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  • International to Domestic Transfer
    Mar 13, 2013
    HI I am flying from Spain on Iberia (Terminal 7) landing at 2:35pm and am trying to book an American Airlines flight leaving from terminal 8 at 5:10pm. Will this be enough time to collect baggage, go through customs, transfer, re-check and get to my flight on time?


    Yes, it should be. Over 2 hours is enough for almost anything.


  • united
    Mar 14, 2013
    I am flying in on United Express and have a 49 min layover to fly to DC on United. Will that be enough time? Will I have to change terminals.


    That's enough time but you'll have to hurry. It depends on what type of United Express flight you are on and whether your flight out is on United or United Express whether you will have to change concourses or not (Dulles only has one terminal). However, changing concourses at IAD is not difficult.


    Note that United Express uses Terminals (gates 70-77) & Terminal 8 (gates 80-88), while United uses Terminal 6 (gates 60-67). Look at your boarding pass and on arrival at overhead screens to find your flight & gate numbers. If you need to change terminals, T6 & T7 are connected by underground tunnel, while T8 has a short walking path between T7 & T8. In each case you would have to go through security check again and really hurry.


    Note that United Express uses Terminals 7(gates 70-77) & Terminal 8 (gates 80-88), while United uses Terminal 6 (gates 60-67). Look at your boarding pass and on arrival at overhead screens to find your flight & gate numbers. If you need to change terminals, T6 & T7 are connected by underground tunnel, while T8 has a short walking path between T7 & T8. In each case you would have to go through security check again and really hurry.


  • 1h 57m connection? Brussels > IAD > SFO
    Mar 13, 2013
    Hi, I'm coming in from an international flight with United UA141 on Wed., April 24 @ 2:50pm, with a 1 hour 57 min connection to SFO via United UA340. Will I be cutting the connecting flight close? I actually have this on a "FareLock" for great price, good until tomorrow, and just trying to figure out if I should confirm the booking for this. From many of the posts it seems two hours is fine enough, but there were one or two people that said they missed their international to domestic connection thru Dulles with only two hours.Still, I'm leaning towards booking it. Thanks in advance for any advice. *Also, I'm not sure what gates, etc. I'll be coming from and need to get to.. If anyone knows, I'd also appreciate the tip. Cheers


    Yes, that should be fine and also if you miss your connection since there are many IAD-SFO flights you have a good opportunity for rebooking. United->United international connections at IAD are pretty easy.


    On arrival at IAD, you will be transported to the International Arrivals Building at the west end of the main terminal for TSA clearance, where you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and thereafter re-check-in your bag where indicated. Allow for plenty of time if you need to transfer to another flight. International arrivals who continue their journey must take the shuttle bus to their connecting gate. As to gates - United uses Midfield Concourses A, B, C & D with corresponding gates (i.e. D15, etc.) To familiarize yourself with IAD's layout I suggest you open then click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS and scroll down to the detailed text. Two hours transfer time should suffice.


    Mar 13, 2013
    i am travelling from toronto to new delhi via jfk. My air canada flight lands at terminal 7 of jfk and i have to take my new delhi air india flight from terminal 4. i am permanent resident of canada and having permanent resident card with me. My passport is of indai. Does i need a transit visa for transferring from terminal 7 to terminal 4 of jfk.


    At Toronto Airport, go through U.S. customs clearance. On arrival at JFK you simply look for signs for the Airline Terminals Train and board it to get to your connecting Terminal 4. (On your return to JFK you will need to go through passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and re-check-in your bag, before proceeding to your connecting terminal. Do make sure that your first airline will transfer bags to your second airline (if using different airlines).


  • Terminal for Southwest
    Mar 12, 2013
    What is the terminal for Southwest Airlines at CLT? I don't seem to see it on the map. Thank you.


    Southwest doesn't currently fly to CLT. However, CLT only has one terminal, so when they start flying there they shouldn't be too hard to find. Their check-in and gates will probably be where Airtran is today.


  • Minimum Connecting Time LAS-IAD-MUC
    Mar 12, 2013
    Hello, I have booked a flight from Las Vegas to Munich / Germany via Washington. The time between both flights are only one hour. The flight from Las Vegas to Washington will be operated by United and the flight from Washington to Munich is a Lufthansa one. What is the minimum connecting time for these flights? Is one hour enough? Could I find out on which gate I arrive and on which I departure? Thanks for your helpful comments. Best regards ME


    It's awfully tight and doesn't leave much room for error but it's doable. However there are a lot of LH and United flights from IAD to Germany if you miss your connection


  • international security wait times
    Mar 12, 2013
    I am flying SAS to sweden on April 1st at about 5 PM or so. How early should I safely arrive at the airport given whatever sequester effects may be in place next month.


