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  • My connection time is only 50 minutes
    May 3, 2013
    I am about to book flights from LIH to Qu├ębec via SFO and Toronto. I will be flying United domestically, then onward on United ( operate by Air Canada) for my international flights. My connection time is only 50 minutes; it looks like I will arrive in Terminal 3 and depart from Terminal A. From what I am reading, it sounds like this connection time might be doable, but I know situations in airports often change. Can someone tell me if this is a feasible connection? Thanks.


    Yes, it should be possible to make that connection.


    Will l have to run for it or it can be done at a regular pace.


  • connecting flight from SEA to NRT
    Jun 12, 2013
    If I came from SEA by Horizon ariving YVR.If I had check trough NRT already having baggage claim tag but not having JL boarding pass. Can I go to the internal gate without leaving secure area, or just go to JL counter check-in at public area. Can I layover at night when arriving YVR before departure at daytime.


    The JAL gate counter would probably be able to print your boarding pass for you. However, if you're talking about connecting in YVR, you will have to leave the secure area anyway after you clear Canadian immigration. I don't know what you mean with your "layover" question.


    Thank You ZAP Layover I mean if i stay over night at the airport in public area.


    As t staying overnight at YVR: Open http://www.sleepinginairports.net/northamerica/vancouver-airport.htm#.UYPdSEptaiA


    Thank You frmay


    Are you sure you have to leave the secured area after Canadian immigration? What if you do not have any baggage? I heard if you have not baggage you can go straight to the gate. Please see my question above about "Seattle to Shanghai..." My wife is leaving soon!


  • IAH
    May 3, 2013
    I will travel from Houston to Lima by Copa Airline, do you know in wich terminal of IAH is Copa?. I can't find it in the map. Thank you.


    Copa uses Terminal D.


    thank you :)


  • Air Tahiti (TBIT) to American (T4)
    May 3, 2013
    I am new to LAX. I will be arriving LAX on Air Tahiti Nui Flight# TN102 at 10:25am from Tahiti (international) on a Thursday and connecting to American Airline Flight 2005 (domestic) in Terminal 4 that departs 12:20pm to SFO from LAX. I am American citizen. Will American check my baggage all the way to SFO or do I need to pick up and clear customs in LAX. How is clearing customs in LAX (long wait time)? How do long does it take to then get to Terminal 4. Please provide details so I can plan and know what to expect?


    Any time you enter the US you have to claim your baggage in immigration to go through customs. Air Tahiti Nui and American Codeshare so TN may be able to check your bags through to SFO for you, but you will still have to claim them in immigration and then re-check them with AA at the recheck desk. Immigration may take awhile but you should have enough time. T4 is a very short walk from the TBIT (Air Tahiti Nui's terminal).


  • Connecting time
    May 3, 2013
    I am arriving from Newark at IAD on UA4269 at 11:35 am on May 5, departing to Beijing on UA897 at 12:15 pm. Does anyone has idea or experience that 40 minute connecting time is enough? Thanks!


    you will have to hope very hard that your first flight is on-time. Usually that flight will arrive into the A concourse at IAD which requires you to take the Aerotrain from A to C, but some days like today, that flight arrives in C. Regardless, you'll have to hurry.


  • luggage
    May 3, 2013
    we are traveling from sfo with hour layover to houston then going to cancun. we are flying united airlines. will our luggage be transferred for us? how far will our arriving terminal be from our departing terminal?


    United uses Terminals A, B, C & E (with corresponding gates) at Houston Intercontinental IAH; your bags will be automatically transferred, but you need to check which Terminal & gate you arrive at/depart from. To get information about terminals & transfers, I suggest you open www.ifly.com/iah then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text.


  • lost license
    May 2, 2013
    Lost drivers license 4.23 Southwest C. Please mail


  • TSA pre check limited
    May 2, 2013
    Pre check exists in St Louis but for C gates only (usair and some others). If you are departing from an A gate (delta and others), precheck is not available as of may 2, 2013. Check your departure gate to minimize pre-check disappointment.


  • MCO-JFK-FCO Alitalia
    May 2, 2013
    I have 1 hour 25 minutes to connect from a Delta flight from MCO to an Alitalia flight to FCO. I have no checked luggage. I have been told that I have to get my boarding pass from Alitalia when I get to JFK. Is this correct and will I have enough time?


