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When you land in Toronto coming from Newfoundland going to Jamaica do you have to go through Security or can you just stay in secure area and go to departing gate?
I am a pregnant woman travelling to Oklahoma to transit at DFW with my daughter who is a USC.
is it true customs are hostile towards pregnant women coming to birth in the US. and will they delay me unnecessarily? What do i need to know?
I traveled from trivantrum India to Kuwait on 16July2017 .I lost a brown colour wallet and valuable documents. How can get it please help me .I called several times abudhabi airport police Seth I had airways but no response from there. What I can do please
Arriving on Air Canada from LHR and connecting on Air Canada to CYLW. Do I have to go through security again?
Where and how do I pick up my unaccompanied minor daughters?
Contact your airline. Usually if you go to the airline's check in desk at the airport where they arriving they will help you with what to do.
I am traveling from Columbia, SC -- about a 1 1/2 hour drive -- for a 7:40 a.m. flight, and have TSA Pre ticket. I tend to get to the airport very early, but this I would like to have a little extra time because of the drive.
Is 6:25 a.m. usually early enough to get through security without a problem?
Yes, that should be enough time. Maybe try to be a little earlier if you need to check bags.
Thanks for your quick response. Probably no bag to check, so that keeps it easy.
I've verified with southwest that my infants shot records will be good enough to get her on the flight (flying in lap)...but does security need any specific document for her to get through security??
No, infants (and in fact all people under 18) need no identification to go through security.
What documents are required for grandparents to go through airport security to pick up 10 year old grandson at the gait/
Is there a shuttle bus so I don't have to go through security if so where is it located at terminal A
What airport?
Do I need to bring my California DMV card with me to the airport because going into another state which is: Texas.....????
Do you mean your driver's license? Yes, you have to bring that. All adults need ID to fly on any domestic flight.