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Got a tip? Need some help? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between airports. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get a notification when there is a response. Select a category from below:

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  • Terminal B to E
    Jul 16, 2012
    I arrive 10/6/12 at Logan via US Airways at 5:37 PM. Next flight is with Aer Lingus at 7:25 PM. How long does it take from Term B to E? Do we have to get bags from US Air and check them again at Aer Lingus? Is this enough time for this?


    You need to contact US Airways to find out if they transfer your bags to Aer Lingus - not all airlines do, in which case you would have to get your bags on arrival and check them in at the AirLingus counter before proceeding to security check and connecting gate. Make sure that your departure is indeed Terminal E as my listing tells me that it is used exclusively for international arrivals. (Check your ticket). To get from Terminal B to Terminal E, use Bus 11 serving all terminals. 2 hours are enough time for any circumstance.


    Thanks very much. I checked and it is Terminal E for departure to Ireland. I'll check with Orbitz whom I booked air with and also US Airways about luggage. We go through security at PHL to BOS. I assume only one security check in BOS at Aer Lingus with or withoug luggage? Thanks again.


    You only need security check at PHL and go through passport check & customs clearance in Ireland. Find out if Irish Airport has US customs clearance, - some do- in which case use it on your way back & you won't need it on arrrival at US.


  • Best part of a delay
    Jul 15, 2012
    Pulled pork and brisket are fabulous


  • Connecting to EasyJet
    Jul 15, 2012
    Hi! I will be arriving through US Airways at Terminal 3 and will need to transfer to EasyJet, in Terminal 2. Are the 2 terminals connected, or will I need to physically exit the aiport and find my way to the next terminal?


    1. On arrival at FCO you need to go through non-Schengen (foreign) customs procedure. 2. Terminals 2 and 3 are not connected - the air control tower is in between. 3. Take the free shuttle bus which runs between all terminals and carparks daily, every 15 mins; during 1am-4am you can also request such shuttle by using the intercom situated at every shuttle stop. At T2 you need to go through security before proceeding to your Boarding Area C with C gates 1-7.


  • customs
    Jul 15, 2012
    I am arriving from the US with no checked luggage, only a carry on. Do I need to go through customs as I am connecting and flying to Germany? Thanks!


    As a non-Schengen (foreign) arrival at AMS you need to go through their immigration process (passport check) before connecting to your next flight. To read up on terminals and connections open - under QUICK LINKS choose "Terminal Maps" - scroll down for detailed descriptions.


  • international arrivls, connecting flight
    Jul 15, 2012
    My mother arrives on United Airlines from Frankfurt and has to make a connecting flight to Denver, also on United. Is there a check in agent after she clears the customs or does she have to find a United check- in counter at the terminal? What gates serve these flights?


    1. At IAD, United serves in Terminals A, B, C & D with corresponding gates - her ticket and the overhead screens on arrival will indicate her connecting flight number and gate. 2. All international arrivals at IAD are being transported to the International Arrivals Building at the west end of the main terminal for TSA clearance. Unless you have gone through US customs clearance by participating airports, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag (the tag should indicate layover and final destination Airport Codes). Allow for plenty of time if you need to transfer to another flight (from arrivals gate to departures gate approx. 1.5 hrs). International arrivals who continue their journey cannot use the AeroTrain, but need to take the shuttle bus outside to their connecting gate.


  • 35 Minutes Layover
    Jul 15, 2012
    I need to get from terminal C to terminal B in 35 minutes.. Is that enough time or should I look for a different flight with more layover time?


    The above-ground TerminaLink train makes a continuous round between Terminals A, C, C & D (inside security) - under normal circumstances you would have enough time for transfer, unless your incoming plane is quite late


  • Airtrain
    Jul 28, 2012
    Why do half the people say the air train is inside security and the other half say it's outside? It can't be both. What is the real answer and why is it so confusing?


    At EWR the Airtrain serves inside security check; at JFK it serves outside security check.


    I don't know about JFK, but at EWR, the airtrain (between terminals, parking and the NJtransit/amtrak rail station) is definitely OUTSIDE security.


    And this is exactly what I mean: Two replies, two contradicting answers. I've never been to this airport so I just can't grasp how there is no clear answer on this.


    The confusion here highlights just how awful this airport can be. I spent a truly miserable 8 hours in EWR yesterday and hope I never set foot there again. The AirTrain is outside of the sterile area. If you want to take the train between terminals, you WILL have to go through a security check point again. The transfer buses are inside the secure area, but they shut them down in bad weather.


    The Airtrain is outside of security. I fly through EWR 6 times a year and take the Airtrain every time. You definitely EXIT security to take the airtrain


    it is outside tsa security. we fly to ewr every month.


    Jul 15, 2012
    I am flying with 1 year old baby on United Airlines | UA 1017 to IAD (Arrive at 854pm), Have Qatar Airways | QR 052from IAD at 11pm. 2 hours are enough time for me to change terminal, recheck @ Qatar Counter , Security ? Anyone know which terminal United arrives at IAD and which terminal i have to take Qatar Airways | QR 052? Please advise!


    Looked for those flights listed today - no indication. IAH lists flights on day of departure - open - then first click on "arrivals" and thereafter on the "Flight" column - the numbers will change from low to high; then do the same for "departures". It will list flight number, time & gate. Did you check if UA transfers bags to Qatar, in which case you would not have to recheck at Qatar Counter (one ticket for both flights or two?) if bags are transferred, simply follow signs 'TO BAGGAGE CLAIM / GROUND TRANSPORTATION'; domestic arrivals at A, B or C gates should follow the AeroTrain sign. A baby bag you can wear across your shoulder would be the ideal means of transportation for you, leaving your hands free for your papers and carry-on bag. (You will love Qatar - they take good care of you!


