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Questions, comments and tips about airport security, the TSA, and identification. Have a question about getting thru security, or maybe a tip? Share your Airport experiences with others, or post a question and get notified when there is a response.

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  • I.D. Stolen, No Passport
    Feb 8, 2013
    Hi, has anyone successfully gotten through TSA without a driver's license or passport or photo i.d.? I'm vacationing in Fla and was robbed on Day 2, all my ID, credit cards taken. I live in Calif and want to go home! But how can I get thru security? Fort Lauderdale airport. Thank you!


    Hopefully you filled out a police report - if so, obtain a copy and that will be accepted (read that on one of those posts people send)


    Feb 3, 2013
    How do I contact Long Beach Airport and Phoenix International to see if they have found an item that I lost. It is a while 2" plastic binder with work information in it. I was at both airports on Wednesday, January 30, 2013


    If you lost an item at the gate area or onboard your airplane, contact your airline's Lost & Found department. For LBG: If you lost an item anywhere else in the terminal, call (562) 570-2640. For PHX: If you lost an item at the security checkpoint, call TSA at 602-626-1453. 3. If you lost an item in one of the terminals, buses or parking areas, call Sky Harbor's Lost & Found office at 602-273-3333 & leave a message stating your name, tel. number & description of the item and where it was lost. or use the e-mai form at If found, you will get a call. If you lost an item anywhere else in the terminal, call (562) 570-2640.


  • seniors traveling
    Jan 30, 2013
    My mom is 88, has no deiver's license and dementia . I am going to take her home on an airplane. What can she use for an ID?


    You will need a valid government issued document like a copy of her birth certificate, citizenship document, Soc.Sec. card. If possible, she should bring along one or two of the latest utility bills with her name & address on it. For more information open


    You can use passport of voters prof


  • Going thru security if disabled
    Jan 19, 2013
    I am disabled and use a cane. Do i have to take off my shoes if i cant do so without sitting down? Flying out of DSM


    As a rule, only passengers over age 75 are exempted from taking off their shoes. However, feel free to tell the attendant that you need to sit down - he or she will surely make an effort to seat you.


    thank you


  • TSA Pre
    Jan 9, 2013
    Does TSA support the expedited check in at Terminal D for travelers with a Global ID (PASS) card?


    Indeed it does!


  • Clearing Customs on arrvial through IAH
    Dec 21, 2012
    I am returning from Grand Cayman and passing through IAH (Houston - Bush) with a tight connection that the airline tells me is sufficient (1h 10m). I am skeptical. Anyone have history clearing customs/immigration between connections at IAH? I am a US citizen returning home.


    IAH has Terminals TA - TE. International Arrivals connecting to domestic flights at IAH: After customs clearance and re-checking-in bags, go straight out to the International Arrivals Lobby which has an escalator down to the Inter-Terminal Train taking you to your connecting terminal,where you need to go through security screening before continuing to your gate. Look at overhead screens to find your connecting flight number & gate. TA has gates 1-30; TB has gates B60-88, TC has gates C2-45, TD has gates D1-12 & TE has gates E1-24. Yout time should be sufficient.


  • Acceptable ID
    Dec 19, 2012
    My DL was taken after a DUI and i fly on friday (12/21). The only picture ID's I have are a work ID and costco. What else can I use?


    that will do it for a domestic flight.


  • Expired ID
    Dec 13, 2012
    I lost my DL and only have a DL from 2008. But I do have my SS. Is there anything I need to fil out before I fly for TSA?


    Generally for domestic flights you will need 2 valid picture IDs, while for international flights you need a passport valid for 6 more months. SS ID does not have picture. For further information open


  • Airport ID Requirements in 2013?
    Jan 17, 2013
    Will a valid NM state driver's license be sufficient for air travel in 2013?


    For domestic flights you will need another valid picture ID. For international travel you need a valid passport, not to expire within 6 months after scheduled flight.


    tudec's answer is incorrect - a Drivers license is still acceptable ID (on its own).


  • I.D.
    Dec 3, 2012
    I'm 17 And Trying To Fly To Omaha But Don't Have State I.D. , Am I Able To Use School I.D. , Birth Certificate Or Social Security Card ?


    Bring along a copy of your SS card (never original - should stay securely at home!) If you don't have a driver's license, bring along copy of birth certificate and possibly a utility bill which will vouch for your state residency.


  • ID
    Jan 30, 2013
    what if you are an illegal immigrant and have no ID can you still fly in a plane from one state to another?


    No you can't


    If you don't have id then you can not.


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