight she'll have to get it from the counter of the London airline.
Arriving at Terminal C, Gate 33 and departing Terminal C, Gate 27. Connecting time is 52 minutes. Is the enough time to make our connection?
Yes, those gates are literally a 3-5 minute walk apart.
I have a flight from Montreal to Toronto to Costa Rica. The layover in Toronto is only 1 hr 19 mins. Do we have to go through customs here? If so, will we have enough time? Thanks!
There is no Canadian customs when leaving Canada. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You have enough time.
Arriving from Brussels with Delta at T4 an take an intern Delta flight at T2. Do I have to catch my luggage, go through immagration (Belgian citizen) and customs ? This is the first time and I'm a little confused. Have plenty of time between the two flights. Please tell me how and what to do.
Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, then take the AirTrain to T2 and go through security.