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  • connecting alaska flight to pasco
    Aug 15, 2013
    how/were do I get to the connecting flight after arriving in SEA


    At SEA, Alaska Airlines uses Satellite North (N gates), Concource C (C gates) and Concourse D (D gates). Your boarding pass and the overhead screens on arrival will indicate flight and gate numbers. While the Concourses are connected at post-security, the Satellite is linked to the main terminal by continuously running underground loop trains. If departing from the North Satellite, add 10-15 mins transfer time.


  • time/distance between terminal a & b
    Aug 14, 2013
    Arriving on Amercian/terminal A. I have 1 hour before leaving on United flight to St George, Ut terminal B. Is that enough time


    Yes, you can get between them in less than 20 minutes.


  • Miami Concourse J to Miami Concourse D
    Aug 14, 2013
    How can I go to Miami Concourse J, when i arrived at Miami Concourse D?


    Take the SkyRide Connector, which is a series of moving walkways on Level 3 of the terminal.


  • Southwest
    Aug 14, 2013
    I know Southwest Airlines operates out of Terminal 4. Does anyone know Concourse?


    T4 of PHX has on level 3 North & South gateways. Southwest uses the three South gateways reached after Security checkpoints D & C for gate areas D1-D8, C1-C10 & C11-C20.


  • S0915JC
    Aug 14, 2013
    I'll be flying into Seattle on Alaska Airlines next month. Where do I go to make connecting flight on Alaska Airlines to Bellingham?


    Alaska uses Satellite North and Concourses C & D of the Main Terminal. Concourse C has gates C2A-C2M & C3-C20. Near gate C14, go down to transit to D & N gates. Concourse D has gates D1-D11. Opposite gate D3, down 2 levels, is transit to C & N gates. The North Satellite has gates N1-N16. Near gate N10, down one level, is transit to Main Terminal, baggge claim & all other gates. Check the overhead screens on arrival for your connecting flight & gate number.


  • Connection time query
    Aug 14, 2013
    Hi there! Any advice muchly appreciated - I fly into IAD on 21st December from Machester, UK. I need to make a connecting flight to Kansas City and I only have a 90 minute layover. My flight arrives at 3.25pm, but because its the last weekend before Christmas, I thought maybe the airport might be busier than usual and immigration may hold me up. Both flights are United flights so I dont know if my baggage will check all the way through or if i need to collect etc? The problem is that if i miss the connection, there is not another flight to Kansas that day so it would be a real problem.


    Yes, you will have to collect your baggage in immigration and re-check it with United after clearing customs. You will probably have enough time. If you do miss your connection, yeah, it will suck but at least United has a flight to Kansas City at 6:30 AM the next morning so you at least wouldn't have to wait THAT long.


  • Connecting in Amsterdam for flight to Kiev
    Aug 25, 2013
    I'm flying Delta from us to Amsterdam and will only have 60 min to connect to a flight to Kiev, Ukraine (operated by KLm). Is that enough time? Will the Delta flight from US fly into terminal near the gate for Kiev flight? Do I have to clear security again?


    That's a bit tight, but doable. It's doable if, and only if, you are able to check any baggage through from the US to the final destination. (I was able to do this Delta-KLM) It's highly likely you will have to clear a passport control/security checkpoint between planes. Doing this, and retrieving and re-checking baggage would make this transfer nigh impossible. (I recently flew from the USA to Oslo through AMS, and could have made a 1 hour connection...barely. If there is a convenient flight within 1-2 hours after your currently planned Kiev flight, I would suggest at least trying to reschedule for the later flight. If not, hustle to the "Transfer" desk ASAP after getting off in AMS, and hustle, hustle, hustle.


  • Newark - Connection from Terminal A to C, arriving from Canada
    Aug 15, 2013
    I have a UA flight from Montreal, Canada arriving at terminal A and connection to Lisbon from terminal C Air Canada, have only an hour 20min. Do I have to do customs and get my luggage then do security check? Is there any way to avoid security check? what is the fastest way to go from A to C? Thanks


    Air Canada does not fly from Newark to Lisbon, so that flight will be on United too. No, you will not have to pick up your baggage in Newark as you will preclear US Immigration in Montreal. If you do have to change terminals (you may not), United runs a shuttle bus that operates on the secure side so you won't have to go through security.


    Thanks a lot. Does the shuttle go from a specific gate? where can I find this information?