    It'll be tight but it should be doable if your first flight is on-time. You need to take the airtrain to Terminal 1 from 2 or 3, then go to Alitalia to get your boarding pass, then go through security. Since Delta and Alitalia are both in SkyTeam, Delta may be able to get you a boarding pass in MCO if your tickets were bought on the same reservation.


    Thank you


  • Connecting at FRA from Riyadh to Chicago
    May 2, 2013
    Hello, We will be flying from Riyadh to Chicago via Frankfurt airport. We fly by Lufthansa from Riyadh to Frankfurt then we fly by United Airlines (Star Alliance member) to Chicago. I understand that flights destined to USA go through Terminal 1 Pier Z in Frankfurt airport. When I checked the flight departures table on Frankfurt airport website, it tell that United Airlines flights depart from Terminal 1B gate Z. I am confused now because my understanding is that if my flight depart from Gate Z then I should go to Terminal1 Z ? right ? What is the difference between Terminal 1AB or terminal 1B ? Many Thanks!


    Yes, on arrival at FRA you land in Terminal 1, Concourse B (T1B), and need to get to Concourse T1A (comprising of A gates on lower level and Z gates on upper level). A transfer tunnel outside of security connects T1B & T1A outside security, and the SkyLine train connects inside security (running every 2-3 mins.


  • 90 min connection
    May 3, 2013
    I am flying on Delta into DFW from Salt Lake City and connecting to aa BA Flight to London. Delta will not check my bag all the way through. Is 90 minutes enough to collect my bag, change terminals and get to my BA flight?


    It will be very tough. Since you will be on the non-secure side of the terminal there's no easy or fast way to get between the terminals. If you could somehow do it without a checked bag you could just take the TerminaLink. However, I think it's very likely you'll miss your connection.


    Sorry, meant SkyLink, not TerminaLink (all these airport trains sound the same)


    But I will make the connection without a checked bag?


    Yes, it would be much easier without a checked bag because you would be able to just take the Skylink train between your gates which would only take 15-20 minutes. You'd then have to get your boarding pass from the British Airways gate if you can't check in online.


  • Connecting Time and Terminals !
    May 1, 2013
    I am arriving from Montreal (YUL) at IAD on UA 3421 at 9:00pm, Aug 15, departing to San Paolo (GRU) on UA 861 at 10:10pm. I have also another flight from GRU, terminal 1 to 2, to Buenos Aires (EZE) 1hr25min only to change. I don't know which terminal that'll be in IAD, and if 1hr 10min will be enough to change of planes/terminal.. ?


    At IAD your GRU flight will depart from concourse C. Is your YUL-IAD operated by Trans States? If so it will arrive into concourse A. You can take the Aerotrain from A to C. If your first flight is on-time you will have enough time.


  • International to Domestic at Terminal C
    May 2, 2013
    I will arrive from London at Terminal C and will have 60 min to tranfer to flight to Honolulu also departing from Terminal C. Will I have to collect my lugagge and go trough Immigration at thet time? Or can i check in my lugagge in London all the way to Honolulu and do trough Immigration at Honolulu?


    You will go through immigration when you enter the U.S. 60 minutes will be very tight. Where are you connecting and on what airlines?


    All international arrivals need to go through passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and re-check-in your bags. Terminal C is exclusively used by United Airlines, and its Gate level leads to three gate areas: 1. Gate Area C1, arranged in a Y-shape, with gates C70-99; 2. Gate Area C2 (gates C101-C115); and 3. Gate Area C3 (gates C120-139).


  • Connecting from Terminal 5 to 3
    May 1, 2013
    Hi, I am flying out from london to los angeles, but via chicago with a transit time time of exactly 2 hours. LHR-ORD (British Airways) ORD-LAX (American Airlines). Will 2 hours be enough and will I have to claim my luggage or will it be checked in all the way to LAX? I remember there was a drop off location for bags that were on connecting flights when I was connecting to Rochester MN, is it still the same way? Thanks


    Yes, it will be the same as last time you connected in ORD. You claim your baggage in immigration and immediately re-check it after leaving customs. 2 hours should be doable, but if you miss your flight American has a lot of flights to LAX that you can be rebooked on.


  • connecting time and terminals?
    Apr 30, 2013
    I am arriving from Boston at IAD on UA 1689 at 3:41 pm on May 4, departing to Brussels on UA 140 at 5:10 pm. Does anyone know which terminals I need to come from/go to, and how long it takes?


    Both flights will operate from the C/D Concourse. The walk between the gates will take 5-15 minutes.


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