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How many hours should I arrive as I'm going from SFO to Cabo San Lucas on 5-28?
2 hours
o'hare - chicago
I'm traveling from MCO TO JFK. I'm asking, what time should I get there? On the news, I heard that MCO airport is one of the worst as it has super long lines. My flight departure is 12;15. I was thinking maby getting there by 9:00 but I'm not so sure I'll be enough time. Suggestions?
Also, I'm going to have checked luggage.
I fly out of MCO all the time. Although there are time when the lines do seem excessively long, their security check points flow well. If you plan to be at the gate for boarding 40 minutes prior to departure then you need to be in the parking garage or dropped off at the curb 1.5-2hours prior to flight departure. That leaves plenty of time to get through security and have a leisurely stroll even to the furthest gate with a "pit stop" and a snack along the way. (Assuming you already have your boarding pass.

Baggage check is subject to specific airline services. I never check bags so I can't speak to that process.
I don't have my boarding pass yet. Should I leave earlier? If so does any of the terminals close and open and what time
I am flying out to NC tomorrow. If I have my boarding pass and am not checking a bag. Can I go trough international check point. If so how much time will I save as my flight leaves from concourse A
by the way I am flying out of ATL where they are saying arrive 3 hrs before your flight for domestic flights.
Yes, passengers who already have their boarding passes can use the international terminal checkpoint at ATL, even if they are traveling on a domestic flight.
We will be flying out from IAD to Grand Cayman Island this coming Saturday (May 21st) and we just wonder what is the wait time for the security line for the International flight?
Security lines at IAD haven't been as bad as other airports. You should be fine arriving 2 hours before your flight.
How long are the wait times at Terminal 3? Need to catch a 8:15 flight. What time should I arrive?
Get there at 5:15-5:30. That's the worst terminal and worst time of the day.
Flying to DC Friday morning. Can't I go through security at international terminal for domestic flight if I'm not checking a bag?
If you already have your boarding pass, yes, you can.
CNBC reported live from ORD at 6am this morning and the TSA Precheck line was over an hour long and the regular lines were longer. Why does this site say they're only 10-20 minutes long?
This site has just a directory of old historical averages. It is not a live tracker. There is no such thing.
Is the TSA pre-check station open at Chicago, O'Hare? I heard it was closed.
There is a pre-check enrollment center and the pre-check lines in terminals 1, 2, and 3 are open.
Any suggestions on what time I should arrive at the airport to get thru TSA and on my american flight? Thank you!
What time is your flight? People are saying 3 hours if you have to stand in the regular line and I'd say that's pretty accurate.
Last Monday (May 9), it took a full 60 minutes to get through security in Terminal 3- American, at 1:30 pm. I made my flight by 2 minutes. There were empty seats in the plane although the flight was fully booked because other passengers didn't get through in time. On my return to O'hare on Wed May 11 at 3:00 PM, those lines were even longer, especially the TSA Pre check line, which looked to be at least an hour wait. It was crazy.
Yes, most airports are really bad right now.