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i am travelling with a baby and would like to know how much fresh milk i can take from my flight from ho chi minh to london.
are there shops and restaurants once i have gone through security?
I am on a flight out of terminal c which has been delayed and wish to try to go standby on the earlier flight out of terminal b. Any issue with ckearing security at b?
What airport?
Hi there, arriving tomorrow from Stockholm SK 903 at 2.55 pm to Terminal B Newark. Whats the aprox wait time at immigration? Swedeish passports and approved ESTA of course
Probably 45-75 minutes.
Im traveling on spirit airlines what are the wait times for TSA check around 8pm??
What airport?
LAX airport
I would try to get there by 6 AM, 6:30 at the latest.
I have tried to contact TSA lost and found Dept. but I only get in contact with a voice Mail! Is there a email I can write to instead? It's regarding a missing item in security checkpoint at Terminal 5, friday evening 9:30 PM Aug. 11 / Klaus
What airport? This is not any airport or airline's website.
Is there a dedicated mobile passport line in terminals E & F.
Or do I have to stand in the long lines with the other passengers that do not use mobile passport?
Thank you
What airport?
I last saw my cellphone at Security checkpoint, I was going to Denver. I may have left it there, anyway I can find out?? This was the morning of 8-8-2017.
I will be arriving at Terminal2 and flying out of Terminal 1 San Diego, after a 4 hour layover. Can I leave the airport for an hour if I return through security at Terminal 1?
Yes, you can.
Hello , we fly from mykonos to rome then take train to naples, does anyone know we have to to clear custom upon arrival in Rome ? thank you
Greece and Italy are both in the Schengen Area, there are no border controls between them.
Hi we travel home Sunday flight 2035 from terminal 3. Leonardo express booked for 1750 arrive airport 1820. Is that enough time? Thanks