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  • T3 to T5 in 80 min?
    Jan 23, 2014
    Hello, I will be flying into ORD on AA (T3) at 7:00pm. Departing British Airways T5 at 8:20pm. Only carry on luggage, will I have time to rush and make it? Is the BA bus/shuttle an option that time of day? If so, where do I pick it up?


    Yes, the AA/BA bus should be running at that time. It departs from gate G17 and K20. Even if you take the ATS train you should have enough time.


    Thank you ZAP for the reassuring comment. Is the AA/BA bus pickup area marked & easy to find? I'm supposing it is down on the lower level via an escalator? If I do take the ATS train to T5, is security checkpoint normally expedient? Thank you!


    There's a few signs on the main level showing you how to go down to the lower level to get to it. Security in T5 shouldn't be too bad after 7, especially in the winter.


  • Connexion between CDG and MCO
    Jan 23, 2014
    Hello, I'm fying from CDG to MCO on next Sunday, landing at JFK at 13:25 (terminal4), and having a connecting flight at 15:50 (terminal2). So, Have I enough time to take my connection by taking into account the current bad climatic conditions? May be it's better to change now my connecting flight to ensure myself to arrive without any problem... Thank you, Florent


    That should be enough time. There's no way to say for sure what the weather will be like 10 days from now and it's more likely that your transatlantic flight would be on-time than your domestic flight.


    Hello, Thank you for your answer. This is not in 10 days, but next Sunday, in 3 days. I hope the weaher conditions will be better ! A last question : is it better to take the Airtrain instead of delta shuttle between T4 and T2 ? Thank you, Kind regards, Florent.


    Since you will already be outside security after you clear customs and re-check your bags, it's probably fastest to take the AirTrain to T2 and go back through security there rather than go through security in T4 and taking the shuttle.


  • Terminal 2d to terminal 2f
    Jan 22, 2014
    We arrive at 12:00 at CDG at terminal 2d and then since this is not a connected flight, we need to collect our luggage and go to terminal 2f to check in for our next flight to Nice which leaves at 15:25. Will be have enough time? Where should we go? Please help me


    Yes. that should be plenty of time. There will be signs to show you where to go.


  • Going from B34 to F4 tomorrow (01/23)
    Jan 22, 2014
    We have a little over an hour to connect. Can I use the plane/train or can we enlist one of the Customer Service carts to take us end to end??


    Yes, use the plane train. You will have more than enough time. it shouldn't take more than 20 minutes.


    Thanks. I appreciate the quick reply.


  • 2 Hours layover enough to transfer from Finnair flight to JetBlue?
    Jan 22, 2014
    Hello, I'm doing a coast-to-coast road trip with 5 friends in July/June 2014. We should be arriving to JFK from Helsinki, Finland with Finnair's flight at 3:50 PM and we are planning to book a continuation flight to San Francisco from JetBlue which leaves at 5:49 PM. Would be 1 hour 59 minutes be enough time for us to claim our checked in luggage, clear immigration/customs, possibly transfer terminals if needed and still make it in time for package drop to JetBlue flight? Or should be just book a later continuation flight? Best Regards, An Eager Roadtripper


    If you're buying two separate tickets yourself I'd want to leave a little more time as you'll have to take your baggage on the AirTrain from Terminal 8 to Terminal 5 and then wait in line to check it there AFTER completing all the immigration procedures. There are lots of JFK-SFO flights on various airlines.


  • Will I have enough time?
    Jan 21, 2014
    I am booking a trip to Rome and the flight I'm looking at will have a 46 min layover at IAD before the flight to Rome. Is this enough time to make that flight?


    What airlines are you flying? Where is your flight to IAD coming from?


    We would be coming from Charleston, SC on United.


    It's possible, all you will have to do in IAD is to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, but you will likely arrive in A and depart from D, which requires taking the Aerotrain. It doesn't leave much time for any delays, however if you miss your connection United does have later flights from IAD to Europe that you can be rebooked on and then sent onward to Rome from there.


  • Will I have enough time to make this connection?
    Jan 21, 2014
    Hi, I plan on traveling on a standby ticket tonight from SEA to EWR to Cancun (CUN). I would arrive in EWR at 6:02am and then my flight from EWR to CUN would depart at 7:47am. I'm going from a domestic to an international flight (which looks like Terminal A to C), so will that hour and a half be enough time for me to make the connection? Thanks!


    Assuming both flights are on United they will both be in Terminal C. United only uses Terminal A for United Express flights. You should have plenty of time.


