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  • Starbucks
    Mar 5, 2015
    Correction to the food/Starbucks locator guide. There is a starbucks before security in the Alaska Air ticketing area.


  • Meridian Deli
    Mar 3, 2015
    Not many options in terminal A of DCA airport, but this was a terrible experience. First, they don't take your order. You can only order on an iPad (which they have and will let you use). I'm gluten-free, and they have Boar's Head meat, which is gluten-free. But ordering on an iPad, there was no way to customize the order to tell them I didn't want bread. I own an iPad and I'm very good with them. Trust me, there was no way to order what I wanted on the iPad (it wasn't user error). After struggling for several minutes, I asked someone making sandwiches if I can give them my order. They said "yes, what do you want." I told them "Italian, with no bread, plus mayo and oil." I got no response. After a few minutes I asked the same person again if I could give my order. She rudely put down everything she was doing, raised her voice at me and said "I asked you what you wanted and you didn't say anything so I assumed you were leaving." She said it so loudly, the 15 people in line all heard. Rather than argue, I apologized and told her again. But when you order, you don't pay (no way to take payment on their iPads). So they have a holding area where people wait for their sandwiches. No rhythm and no rhyme the order the sandwiches come out. Some people waited 5 minutes, I waited 20 minutes, and someone else waited about 25 minutes. Eventually they call out the order, anyone can claim it, then they take your money. Very disorganized. At one time, she shouted "who wants a Reuben" and then they made half-dozen Reuben's and gave them out. Next time I'm in DCA airport, I won't be returning...if they are still in business.


  • American Tap Room
    Mar 3, 2015
    American Tap room was awesome, BEST waffles I ever had And Juane was fantastic and lovely, and the Manager Jeff was very helpful


  • Upcoming Visit
    Mar 1, 2015
    I am coming to Anchorage and have a 3 hour layover at the airport. I expect to dine there during this time. I am disappointed in the reviews written to date. I urge you to improve on your performance prior to my arrival or there will be a lot loud complaining. I am from an elite part of the world. Anchorage will be fortunate to have me there - please treat me accordingly.


    This is not the anchorage airport's website nor is it the website of any business there. You also come off as being quite arrogant.


  • Can one eat at JFK w/o a plane ticket - meeting someone with a layover
    Feb 28, 2015
    My daughter has a layover at JFK airport. Can I meet her for dinner at one of the restaurants if I do not have a plane ticket? Will I have to go through security...will they let me through security without a ticket?


    You cannot go through security without a boarding pass.


  • Restaurante Aeropuerto de Bilbao
    Feb 24, 2015
    Awful restaurant, probably the worst airport restaurant I have ever been to. Main courses are as expensive as in a typical posh restaurant in Munich, but expect to get only low microwave quality. I just took one bite, and left everything on the plate, because it was simply disgusting.


  • The B Lounge
    Feb 15, 2015
    don't bother going to the B Lounge in Gate A . $9.50 for a draft bud and the two bartenders on shift on feb 15, 2015 refused to change the channel on any tv so we could watch a sporting event. instead there were talk shows playing with no sound. When our group asked him to change the channel he just said no. obnoxious service and rude behavior. how tough is it to point a remote and press a button?


  • 7 Eleven
    Feb 2, 2015
    Nice and reasonal price with Burg.


  • Flying with SWA but would like to visit the Virgin America Lounge
    Jan 29, 2015
    I have a Priority Pass and would like to hang out at the Virgin America Lounge during my 4 hr layover in LAX. Can I go thru TSA with my SWA boarding pass to a terminal other than Terminal 1? Would they let me?


    It depends on the agents. Usually you can as long as you have a boarding pass for departure that day.


  • help! Where to meet friends for a quick lunch during layover
    Jan 29, 2015
    We will be in domestic departures...we want somewhere that our elderly famliy members can find us easily for a quick lunch during our layover! Suggestions? Close to parking, easy to find, etc Thanks a million


  • Don't shop Monarch Gifts
    Jan 27, 2015
    Bought a tumi bag as a gift. Tried to return it, unused, but they wouldn't take it back. Called national tumi customer service who said local store should take it back. Ugh - very poor customer service all around. Will never shop here or tumi again.


  • Fresh City
    Jan 24, 2015
    So unprofessional. Even managers chatting not paying attention had to ask if any of them were working because they had their backs toward the line yelling about their problems.


  • Explorer Lounge
    Jan 22, 2015
    Don't go to this bar on e concourse. The waitress freaking added to her tip! Don't risk it. That's theft and fraud! But are you going to call the police while you're waiting for a flight? She added. Tip AFTER I SIGNED MY CREDIT CARD SLIP


  • Manacaru
    Jan 21, 2015
    The service was very slow and the waitress were not as friendly


  • Radio Road/Fly Babies
    Jan 20, 2015
    Radio Road is one of the most interesting and innovative clothing stores I've shopped in! I bought a pair of shoes, 4 tops, and the best-fitting and comfortable pair of leggings I own. I just wish they had a mail order catalog and more airport locations like San Diego, Phoenix and Miami--PLEASE!


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