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Hello, we are flying from Maui to Los Angeles, codeshare United flight with Air Canada connection to Toronto. Termnal 7 to Terminal 2. Do we leave secure area?
Yes, you will have to leave the secure area, walk or take the shuttle to Terminal 2, and go back through security.
Piled all your items into a bin for security scanning? When you pick it up the other side do not just empty it and walk away in the happy belief that you left nothing behind. Wheelchair pushers (when you're not looking) and Security staff have a habit of moving some of your kit into separate bins. That's how 2,000 items a month end up in Lost Property at Orlando. Probably the same worldwide.
Better yet, instead of emptying your pockets into those bins, try putting everything in your carry-on or personal item BEFORE you get to security instead.
I am flying to Montreal next week, going through Philadelphia. Do I go through customs in Denver or Philadelphia... or not at all.. just have my passport with me? I am a TSA Pref passenger. Thanks for your advice!
There is no US Customs when leaving the US. On your way to Montreal you will go through Canadian Immigration and Customs in Montreal. On your way back, you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal.
Upon my arrival from Dominican republic. My luggage was lost and I had a connecting flight to Tampa. I had to go in a long line and go through TSA check point to get back in the terminal
Yes, every time you enter the US after an international flight, if you are connecting to another flight, you have to go through security. This is true at every US airport.
Flying to Florida in April and again November from Chicago 2016. Am I going to need a passport?
You will not need a passport in April. It is not known yet if you will need one in November. The TSA says it will give 120 days notice if they will stop accepting any drivers licenses. They as of yet have not given any notice to that effect.
Flying to arizona at the end of feburary, am i going to need more then a license of its minnesota??
All US Licenses are still accepted and will be for at least the next 120 days, so you will be fine if you are traveling in February.
What kind of ID will I need in March
My friend (MT) and I (WA) are flying to New York in two weeks and we both only have standard licenses. Will we be ok?
Yes, all US drivers licenses and state IDs are still accepted as identification at TSA checkpoints.
Do teens (15-17) need some sort of ID when traveling alone?
No they do not.
Is a valid MN driver's license sufficient to board at Minneapolis and Fort Meyers?
Yes, it is still accepted even though regular Minnesota licenses are "out of compliance " according to DHS.
As of 2016, are Illinois Drivers Licenses in compliance with The TSA and Homeland Security for domestic airline flights?
Yes, they are still valid the TSA has said they will give the public at least 120 days notice and a firm date when they will stop accepting them. It is likely this will never actually occur.