  • enough time?
    Jan 21, 2014
    I am flying in from Midland Texas...my flight 4186 29 Jan is scheduled to arrive at 8:43 a B gate.... my flight 201 for Guam leaves at 9:20 gate E4 enough time/


    Yes, that should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. You just have to take the TerminaLink train which runs inside security from B to E. Also note that UA201 goes to Honolulu first before continuing on to Guam.


    Jan 21, 2014
    Can anybody help us with information regarding a connection from Managua to Toronto through Houston? Will we need to reclaim and recheck our bags, pass customs/security, etc? We aside in terminal e and depart in terminal a


    Yes, you will have to claim your bags after clearing Immigration, then clear customs, then re-check your bags. You can then take the Inter-Terminal train to Terminal A and go through security (I'm assuming your flight to YYZ is on Air Canada, is that correct?).


    Yes, correct. We have an hour and 5 minutes to make it. Do we stand a chance? Is there anything we can do to speed up the process? Rush baggage...anything? Appreciate the help very much


    That will be pretty hard and I believe that is less than the minimum connection time for International->International at IAH. You should not have been allowed to purchase that ticket. Did you buy it from Air Canada or United?


    It was purchased through expedia.ca and the flight numbers and tickets are through air Canada.


    United lists a minimum connection time of 90 minutes for all International connections. You could call Expedia and tell them about this and ask them to change you to a different flight. Or you could just try the connection (it is possible, just difficult) and if you don't make it, just be prepared that you may be stuck in Houston for awhile until Air Canada or United can rebook you. Expedia really shouldn't have sold you that ticket.


  • 34 minutes enough?
    Jan 21, 2014
    Just had my flight plans changed by United. Flying from Newark to Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) with a lay-over in Houston of 34 minutes. United says this is enough time but is this realistic?


    It's possible. You will likely arrive in Terminal C and depart from Terminal E which are connected directly and all you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. But it doesn't leave much time for any delays.


  • Connection Question
    Jan 20, 2014
    Flying from LUX to AMS and then on to Atlanta in the USA. Is 50 minutes enough time to make a connection In AMS?


    Yes, AMS is made for tight connections and you will just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and through security in AMS.


    Jan 20, 2014
    Hello, im going from montreal to bogota but i have to do a connection in EWR from terminal A to terminal C. Somebody knows whats is the procedure ?


    You will pre-clear US Immigration in Montreal. All you have to do in Newark is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. United runs a shuttle bus inside the secure area between A and C.


  • B to D
    Jan 20, 2014
    Is there a moving walkway between B and D, and how long does it take to go from B to D? Meeting my elderly mother at D and don't want to be late.


    Yes, there is a moving walkway - shouldn't take more than 10 minutes, 15 minutes at the most.


  • am I going to have enough time?
    Jan 20, 2014
    I have a layover at ATL, going to Puerto Vallarta, I only have 23 minutes to next flight. Am I going to have enough time?


    You will have to hope that your first flight is on-time and run, especially because you will probably have to take the Plane Train since your PVR flight will depart from E/F and your inbound flight will probably not arrive in E/F.


  • International transfer within TBIT
    Jan 20, 2014
    I am flying from Tokyo into LAX on a JL flight (arriving at TBIT at 11:15 am) and only have 2 hr 25 mins to transit to a LAN Chile flight (scheduled to fly at 13:40) to Lima (flight leaving from TBIT). I am a foreigner. Does it sound like I can catch the connecting flight? I understood I will need to have my visa, then go through imigration, get my bags and go through customs. Is it correct? Then should I expect that I should be able to drop my bag into the system again after the customs? Is it also correct that I would not need to clear security again as I do not need to change terminal?? Thanks in advance and appreciate your advice as it looks like seldom ppl post on the web about an international transfer within TBIT.


    1. All international arrivals at U.S. airports need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag where indicated. 2. Bradley Terminal has a South & a North Concourse (watch overhead screens for your flight & gate number) - reached after separate TSA passenger screening - offering limited food & drink, shops: The South Concourse houses Gates 106-101 (left); and The North Concourse houses Gates 119-123 (right), with access (at gate 123) to Remote Bus Gates 136-145. You have plenty of transit time.


    Thanks. Glad to hear that I should be able to make it. Just to make sure I am not misunderstanding it: 1) after I rechecked my bag (as these two segments are issued in 1 single ticket I suppose they should mark my final destination(in this case, LIM) on my luggage, so I do not need to carry my luggage to the airline counter again but just drop the bag where indicated after I go through customs. 2) As you said "After TSA passenger screening" do you mean I would need to go through "security" checking again (that means queueing with those passengers entering TBIT from outside)? That doesn't make too much sense to me.... Because from various comments from different forums the queues could be very long and this somehow makes me worried.


    You WILL have to re-clear security as after you exit customs and re-check your bag, you will be in the non-secure area.


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