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i am travelling from Grenada to Baltimore through Miami. then i want to leave the us through New York. Can i use a different port to exit? I will be in Connecticut.
Yes, there is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US. You are free to exit the US at any airport.
I am having my checked baggage directed to Beijing as both flights are United. My first flight (United) Departs BDL and arrives in ORD at 11:30 AM. I will have to exit security, check in for my next flight and then go through security again for an international flight to PEK (United) at 12:55. Too tight?
Why do you have to do that? You can just go directly to your departure gate since both flights are on United - if for some reason United can't issue you your Beijing boarding pass in Hartford they will be able to at the gate in Chicago.
I didn't know I could do that. Thanks!
I booked 2 one way flights rather than one trip from PVD to PEK. I thought I had to exit and check in.
I'm using Miles on American and Flying AA & AS to PDX connecting through MCO. Will I be able to book the seat I want on American Airlines Website?
Yes, if you log into your reservation on the AA website using your AA reservation number you should be able to select your seat.
I am flying back from South Africa. I will go to Dubai first & then land in Chicago at 3:30pm. I then have a flight to Saint Louis that leaves at 6:40 pm. Is this enough time? Also how do I get to American Airlines from the international airport in Chicago?
Yes, that is enough time. You will arrive in Terminal 5 and depart from Terminal 3 which is just the next terminal over. They are connected outside security by the ATS Train.
What time should I be at ORD for a 6:30 am United flight on a Monday? I'm with a 9 year old autistic boy who can't stand still.
You should be there by 4:00 or 4:15.
i'm planning to go from MCO to Jakarta (CGK) transfer in LAX. Where should I go through immigration, in MCO or LAX?
There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US.
I have to go from CLT - SEA. It is cheaper to make a stop.
Should I go through OMA, IAD, IAH, ORD, or DEN?
Going there: Omaha is leaving at 2pm and getting in Seattle at 6:49pm (1hr 40min), Dulles is leaving at 10:05am & getting there at about 3:00pm (59min), O'hare is leaving at 10:20 & getting there about 2:45pm (1hr 1min), Houston (IAH) Leaving at 8:15am & Getting there around 1:25pm or 2:45pm (1hr 16min), & Denver Leaving about 4:11 & arriving at about 9:00pm (1hr 14min).
Coming Back:
Houston (IAH) Leaving at 8:15am & getting in CLT @ 7:12pm (1hr 15min), Chicago (ORD) Leaving at 10:27am & Getting in CLT around 8:30pm (1hr 15min - don't know for sure), & Omaha leaving about 11am & getting in CLT around 9pm (1hr 25min).

Please & thanks.

Let Me Know!
Why do you keep asking the same question over and over? All of those connections are very possible. OMA is by far the least congested of the airports in question but DEN and IAD are also relatively congestion-free.
Thanks. Sorry.
Just wondering do i need to have a visa for transit from Seattle to Vancouver if i am holding hong kong passport?
Yes, you need a US Transit Visa.
When will April 2017 flights come out for Southwest, Jet Blue, & Frontier?
I'm going from CLT - SEA April 8th - 15th. Please & Thanks.
For Southwest it will probably be in the next schedule extension in August. Jetblue will probably be around the same time. For Frontier it may not be until October or November - Frontier does not follow standard monthly schedule extensions, instead they load entire seasons at a time. So they would not load Spring until some time in the fall.
I'm planning on going somewhere next July 3-14 & I was wondering if anybody had any Idea when these flights will come out?
They will first be available in August or September 2016 on most airlines. However, some airlines like Southwest and Frontier have a shorter booking window - Southwest's case July 2017 will become available in November or December and for Frontier it won't be available until January or February.