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  • not there
    Jan 26, 2014
    Look for this and it was not there


    Open http://www.ifly.com/dallas-fort-worth-international-airport/terminal-map


  • Is 1hr enough between my flight?
    Jan 26, 2014
    I am flying with Delta airlines from Tampa to Montreal with a connection in LGA. Are the gates between the flight in the same terminal? I have 1hr between the flight, is it enough?


    Delta uses two terminals TC (C gates) & TD - (D gates). (both terminals are under construction to merge - not clear if this was completed, as LGA overall map show a line between the C & D concourse, but there is no indication on individual maps for D & D. Shuttle Bus B runs every 10-15 mins between these two terminals.


    The bridge between the terminals is complete, you don't have to take a shuttle. You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time.


  • Connection time
    Jan 26, 2014
    Hi, I haven't had very much experience flying so I need a little advice on connection time. I have found a really good deal on a flight from Roanoke to Cancun with a connecting flight in DTW. The connection is 53 minutes. Can I make it? I will be arriving before 8 am on Wednesday morning. I don't want to spend an entire day and night in Detroit when I'm supposed to be on a beach in Mexico!


    I should add that it is a Delta flight


    If your first flight is on-time, yes, that's a makeable connection. All Delta gates in DTW are in the same terminal and connected beyond security. Also, since you will be traveling early in the morning and on a wednesday, if you do miss your connection, Delta can probably reroute you to Cancun through Atlanta and you'll get there that day, just a bit later.


  • United Connecting Flight
    Jan 26, 2014
    I am flying United from Europe into EWR (Newark) on 2/26 with a United connection flight to Texas on 2/27 from LGA (LaGuardia). Will I have to transfer my baggage to LGA or will United do it for me?


    So you're flying into EWR and out of LGA? You will have to transfer your baggage yourself and need at least 4 hours for your connection.


    thanks for responding! It's an overnight connection so timing isn't an issue. when i spoke to United straight they seemed to say they would transfer the baggage which on a 4 hr connection would be fine, but on an overnight connection I need my baggage. so i would def transfer myself?


    They probably misunderstood you - airlines NEVER transfer baggage between airports.


    Great! Thanks for the clarification!!! Awesome site!


  • How much time for customs/immigration
    Jan 25, 2014
    I will be landing at LAX at 8:30 AM on Alaska Airlines from Mexico City and then need to catch another flight to Portland. How much time between flights is needed?


    90 minutes should be sufficient, assuming both flights are on Alaska.


  • Enough time?
    Jan 25, 2014
    Any help? Im Arriving from XNA (Arkansas) at 8:02 need to connect with Flight 1169 at Gate E8 boarding at 8:03, departs 8:48 Can I make this?


    Yes, but there is not much room for delays. You will arrive in Terminal A or B and will have to take the TerminaLink Train to Terminal E. However, if you are on United 1169 from IAH to LAX, that flight usually leaves from Terminal C, not Terminal E. However, the procedure is the same, except that you take the TerminaLink to C, not E.


  • Is a one hour layover with Delta feasible
    Jan 25, 2014
    We are due to fly to Orlando soon from Shannon via JFK with Delta. Flight into JFK arrives 2.43pm and flight to Orlando leaves at 3.45pm. Assuming all on time does this give us enough time? From what I can tell we arrive and depart from T4. Beginning to panic now


    I could be wrong about JFK to MCO from Terminal 4. If we have to transfer from T2 are we cutting time very tight


    If your JFK-Orlando flight number begins with a 4 it departs from Terminal 4, if it begins with a 2, it leaves from Terminal 2. Keep in mind that you will pre-clear US Immigration and customs in Shannon so you will only have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate in JFK. But, yes, if you do have to go to T2 it doesn't leave much time for any delays. Delta runs a secure-side shuttle bus between T2 and T4.


    Thank you - hopefully no delays. Going to take a carry on bag as well just in case luggage doesn't make transfer on time


  • Will this connection time work for BCN-CDG-JFK ?
    Jan 25, 2014
    I'm looking at an AirFrance flight that would leave BCN on Sunday June 8 at 12:35pm and arrive in CDG at 2:30pm at Terminal 2F. I have a connecting flight through the same ticket departing from Terminal 2E for PHL at 4:10pm. Is that enough time? I am a US citizen, not sure if that makes a difference.


