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Sunday 11/20/17 7:50 pm Sardinas was my checking personal officer. We had an express connection flyer. She was EXTREMELY RUDE. She kept asking un-needed question while I’m telling her we might lose our flight. Including all the steps she’ll do one by one by one by one!!!! & if I need a private place to go to be screened. THEN came her SUPERVISOR who was not any less RUDE OR EVEN MORE RUDE THAN HER. “”We can’t speed security”” you’re making I️t longer.. they should definitely SCREEN THEIR EMPLOYEES!!!
Firstly, you didn't post what airport this even happened at. Secondly, this is not the website of any airport or airline or the TSA.
This happened @ Chicago o’hare Int’l airport.
I am hard of hearing with a nut allergy
You need to contact your airline.
My daughter is a Freshman at UMN and flying home for first time for Thanksgiving. How long should she expect the security screening lines to be on Tuesday Nov 21 around 4:00-4:30?
What airport? What airline?
Her school is UMN so Minneapolis airport. Flying Delta at 5:30 pm
Hi, I lost my belt this morning at the check security. It is purple colour. How I could find it?
What airport?
No, they do not.
My 96 year old mother is flying into Ontario Airport. SW will wheelchair her to baggage. From there she is on her own. Can I go into baggage area to help her from there?
Yes, you can.
I have a 1:30 flight from Newark to Phoenix Saturday. My train gets to the Newark rail station at 1130 and if I tack on another 15 minutes to get to the terminal does that give me ample time with no checked bags to make the flight?
Yes, that should be enough time.
I am intested in fast track security service. Is there fast track security service at Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte airport?
Hi, I am traveling from the UK with a Romanian(EU) passport with a short connection stop in Hartsfield Jackson to Mexico. Will I require a visa to connect at this airport?
Yes, Romanians need a US Transit Visa in order to transit the United States.
Thank you.
We are flying into Dallas Fort Worth from Tampa. We have a very short connection time to get to our next gate, which is to Vancouver, BC. Will we still be in a secure area, or do we need to go out, and come back in through security? We need to make that flight to Vancouver because we are leaving on a cruise ship. If we miss this flight, we miss the cruise.
You didn't post exactly how much time you have, but the Skylink train connects all gates at DFW inside security and all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Providing our flight is on time; we land in Dallas at 7:43am and our flight to Vancouver BC leaves at 8:50. I know they close the door at @ 8:25.
That is enough time. Also if you are connecting they wait until like 8:40 or 8:45 to close to the door.