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I have someone who is flying Delta. They are going to pick up a small Yorkshire terrier from me and take it to Phoenix.
They will be on the ground for 1 hr 15 mins. I'm not sure that will be enough time to exit security, pick up the dog, go back through security and catch their flight to Phoenix. Is there anyway to apply for a gate pass so that I can meet the flight and give it to the passenger upon their arrival? I can show up as early as necessary to make this work.
Thank You
Richard Jurek
No, that's not possible. They have enough time.
I got on the plane with my identification but when I got to Los Vegas I lost it. How do I go by getting back on the plane
The Plane is gone. You need to contact your airline to see if it was turned in or found by the cleaning crew.
We have a 6 am flight on 9/12/17 so I was wondering if anyone knew when TSA security opened at Bradley.
Between 4 and 5 AM, Enough time for you to make your flight.
Why is there no TSA precheck when going through domestic security after arriving on an international flight in ATL
Ostensibly, because there's no room for an extra lane there.
Hello i am a Macedonian citizen arriving from Thessaloniki on terminal 2. Are 45 minutes enough to connect to my flight for Toronto on the same terminal (2). Thank you
What hours is TSA open at Concourse D/E in SLC?
Prior question refers to LAX airport. Sorry.
We will be arriving at terminal 1 and leaving out of terminal 6 after 9 pm on a Thursday night in late May. We will only have carry-on bags. We have about 55 minutes between flights. Will we make it? Do we need to go thru security again?
What airport?
Yes, you will have to go through security again. That's a very very risky connection. I wouldn't try it. Change your Southwest flight to an earlier flight.
Hey ,my mom is flying from Paris next Tuesday,and she arrives at terminal D,my question is how do she goes true customs,is there a customs and immigration desk at tetminal D or she has to go to terminal A and then go out? It is her first time in the county and she is not a citizen.
What airport?
Oh,sorry ,PHL
Flights from Paris don't arrive in Terminal D at PHL. They arrive in Terminal A - even the Delta flight from Paris.
Any idea how early we should arrive for that flight. 8/27. 5:08 to Amsterdam
What airport?