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Hi, I will be flying to PIT from Malaysia. My first port of entry will be ORD. My transit time in ORD will be 2 hours. will it be enough time for me ?understand that I have to go through the custom and TSA processed once I reached ORD
Yes, that is enough time if everything goes smoothly and it's all on the same reservation.
I'm flying from Vancouver to San Francisco to LA with only an hour layover between flights. Will I go through Customs in Vancouver and be ok in San Francisco layover or do I need to go through Customs in San Fran and risk missing the flight?

Also coming back, I go from LAX-San Fransisco-Portland-Vancouver with again an hour layover between flights. When do I clear Customs for Canada?

All flights are connecting flights with United.
Yes, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Vancouver. All you have to do in San Francisco is go from your arrival gate. On the return you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in vancouver.
Hi Everyone, I'm traveling EWR to LAX and purchased the Priority Security and Boarding. Does anyone know if I will need to remove shoes, etc.?
Yes, you will, Priority security is just the regular procedures with a different line.
We are flying from Vancouver to Cancun on Westjet with a 1 hour connection in Toronto (changing planes). Will we have to pick up our bags in TO and go through security in this short time or will the bags be checked through from Vancouver to Cancun?
All you have to do in Toronto on your way to Cancun is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
what ID is required for flying from WA to Ha? Do you need an enhanced Driver's license?
Nobody is required to have an enhanced drivers license yet. State IDs and drivers licenses from all states are valid for travel. You can use a Washington State ID.
It's it allowed to have friends from the city eat dinner at the airport while I'm waiting through the layover?
It's it allowed to have friends from the city eat dinner at the airport while I'm waiting through the layover?
Hello my question is: Can I travel domestic flights with a Honduran passport?
Yes, any passport is valid identification for domestic travel in the US.
We want to travel but our only form of id is a Mexican passport. We are traveling from Atlanta to Clifornia Will it be safe?
Yes, that is fine.
Can i flight from atlanta ga to los angeles california with the mexican passport?
Yes, you can.