    United's map has some decent info on the shuttle -


    Also, if you are on the 5:55 PM flight to Lisbon, that is operated by TAP and will leave from Terminal B. If you tell me what exact flights you're on I can help you find more precisely in the airport you will arrive/depart.


    arriving by UA 4635 terminal A, leaving by AC 2496 terminal C


    Hmm, I don't show AC2496 (which is actually United 64) leaving until 8:10 PM, which means you have about 2.5 hours for your connection.


  • 1.15 minutes to transfer
    Aug 13, 2013
    I am arriving on dtw with delta flight dl1157 from miami and flying through to amsterdam on dl252 on august 15. Will iIhave enough time 1 hour and 15 minutes to transfer. Do I have to pickup my bagage to transfer?


    No, you will not have to pick up your baggage and you will have plenty of time. Both of your flights will be on concourse A of the McNamara Terminal.


    Thank you very much!


  • International to International, Delta and AA, separate tickets
    Aug 13, 2013
    Hello, I've already bought a Delta ticket from GRU that arrives JFK at 5:25AM, on November 25th. I intend to buy AA tickets to ANU, the same day, that departs 7:25AM (I don't know which terminal the flights arrives/departs). Is it enough time to get the AA flight? If it's not, is there any method to make it happen (like "express connection cards" or some way to cut the lines, due to the tight connection time)? Thanks in advance.


    That should be enough time, barely. AA departs from Terminal 8 at JFK, so you will have to claim your baggage from Delta in Terminal 4, then take the AirTrain/Air Terminals Train from T4 to T8 and check it with American. There are no ways to cut the lines.


  • time
    Aug 13, 2013
    Hello, I arrive at JFK Terminal 8 at 6 pm from an international flight and have to catch ainternational flight out of Terminal 8 at 8 pm will that be enough time?


    Yes, that should be enough time.


  • connecting flight to orange co.
    Aug 13, 2013
    I am landing in atl on the 31st..flight flight from atl. to orange county i757.can someone please tell me the gate or concourse I need ahead of time.I have 51 mins to catch the connecting flight .Everyone tells me I am gonna have to run to the plane.HELP.........


    that's flight 1757 to orange county.....


    If your first flight is on-time you won't have to run. You won't know the exact concourses and gates until the day of your flight (Delta uses most of the concourses). However, all concourses at ATL are connected underground via the plane train which runs inside the secure area. If you move quickly you can get between any two gates at ATL in less than 20 minutes.


  • time
    Aug 13, 2013
    Hello, I arrive at JFK Terminal 8 at 18 pm from an international flight this and have to catch a flight out of Terminal 8 at 8 pm will that be enough time?


    18 PM? Do you mean 1800 which would be 6 PM? If so 2 hours is enough time to make your connection.


    yes 6 pm. thanks


  • Re-check bags, ats time?
    Aug 14, 2013
    Hi! Coming from Canada to terminal 2 and will transfer to terminal 5 to a flight that leaves for Copenhagen. Will I have to claim my bags and check them again at terminal 5? Also, how long does it take to get to terminal 5 from terminal 2?


    Were both of your tickets bought on one reservation? Where in Canada are you coming from? It takes about 20 minutes to get from T2 to T5 via the ATS.


    Thank you! They were both bought from StarAlliance members, coming with Air Canada, leaving with SAS. Coming from Calgary, Canada.


    So in that case your bags will be checked through and you will clear US Immigration in Calgary, so all you'll have to do in Chicago is get yourself from T2 to T5 and go back through security. Your bags will be transferred automatically.


    Thanks a lot!


  • luggage re-check areas
    Aug 19, 2013
    I am arriving by Air India flight from New Delhi at terminal 5, as international arriving passenger I have to go through Immigration and customs. I have further flight in next 2 hours from Terminal 1 by US Airways operated by TRANS STATE AIRLINES DBA UNITED and the aircraft owner is AX TRANS STATE AIRLINES. My question is does Terminal 5 have Luggage re-check area for the flight leaving from Terminal 1 and do i have enough time to go from terminal 5 to 1


    Yes, Terminal 5 has baggage re-check if your tickets were bought on one reservation. Yes, you should have enough time.


    i have booked it through one portal and i placed the final destination as st. louis and so i just noticed my flight till chicago is by air india and then the service is being further carried by us airways. Since, i have booked from one portal only and i did not ask for flight to be transferred to a different airlines what would happen ? It will be rebooked on the same terminal ? thanks a lot for your reply :)


    US Airways does not fly from Chicago to St. Louis, so the flight will be operated by United Express. Yes, you can re-check your bag in T5 as long as its baggage tag already has STL on it.


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