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Have a 6 am flight out of LAN (Lansing, MI) on a Saturday morning. How late could we arrive at the airport?
Security and the check in counters don't open until about 4:45. Lansing is not a crowded airport.
We are flying to San antonio with a 3 hour lay-over at LAX tomorrow, 8/31. wife's sister would like to meet for a quick lunch, she hasn't seen her for quite a while. My question is, better to meet at curbside and leave property, or eat somewhere on property. we are flying into T-1, swa. would security between noon and 3 take long?
With a 3 hour layover you don't really have enough time to do that.
Hi everyone, I am a UK citizen with a visa for the US. I will be flying from SFO to LAX to Japan in a few weeks. My flight from SFO to LAX (American Airlines) will give me just over 2 hours to get to my flight to my final destination in Japan (flying United). I am wondering if 2 hours is enough time based on my previous experience in LAX. Even though I will have been through security at SFO will I need to recheck through security once I am in LA flying to Japan? I will be flying on a Monday and I will NOT be checking a bag!

Thanks :)
Yes, you will have to go through security again in SFO because you will arrive in a different terminal from where you depart. You will arrive in Terminal 1 and depart from the International Terminal. Without checked bags you have enough time.
I've booked separate flights one arriving at Pearson at a Terminal 1 from Ottawa on an Air Canada flight and then departing from terminal 3 on another flight to Amsterdam on Air Transat. I will have to pick up my baggage prior to making my way to terminal 3. Will I have to clear security at Pearson?
Yes, you will have to claim your bags, take the airport train to T3, re-check your bags with Air Transat, and go through security.
Flying from Edmonton to Brisbane via Vancouver and Auckland. Do I clear customs in Auckland? I'm asking because it's a 14 hour flight and I want to bring food. Can I buy food at the gate in Vancouver? And can I take it on the plane with me?
You will not go through Immigration or Customs in Auckland. You will go straight to the gate for your flight to Brisbane, assuming everything is on the same reservation.
We'll be flying out of O'Hare to Atlanta on Delta in 10 days time (Saturday) at 10:00 with baggage to check. How early do we need to arrive? In May, TSA said 3 hours but I hope that has reduced now.
I would still try to get there at about 8.
United Express Airlines - will it be in an international terminal and at what time do we show passports - is there an additional security check
EWR does not have an "International Terminal" - United Express flights leave from both terminals A and C. There is no additional security check. You will show your passport to the gate agent when boarding the flight. You will go through Canadian immigration and customs when you get to Canada.
Anyone knows if the security checkpoint at Terminal C open 24/7
I am fairly sure the checkpoint is closed from about midnight to 3:15 or 3:30 AM.
I will be flying to Budapest, Hungary and just noticed that my middle name is on my airline ticket and not on my passport. TSA in LA said its ok but wonder if this will be an issue in TSA Budapest when I return because I have no other ID t o showr that has my middle name. Airline will charge me $350 if they make the change.
There is no TSA in Hungary. The TSA only operates in the United States. Border patrol in Hungary won't care. As long as the first and last names are right it's fine.
I am an American citizen that will be returning from a work trip in Prince George, BC. I will have a brief layover in Vancouver and will have to pass through US Customs before getting on my connecting flight. What would be the minimum layover needed to deplane from my West Jet flight, get through all security and customs and make my connecting Delta flight at 12:48 pm? I have two choices, a 6:30 am flight that puts me in Vancouver around 7 or a 9:50 am flight that will put me in around 10:20. Does the later flight give me enough time? I will not have any checked bags to worry about.
With no checked bags I'm pretty sure the 10:20 arrival would be OK.