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I Lost my black pack for iPad today during check in it was so hurry because my boarding card was not accepted i need to print one but wizz air page didnt work so finally i should buy new boarding card and Lost my iPad pack black one with maps from amiens and my Keys inside
I am arriving from Dallas to Houston to further connect to Amsterdam. Do I need to re-check my bagage? I have 1hr11 layover time for my flight to AMS.
If both tickets are on United then you don't need to do anything with your bags. Just go from your arrival gate (likely in B) to your departure gate in E. The Skyway train connects all terminals inside security. You have enough time.
Hi im flying on India to Miami and next day i have flight Newyork JFK to Spain Barcelona. I have valid C1 Tranist visa and Spain Schengen visa.

C1 transit visa how many days can i stay in USA?

May i stay in one day at hotel miami aiport near.
Yes, you can leave the airport and spend the night in a hotel as long as you leave the country as scheduled on your next flight.
Flying from HAJ to CDG (arrive 2G) to SEA (Depart 2E) on a Friday morning with 2 hr layover, all on Delta. Enough time?
Yes, that is enough time. Note that your flight from Hannover will be operated by Air France HOP!
Flying Delta landing at 5:40 am. I want to get a connecting flight to Split at 6:40 is this enough time? I will carry on my bag
If both tickets are on the same reservation that should be just enough time.
Im arriving from a flight from toronto to washington dulles. i have a connection flight for an hour. is that enough time to get to my gate to las vegas
Yes, that should be enough time. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Toronto. All you have to do at IAD is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. They are all connected inside security.
My flight will arrive CLT on Tuesday May at 6:30 PM from London and my connecting flight to Greenville (GSP) Airport will be at 7:50PM. Is it enough time to go thru Immigration, Custom, Recheck luggage and security line in 1 hour? or how long it takes to ..
That is 10 minutes shorter than the recommended international to domestic connection time at CLT. Everything will have to go perfectly for you to make it.
I'm flying into Dulles at 16:20 from MBJ and connecting to London at 18:00. Will this be enough time t connect. The tickets have been booked on the same reservations?
That's barely enough time if the first flight is on-time and everything goes smoothly.
I will be arriving in Rome Terminal 3 with Alitalia from JFK, and connecting to another flight which is in Terminal 3 as well, Montenegro Airlines. I have a 3 hour 25 min connecting time, what will be the process when transferring within the same terminal.
If the two tickets are on separate reservations and you have checked bags you will go through Schengen passport control, claim your bags, go through customs, take your bags to the Montenegro Airlines check-in desk, go through Schengen exit passport control, and go through security and to your gate. If you don't have checked bags or both tickets are on the same reservation and your bags are checked through, you can go directly to the Montenegro Airlines transfer desk or gate and get your boarding pass. Either way you should have enough time.
Thank You! Both tickets are under the same reservation and bags will be checked straight through. Our transfer seems that it will run smoothly.
Will we have to go through passport control?
For example from 6pm to 8:59pm why are there flights listed that occur after 9pm? If I wanted to know about those flights I would go to 9 pm to 11:59pm