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Hello I'm flying from Tampa (TPA) to Coasta Rica (SJO) with a stop in Miami. Is customs at TPA or MIA or SJO?
Flying Delta, same reservation. Do we need to collect luggage and go through additional security before boarding for Tel Aviv?
If I am flying in from Costa Rica to Atlanta and then changing planes to Raleigh, NC do I have to change to a domestic terminal?
I have a valid Ga Driver license and a expired work permit ! Can I travel to Puerto Rico only with my driver license ?
I have a valid Ga Driver license and expired work permit . Do i need anything else to fly to San Juan, Puerto Rico ?
Am flying out of DUB on Delta with KLM flight thru AMS. I check in at Terminal 1 in AMS. Do I then go to Terminal 2 to go thru U.S. customs??
I am flying back to the US from Delhi on Delta Code Share Flights with 2.5 hour connection. When I arrive in AMS do i need to claim my checked bag and then proceed through security? Flights are DL7535 and DL73
I recently got married do I need my marriage certificate with my ID if I didn't change my ID yet
Hello. I arrive on Alaska Airlines from SEA at gate A10 at 2pm. I have to catch a flight on Lufthansa at gate G101 at 305 pm. Checking no bags. Do I have to go through security again? Thanks.
Which form must I complete when declaring funds over $10000 euros please