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It's it allowed to have friends from the city eat dinner at the airport while I'm waiting through the layover?
Hello my question is: Can I travel domestic flights with a Honduran passport?
Yes, any passport is valid identification for domestic travel in the US.
We want to travel but our only form of id is a Mexican passport. We are traveling from Atlanta to Clifornia Will it be safe?
Yes, that is fine.
Can i flight from atlanta ga to los angeles california with the mexican passport?
Yes, you can.
If I booked my ticket to Chicago from Colorado with my passport, do I need to show my passport in order to get my ticket and board the plane? I only have my drivers license with me. I'm not a us citizen but I am a permanent residence.
You don't need a passport to "book" a domestic ticket so I don't know how you used your passport to "book" your ticket. Yes, you can fly that flight with just a US drivers licence. You can check in online.
I am flying from the US (US citizen) to Santiago and then to Punta Arenas the next day. Will I be going through Customs and Security for the 2nd day "domestic flight ?
There is no Customs when traveling on domestic flights. You will likely have to go through security before your flight to Punta Arenas. Also, be aware that there are numerous cities in the world named Santiago, so be more specific when you're discussing one.
If I land at one terminal and need to take off for my international flight from another terminal, do I need to pass through security again?
What airlines are you flying?
I have only driver license, can i fly domestic flight only with ID.
Thank you
Yes, you can fly domestic flights in the US with only a drivers licencse.
I'm a permanent resident but not a citizen of the us. Can I use a state ID to get through security?
If you are flying domestically, yes, you can.
Hi! I hold a Croatian (EU) passport. I visited Iran two years ago and I still have an Iranian visa in my passport. I also have a US visa (not ESTA, but a regular B visa), which I got before traveling to Iran. Since visiting Iran, I've been to the US once (last year) and I've been twice to Israel (where security checks were very strict). I've heard that an ex prime minister of Norway had a problem of passing security check with a diplomatic passport because of an Iranian visa. Is it really a problem now in the Trump administration? Important to note: I am NOT traveling to the US, I am just making an international transit (Brussels-Guatemala via Houston and Cancun-Brussels via Newark). My layovers are 1h50 in Houston and 1h30 in Newark.
Currently the ban has been struck down by the courts, so your transits should be allowed, but it depends what happens in the next few days and when you are traveling. Your short transfers may be insufficient. As you know, there are few ways to get between Guatemala and Europe without going through the US.