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Departing a cruise on 20 july, arriving at 6am. Is there enough time to get to FCO terminal 1 for a FCO to CDG flight at 10:20 am?? Do I check in at TERminal 1??
How long of a layover do I need in DFW to get thru customs? I will have my 2 kids 8 & 4.
At least 2 hours is recommended.
We are leaving Sunday (6/11) out of terminal 2 at 5:30 pm. How early should we arrive with no checked bags?
At what time in the morning does the TSA open?
What airport?
Get there a little after 9 if you have to check bags, 9:30 with no checked bags.
Traveling from New York to Abu Dhabi via FCO/Rome. Since is a connecting flight in Italy do I need to do immigration in Italy?
If both flights are on the same reservation then you do not have to go through passport control in Rome.
My family is travel on June 30 from CLE to BWI to SJO. Our flight out of CLE is at 5:55am. What time does TSA/Security check open and what is the best time to arrive at the airport.
I imagine it opens between 4 and 4:30
How soon should I arrive at the airport for a flight from Nashville to Vancouver? I realize that Canada is considered an international flight and the recommended time to arrive is 3 hours before departure but is Nashville that busy for flights to Canada? I am flying into LAX for a connecting flight to Vancouver.
You have a domestic flight first so that's all that matters. You don't have to be there 3 hours early.
I am flying from Nashville to Vancouver with a connecting flight at LAX. How soon would I have to check in with my flight leaving Nashville at 7:00am?
You can check in online. The time you have to check your baggage depends on what airline you are flying out of Nashville. Usually 60 or 45 minutes prior to departure.
What time should I arrive at the airport for a 7:00 AM Thursday Flight ?
What airport?