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My 18 year old has a state ID from Pa not a passport and we are flying to Hawaii in June. Is this still an acceptable form of ID?
Yes, it is.
How far ahead should I arrive at the airport for a flight from Newark to Copenhagen?
2.5 hours.
Do you know what the security is like for baggage at ATL? I've read a couple incidents online (link below) about baggage theft from the baggage carousel. Do you know if these incidents are common? Is there a lot of theft in the terminals?
Is tsa precheck available at EWR terminal B?
Only on the pier of the terminal that Delta and United domestic flights use. The pier for international flights doesn't because none of those airlines are Pre-Check participants.
Gate attendant Tim Cindel asking for proof of cash from a U.S. citizen flying to United States. This is not a requirement according to U.S.Consulate and denied flight
This is not an airline, airport or agency's website. Nobody will get your complaint here and it's especially unhelpful since you didn't even post where this occurred.
I once had my hair extensions)$300+ of the individual kind stolen duting bagchecksz. I would prefer th wear them this time. It this an issue driving the TSA check or should i use glue in again?
They aren't illegal to wear through security but they might cause extra examination of your head.
Flying to Scotland... from Atlanta Hartsfield to Newark then to Edinburg on United Airlines...
Where will I go through customs Atlanta or Newark?
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. You will go through UK Immigration and Customs in Edinburgh.
I will be flying on british airways from boston to London. I need to bring instant ice packs with me.
These are the kind that you squeeze and they become cold and then after are disposable. Anyone had any experience with these.
I am flying out in july and do not have a passport, but have my alaska ID. Will I be able to fly with my kids or do I need to get a passport?
Yes, that is fine.
I just wanna know it it is OK to take food supplements on the plane in cabin bag, please? Thanks
Yes food (not liquids) is OK in carry-ons.