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how long are the security lines right now?
How many minutes/hours in JetBlue DCA security line?
Very short - DC area airports are always well staffed by the TSA and the terminal JetBlue uses isn't very busy.
Hi There,
I have a 2 hour 30 min layover in Dallas, however I need to change airlines. I arrive on United and depart with Delta. I have noticed both airlines are in the same terminal. Am I correct in thinking I have enough time to collect bags, re-check and go through the TSA screening?
Yes, if the first flight is on-time that should be enough time.
I am arriving to Boston on ELAL at 05:30 am. I have a connecting flight on jetBlue air at 8:14 am.Is that enough time to go through customs and immigration.. from terminal E through security in terminal c . Thanks!
Yes, that should be enough time.
So Zap why didn't you answer my question from May 24th just saying?
I was on vacation. I am a volunteer.
Sorry Zap!
So Zap why didn't you answer my question from May 24th just saying?
are 2 hours layover time enough from FRA to DFW with connectionflight to LAW ? Think I've to pick up my luggage, go through security and check in again?!
I've heard such varying statements regarding increased wait times. I'm flying from SFO --> LAS on 6/16 at 7:30 PM. I obviously don't want to miss my flight but I don't want to take unnecessary time off work as I've recently started a new job. What time would you recommend arriving at SFO?

Arriving at SFO at 6 PM would probably be sufficient.
Check the current TSA wait time for your terminal at SFO. Simply enter a search for, "SFO TSA wait time Terminal ---" also take into consideration if you are checking in luggage . Give yourself time by checking ahead with your airline advisements as well. Add up the wait times and there you go. Good luck
Thanks for your reply. I do know about the wait time updates. However, "30+ mins" is extremely vague and defeats the purpose of having the updates. Of course I'm going to allow a time cushion, I just want to know if I need to allow a ridiculous cushion of 3 hours.
How early should I arrive at the Freeport, Grand Bahama airport for my flight back home to Miami
At least 2 hours early because you will have to pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Freeport.
I have a 5:45am flight tomorrow and I was wondering what time i should arrive at the airport?