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We are a family going to Newark airport and staying a couple of days in the big apple and after that we want to go further south and get some sun in in Nassau.

We are wondering how the security and immigration works when returning from Nassau on the 5 th of March with Delta airlines to terminal B where we will take a connection flight with SAS later on the same evening back to Sweden.

We will only have hand luggage to be om on the safe side when we arrive from Nassau and only have three hours to the connection flight from Newark to Sweden so is that enough time if we need to go through immigrations and customers or is that neccessary if we have a connection flight?
Delta does not fly from Nassau to Newark. All flights from Nassau to the US go through US Immigration and Customs preclearance in Nassau.

Sorry but it is via Atlanta from Nassau to Newark with Delta airlines so please help me out with information regarding time needed at Newark when going back to Sweden
All you have to do in Newark is go get your SAS boarding passes if you don't have them already, then go to your SAS gate. I believe you will also have to go through security because the Delta gates and SAS gates aren't connected inside security. There is no US Immigration or Customs when leaving the US. 2 Hours should be enough time.
Where is the GOES office in TerminalE?
How early should I arrive before my flight. I am flying at 0600 to Dominican Republic with a lay over in Atlanta.
Get to the airport at about 4 AM.
At Dulles?
Is there a way to know time to get through immigration right now or today?
That is not a thing that is tracked. Also it depends what line you are in and what time of the day you are arriving.
Arriving on Sat. 29.10 at 16:30 in T1 from Paris with 2 toddlers. What sort of waiting time at passport control can we expect? Is there a line for families with young children? We are not US citizens.
There is no line for families with children. If you are first time ESTA users expect it to take 45-60 minutes.
Thank you. We will prepare ourselves!
I'll be flying from PPT to LAX then I'll have a connecting flight to IAH. I'm not checking any bags. Once I land in the US, will I have to go through security again to get to my final flight? Thanks.
Yes, you will go through US Immigration and customs. At that point you will be outside security in the International Terminal. You have to go to your departure terminal and go through security.
What will the customs/security experience be like? How much of a layove is necessary to ensure I catch my last connection
On your way to Cancun you don't have to go through Customs or security in Houston (if you are connecting from another place in the US), an hour is fine. On the way back I'd want 2 hours.
I have a 5:20AM flight October 4 on AA. What time should I arrive at airport and when does TSA arrive at checkpoint in SDF?
From what I can tell the checkpoint opens at 4:30.

I booked flights with WestJet out of Toronto Pearson the other day for my girlfriend and myself. I entered my middle name in my ticket information, but she has two middle names and the WestJet booking system kept rejecting her middle name as too long, so I ultimately booked the ticket with no middle name at all - just first and last name. I know there is always a big deal made about exact names matching, but the system simply wouldn't let me put it so I have to imagine it won't be a problem. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if she'll have a problem using the automated passport control kiosks as her passport will contain her two middle names and the boarding pass only reflects first and last name? I don't want us to have to wait in a long line to speak to an agent, or worse, be denied boarding due to a reservation system limitation! Any advice anyone has on this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
I'm fairly certain you won't be denied boarding but I don't have any experience with that issue with the kiosks. Are you flying to the US or somewhere else?
Will I need to go through security in Terminal 1 if traveling on United from Kansas City and further on to Munich on Lufthansa - still from Terminal 1 ?
No, you do not have to go through security. All you have to do is walk from his arrival gate to your departure gate if both flights are on the same reservation.