    Yes you have enough time (no customs clearance necessary). For transfer from 2F to 2E open www.aeroportsdeparis.fr/ADP/en-GB/Passagers/Access-maps-car-parks/guide-connecting-flight/


  • should i book this ticket?
    Jan 24, 2014
    Here's the deal- i have a few days to decide on this trip and the price is great. Need to know if the terminal connection is doable. I am flying AirFrance from PHL to JFK, estimated flight to land at JFK Terminal 2 at 4:59pm on Thursday May 29- next flight is on same tticket - departing for BCN from Terminal 4 at 7:36 pm. Will I be able to make the connecting flight in that timeframe? Thanks for your help.


    Air France does not fly from PHL to JFK - that flight will be on Delta Connection. I'm guessing the JFK-BCN flight would be on Delta. Yes, that should be enough time to make the connection as Delta runs a shuttle bus inside security that connects T2 and T4 and all you will have to do in JFK is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


    Yes..it's a Delta connection. Thank you for your info. It's very helpful.


  • RDU To Vancouver
    Jan 24, 2014
    I am on Delta 2522 from RDU to Minneapolis connecting with Delta 1659 to Vancouver May 22. Is 59 minutes ample connecting time ?


    Yes, that should be enough time. All Delta flights at MSP are fairly close together.


  • Is it in the same terminal?
    Jan 25, 2014
    I am flying with Delta airlines from Tampa to Montreal with a connection in LGA. Are the gates between the flight in the same terminal? I have 2h35 minutes waiting time.


    Delta has two terminals at LGA but there is a pedestrian bridge inside security connecting them. You have plenty of time.


    Actually I made a mistake, I have only 1 hour between the flight. Is it enough time? Thanks again!


  • is it the same terminal?
    Jan 23, 2014
    I am flying from Montreal with Delta going to Tampa with a stop in Detroit airport. I have 2h24 min between the flight. Are the connections in the same terminal?


    Yes, all Delta flights in DTW are in the McNamara terminal. Since you will pre-clear US Immigration in Montreal all you will have to do in Detroit is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate so you should have a lot of time to spare.


  • T3 to T5 in 80 min?
    Jan 23, 2014
    Hello, I will be flying into ORD on AA (T3) at 7:00pm. Departing British Airways T5 at 8:20pm. Only carry on luggage, will I have time to rush and make it? Is the BA bus/shuttle an option that time of day? If so, where do I pick it up?


    Yes, the AA/BA bus should be running at that time. It departs from gate G17 and K20. Even if you take the ATS train you should have enough time.


    Thank you ZAP for the reassuring comment. Is the AA/BA bus pickup area marked & easy to find? I'm supposing it is down on the lower level via an escalator? If I do take the ATS train to T5, is security checkpoint normally expedient? Thank you!


    There's a few signs on the main level showing you how to go down to the lower level to get to it. Security in T5 shouldn't be too bad after 7, especially in the winter.


  • Connexion between CDG and MCO
    Jan 23, 2014
    Hello, I'm fying from CDG to MCO on next Sunday, landing at JFK at 13:25 (terminal4), and having a connecting flight at 15:50 (terminal2). So, Have I enough time to take my connection by taking into account the current bad climatic conditions? May be it's better to change now my connecting flight to ensure myself to arrive without any problem... Thank you, Florent


    That should be enough time. There's no way to say for sure what the weather will be like 10 days from now and it's more likely that your transatlantic flight would be on-time than your domestic flight.


    Hello, Thank you for your answer. This is not in 10 days, but next Sunday, in 3 days. I hope the weaher conditions will be better ! A last question : is it better to take the Airtrain instead of delta shuttle between T4 and T2 ? Thank you, Kind regards, Florent.


    Since you will already be outside security after you clear customs and re-check your bags, it's probably fastest to take the AirTrain to T2 and go back through security there rather than go through security in T4 and taking the shuttle.


  • Terminal 2d to terminal 2f
    Jan 22, 2014
    We arrive at 12:00 at CDG at terminal 2d and then since this is not a connected flight, we need to collect our luggage and go to terminal 2f to check in for our next flight to Nice which leaves at 15:25. Will be have enough time? Where should we go? Please help me


    Yes. that should be plenty of time. There will be signs to show you where to go.


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