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So Zap why didn't you answer my question from May 24th just saying?
are 2 hours layover time enough from FRA to DFW with connectionflight to LAW ? Think I've to pick up my luggage, go through security and check in again?!
I've heard such varying statements regarding increased wait times. I'm flying from SFO --> LAS on 6/16 at 7:30 PM. I obviously don't want to miss my flight but I don't want to take unnecessary time off work as I've recently started a new job. What time would you recommend arriving at SFO?

Arriving at SFO at 6 PM would probably be sufficient.
Check the current TSA wait time for your terminal at SFO. Simply enter a search for, "SFO TSA wait time Terminal ---" also take into consideration if you are checking in luggage . Give yourself time by checking ahead with your airline advisements as well. Add up the wait times and there you go. Good luck
Thanks for your reply. I do know about the wait time updates. However, "30+ mins" is extremely vague and defeats the purpose of having the updates. Of course I'm going to allow a time cushion, I just want to know if I need to allow a ridiculous cushion of 3 hours.
How early should I arrive at the Freeport, Grand Bahama airport for my flight back home to Miami
At least 2 hours early because you will have to pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Freeport.
I have a 5:45am flight tomorrow and I was wondering what time i should arrive at the airport?
With a small group flying on Emirates out of SFO International terminal on Friday6/3.Emirates site states 2 hr wait time at security at USA airports but it looks like security wait times at SFO are not more tham 30 minutes. Is this the case?
You should still get there 2 hours early to check your bags and do international document processing.
On my flight, where will I go thru customs on the way to GLA and on the return flight to DFW?
In Toronto you will go through Canadian passport control and in Glasgow you will go trough UK Passport control and Customs.
I am leaving through O'hare at on a 9:25pm flight, Terminal 5. The website says to arrive 2 hours in advance. Is this really true or is it necessary to give myself more time?
2 Hours should be OK, especially that that time of the evening.
Flying out 5/27. Flight is at 12:30. What time should I get to airport to get through security intime, I am not checking any bags?
Flying out of Miami to London in July 9:30 pm flight....what are the tsa wait times at Miami airport?