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Just wondering do i need to have a visa for transit from Seattle to Vancouver if i am holding hong kong passport?
Yes, you need a US Transit Visa.
When will April 2017 flights come out for Southwest, Jet Blue, & Frontier?
I'm going from CLT - SEA April 8th - 15th. Please & Thanks.
For Southwest it will probably be in the next schedule extension in August. Jetblue will probably be around the same time. For Frontier it may not be until October or November - Frontier does not follow standard monthly schedule extensions, instead they load entire seasons at a time. So they would not load Spring until some time in the fall.
I'm planning on going somewhere next July 3-14 & I was wondering if anybody had any Idea when these flights will come out?
They will first be available in August or September 2016 on most airlines. However, some airlines like Southwest and Frontier have a shorter booking window - Southwest's case July 2017 will become available in November or December and for Frontier it won't be available until January or February.
I'm flying from Seattle to CLT on Alaska & American. I have overnight flight possibilities, they are a stop in SAN, SFO, LAX, DEN, & PDX which one is better to layover in?
Denver or Portland are probably the best options.
I'm going to Kopsikia Idaho from CLT & Meeting family there from KIX. I have Lewistion, ID, Spokane, WA, Missoulla, MT, & Boise, ID I can fly into. Which do you prefer from both airports to meet up?
Do you mean Kooskia, Idaho? I can't find any town named "Kopsikia". Lewiston is the closest airport and you can get there with a single connection in Seattle. Missoula looks like a difficult drive through nearly 150 miles of mountainous forest.
Yes I meant Kooskia , ID
I'm flying from Kingston, Jamaica to Miami. I'll get to Miami airport at 2:45pm. Then I have to catch a TAP flight to Portugal at 4:40pm. What is the best way to manage this situation ? Will it be possible ?
With checked bags that is impossible. Without checked bags that might be barely possible if your flight from Kingston is early, you are a US Citizen and you are already checked in for your TAP flight.
We are travelling from Ottawa,Canada and have an 1and half layover in IAD, then LA and final destination is Melbourne Australia. My concern is that will I have enough time to go through security at IAD then catch my flight to LA? Its my first time flying through the US.
You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in ottawa. You do not have to go through security at IAD. You just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Will I have to re check my bags? Is it all on one reservation?
You tell me - is it all on one reservation? Where are you flying from and to? On what airline?
I haven't booked it yet. Yes it will be one reservation, & I don't know which airline yet. I'm still researching.
If you book everything on one reservation then you don't have to claim your bags unless you are arriving in the US from an International flight. In that case you have to claim your bags at your point of entry in order to go through US Customs and then immediately re-check them.
Thanks. It's all domestic!
Hi, I will be flying in from LAS to Oakland international airport at 1135am. How long will i take to clear customs? Thanks!
There is no US Customs when traveling on domestic flights.
Even for international tourist, there is no US custom for domestic flight right?
That is correct. You just go through security at your origin like every other traveler.
I have 2 options. CLT - MDW - SEA on Southwest or CLT - DEN - SEA on United. Which one is better? I'm flying from CLT & on December 25th or 26th. Please let me know thanks!
Denver generally has better winter weather and can handle winter storms better than MDW.