  • Terminal 3 baggage - any food?
    Jul 14, 2012
    I have 4 hours to wait in terminal 3 at baggage for my ride. Are there any shops at baggage?


    Terminal 3 has only restaurants in the unsecured area (Internatiobal Arrivals area: Dunkin' Doughnuts & Gourmet on the Fly; and some Food Courts; However, if you can leave your bags at the baggage office near the baggage carousels, you could walk over to Terminal 4, which has quite a number of entertainment and stores on the East & West Mezzanine level.


  • Enough Time
    Jul 15, 2012
    I am arriving from Puerto rico, into terminal C and I have 49 minutes to make the next flight to Chicago from the same terminal. Is 49 minutes enough time seeing as it is in the same terminal?


    Presuming that Puerto Rican arrivals in the U.S. will be exempt from going through passport check, picking up bags & going through customs clearance with them (taking 35 to a max of 50 mins), you easily make it in time. Terminal C has east gates C14-24 & west gates C29-45. Your ticket & the overhead screens on arrivals will indicate gate number.


    From the west gates to east gates of terminal C, is that a pretty short walk or do people need to take transit?


  • frozen pizza
    Jul 13, 2012
    The pizza here is not fresh it is frozen and heated up. For $5:50 a slice it was awful.


  • meet party arriving different airline
    Jul 14, 2012
    We are flying into terminal 8 one hour before the rest of family arrives at terminal 7. Would we be able to get our luggage and go to terminal 7 to meet them without having tickets? What is the best way to get to the other terminal?


    Terminals 8 and 7 are not close to each other. You can take the Airtrain (follow signs) which runs on average every 8 mins and serves all terminals, stopping in their pre-security area. Best place to meet: next to the Information Counter in the Arrivals area of T7.


  • Washington-Newark-Glasgow
    Jul 14, 2012
    I'm flying from Washington to Newark to join my flight there to Glasgow. I'm not an experienced traveller and I would value any advice and information about getting from the UA Washington Flight to join the UA Flight to Glasgow, please. How would I get from the UA terminal or gate etc. arriving from Washington to join the check in for UA Glasgow and how much time would I need please. Can I walk from the arrival gate/terminal at Newark to go to the Glasgow UA check in or do I have to find some transport? I'm not sure how far apart the terminal or gates are between the two UAflights. Would I need to collect my checked in bag from the Washington UA flight and check it in again to join the UA flight to Glasgow or is it possible for it to go to Glasgow without having to be picked up at Newark? I'll appreciate any advice or information as I've never made a journey like this before. Thank you


    When arriving via United at EWR on a domestic flight, you may arrive either at Terminal A or Terminal C and will depart most likely from Terminal C (TC is exclusively for United, TA has also other airlines). Your ticket should indicate which terminal you arrive/ depart from: Each terminal has three gateways, i.e., Terminal A has gateway A1 with gates A10-18, A2 with gates A20-28; A3 with gates A30-39; Terminal C has gateway C1 with gates C70-99; C2 with gates C101A-115A-B; C3 with gates C120-130. If you need to change terminals, use the Airtrain, which runs inside the secured area and takes only minutes. Signs will guide you to it. NOTE: You get a boarding pass at your Washington Airport; your bags will be automatically transferred to your connecting flight.. No need for you to do anything else on arrival, but to proceed to your connecting flight gate. (On your return, you will arrive at Terminal C & need to go through passport check, pickup bags & go through customs clearance before exiting the terminal. Good luck!


    Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, sajul12. I really appreciate it and the information you have given is extremely helpful - it is exactly the information I was hoping for as I'm not a seasoned traveller at all. Having this amount of detail in advance to refer to is very reassuring. Thank you again.


  • do moms have assistance when travelling
    Jul 14, 2012
    do moms have assistance when travelling alone with baby and carring your bags to get a cab?


    Toronto Pearson is an excellent Airport. Do not hesitate to ask any employee for assistance. I suggest also that you contact the Airport via e-mail:, tel: (416) 776 9892 or at Twitter: @TorontoPearson .


  • Help with Parents Transfer at Frankfurt
    Jul 14, 2012
    HI. My parents are arriving from MAA at Frankfurt via lufthansa and then transferring to Miami using lufthansa as well. My question how much is the distance between the gates. I know they will arrrive at terminal 1 but what will be the concourses of arrival and departures . will 1 hr 30 min be enough and also will they have deboard some where and take a bus to the terminal gates?


    1. As international 'non-Schengen' arrivals at Frankfurt Airport, your parents need to go through immigration /customs clearance before moving on to their connecting gate. This is Terminal 1's departure layout: Level 3 of T1 - the Pier /Concourse level - houses Piers/ Concourses A, B & C. Transit Areas A & Z lead to A & Z gates; Transit Areas B & C lead to B & C gates. The overhead "Connecting flights" sign will guide you to the proper gates by separate signs, i.e., "Connecting Flight C1-13". They have plenty of time to transfer. NOTE: Pier A is getting an expansion, referred to as 'Pier A-Plus' , housing 23 gates and shops. In preparation therefor, Terminal 1's non-Schengen Pier A gates A51-65 were renamed to gates Z11-25. The new pier is scheduled to open soon - or might have opened already.


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