    2:30-3PM should be fine


  • Terminal C to Terminal B
    Mar 13, 2013
    Ariving at Terminal C 47 and need to get to B16. How long with this take. Do I walk or take the train?


    C gates are in Midfield Concourse C/D, while B gates are in Midfield Concourse A/B - different buildings with no walkway connections. You need to take the escalator to the underground 'Plane Train', stopping at the Concourse center. At Concourse C it stops between gates C30-C57 & C22-C1; at Concourse A follow signs to gates A18-A1. My estimate would be half an hour transfer time.


  • Canada/IAH/GCM connect PING -> ZAP
    Mar 12, 2013
    Zap, you seem to be quite knowledgeable so I'm hoping you can help me out. Looking through the forums, I think I've seen possible answers, but I wanted to pick your brain for my specific situation. Flying YVR - GCM via IAH with United. Arriving Term E, departing Term C. 37 minutes connection time. I'm certain this is a standard United flight that occurs every day, but this seems to be a VERY tight connection. Surely they don't expect us to get our bags, recheck them, and then go through Customs again in Houston do they? I'm hoping that since we clear US Customs in Vancouver that we will just have to get off plane in IAH, and proceed to the next gate to board the flight to GCM. Is this the case? Or will we have to wait for our bags, etc. Thanks in advance!


    Yes, if you preclear in YVR you don't have to go through immigration in IAH. It will be handled just like any domestic flight and could arrive into C or E (for example today's YVR-IAH flight arrived at C-35). Also since that flight leaves so early it is less likely to be delayed. Today it left 1 minute late and arrived 23 minutes early.


  • Connection time T1 to T2
    Mar 12, 2013
    Although a "legal" connection, is 43 min. adequate time to connect T1-T2?


    Yes, you can easily walk between anywhere in T1 and T2 within 15-20 minutes. However, it doesn't leave much margin for error in case of delays.


  • 12 hr stop over
    Mar 12, 2013
    I have a 12hr stop over in LA and then connecting on a flight to London. Will I be able to re-check my bags for the connecting flight as soon as I get to LAX (12 hrs before the flight)?


    You should be able to (unless perhaps someone from that airline has to be there and nobody is yet because their only flights are late in the day). If you're on American or United it should be fine, with British Airways or Virgin Atlantic it might be an issue. So, it depends what airline you're on and how much before their first flight you're coming in.


    Thanks! We're getting to LA on American and connecting to a BA flight so we will see.


  • Walking time between E and D
    Mar 12, 2013
    I will be flying United express UA5201 arriving at terminal B I will be leaving out of terminal E to Frankfurt on Lufthansa flight LH441. I have a 4.5 hour layover and wondering if its feasible to walk between D and E since there is more food and shopping at E.


    I suppose you could walk From TB to TE, however, it's easier to take the above-ground TerminaLink train, connecting TB with TC, & TD/TE inside security. As you get off the train at TD/TE, you find the ticketing area to the right; if you arrive by car or taxi at either of the two entrance doors, you see the ticket counters in front of you. This area also has an escalator to Level 1, International Arrivals, which has in the lobby a passenger greeting area. Once you get through security check on either side, you can proceed to the gate area.


    I was going to take the terminal link between B and D but when i actually get to D there isnt many things to do so is the walk between D and E feasible or should i just suck it up and stay at D


  • Connection time for flight from Edmonton
    Mar 11, 2013
    I am flying from Edmonton into Houston Terminal E and then onto Miami. All with United. The flight gets into Houston at 5:15 AM and the next leaves for Miami at 7:06 from terminal C I think. I know that US customs will be closed in Edmonton at that time of night so we will have to clear in Houston. Will that be enough time to clear customs and do we have to go through security again?


    The YEG-IAH redeye arrives into terminal E to clear customs. You have plenty of time, it should be pretty empty at that time (only other international flights that early are a few from South America).


    And yes, any time you go through US immigration you have to go through security again.


    Thanks! We will also have to pick up our luggage before going to customs, correct?




  • Fast bag drop spirit air
    Mar 11, 2013
    Where is the fast bag drop for Spriit at DTW?


    The North Terminal at DTW has a very simple layout and all the Spirit counters are located together, just look for the fast bag drop signs.


  • Connection time
    Mar 11, 2013
    I will travel with United on 16-Mar from Bogota to IAH and then SFO.(UA 1008 & 1257). Our layover is 1hr 10 min. Can we make the connection? As I travel with kid and need collect baggage ,go through customs. What terminal will the 2 flights be? thanks


    You will arrive in Terminal E. You will depart from Terminal C or E. 1 hour 10 mins is possible if there are no delays. If you miss your connection to SFO there are several later flights that you will be able to be re-booked on.


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