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  • Getting from Terminal 1 to Terminal 2
    Apr 28, 2014
    I will be arriving on an international flight from Auckland (UA) and need to get to Terminal 2 for a VX flight to IAD. I have 2hrs connectiion time. What is the fastest way to get to the terminal 2


    International Arrivals at SFO who connect to another flight will first go through passport check & pick up their bags; onward passengers will exit Arrivals Hall through dedicated doors marked 'Connecting Flights', where they will re-check in bags at the baggage desk directly outside of the exit. If no agent is available there, or bags are not tagged to its final destination, visit your airline's ticket counter first. To connect to T2, take the AirTrain's red line at either station A or G below the Main Hall. 2 hrs transfer time is sufficient.


    Please note that United does not fly to Auckland and that your flight is likely operated by Air New Zealand.


    Thanks a lot


    Apr 28, 2014
    4 of us are flying from Tulsa Oklahoma to Roatan with a 55 minute layover in Houston to Hondoras. Is that enough time between flights and do we have to get our bags and recheck them?


    That depends on what airlines you use. IAH has Terminals A through D. (United uses all but D). If trip was bought on one ticket, bags will be transferred (or if second airline is member of same Alliance or code-shares with first). I suggest you open www.ifly.com/iah, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text.


    We will be flying from Tulsa to Honduras all on united. I cant tell what terminal we land in Houston from Tulsa. I haven't purchased the tickets yet because I am trying to be certain we can make our connection. I will be purchasimg all 4 tickets at once.


    That will be enough time if your first flight is on-time. However, it doesn't leave much time for any delays and depending on the season, flights to Roatan only operate once a week.


  • Connections
    Apr 26, 2014
    I'm traveling from New York to Barcelona with only a 40 minute layover in flights at Zurich. I know this will be tight. Is it possible?


    That depends on which Concourse you arrive at & depart from; At Zurich Airport has connected Terminals 1 & 2 with Concourses & gates A, B/D & Satellite E - Concourse /Gates B/D are to the left, Concourse /Gates A are to the right, and distant Satellite Concourse /Gates E, reached by Skymetro. You also need to go (as a non-Schengen - foreign arrival) through passport control. 40 mins is tight.


  • Not Corkys and not good!
    Apr 25, 2014
    Used to be Corky's, no longer is. Beans are the best thing going here. Everything looks good but is pretty flavorless. Eat at Popeyes next door and DON'T walk from another concourse like I did looking for Corky's.


  • Toronto -EWR- Barcelona: pick up baggage?
    Apr 25, 2014
    Hi, My mom is travelling from Toronto to Barcelona (Spain), through ERW, with united She arrives EWR in terminal A at 16.30, and must catch the Barcelona flight in terminal C at 19.00. My questions are: - Does she has to claim her bagagge upon arrival to EWR, go through custms and check in again at temrinal C? - If she does, will 2 hours be enough??? THanks!


    She will pre-clear US Immigration in Toronto. All she has to do in EWR is go from her arrival gate to her departure gate. United runs a shuttle bus on the secure side of the airport from Terminal A to Terminal C, so she won't have to go through security. She should have plenty of time.


    Thanks a lot!


    Your mom should go through U.S. Customs at Toronto. Upon arrival at EWR, all she needs to do is taking the shuttle bus between TA & TC - at TA near gate A28, at TC near gate C71 - no security check needed. Her bags will automatically be transferred, provided that: her flights were booked on one ticket, or both flights are on United, or with airline members of the Star Alliance. 2 hrs are plenty!


  • International-Domestic connection time
    Apr 28, 2014
    I am arriving in IAH from Singapore with a connecting flight to New York. Is 2 hours long enough to clear customs and immigration, and check-in to the connecting domestic flight? Thank you


    Yes, that should be enough time, especially if tickets were purchased together.


    My flights are booked on separate tickets. So do you think 2 hours is still OK for immigration and transfers? Thanks for your advice!


    That will make it much tougher. If you have checked bags you may miss the bag cutoff for your domestic flight. If you don't have checked bags you can just check-in online for your domestic flight so you will just have to go back through security and to your departure gate after arrival. However, if your flight to NY is on United Singapore may be able to check your bags through to NY as both Singapore and United are in Star Alliance.


  • International - Dom Cnnxn in 100 minutes
    Apr 25, 2014
    Hi - I arrive from Zurich on a Wed. at 3:20 pm on United, no checked bag. I connect to RDU at 5 pm, also on United, but booked separately. Will this be enough time to clear passport control, customs and TSA?


    Yes, that should be enough time. You can check in for your IAD-RDU flight online before you depart from Zurich.


  • Connection time
    Apr 25, 2014
    I'm flying into PHL from Indianapolis at 20:54 with a connecting flight to LHR at 21:50 - these are the times US Airways gave me. Can I make the connection in this very tight time? I am very worried that I'll miss my connection as I don't know my way round PHL.


    You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time. If your flight from Indianapolis arrives in Terminal F you'll have to take a shuttle bus to your departure concourse but you should still have enough time.


  • shuttle help
    Apr 25, 2014
    will shuttle drivers lift my luggage on and off the shuttle? It will be a large 50 lb suitcase, and I can't lift it.


    Rental car or hotel shuttle - probably, inter-terminal shuttle, probably not. You probably shouldn't be traveling with luggage too heavy for you to lift.


  • connecting from emirates to air canada vancouver
    Apr 25, 2014
    Hi, I have a 1.5 hrs stopover in Seattle arriving from Dubai on Emirates and connecting to Vancouver, Canada on Air Canada. Do I have to clear customs and retrieve my baggage and do I have enough time to make my connection?


    Yes, you will have to clear US Immigration, claim your baggage, and go through US Customs. Then if your bags are tagged through to YVR you should be able to immediately re-check. However, if they're not you'll have to put them on a conveyor to be transferred to the main terminal where you will have to claim them again and take them to the Air Canada ticket counter to be checked. If you have to do that you'll have a tough time making your connection.


    Thank you Zap, do I have to go through security again as well? Also are the terminals close together and if not, how long does it take to get from terminal to terminal?


    Yes, you'll have to go through security again. There is a train between satellites/concourses. It should take 10-15 minutes.


  • 47 minutes connecting time
    Apr 25, 2014
    Hey guys, I have a flight with united from Montreal to Narita, with a transit at IAD which is 47 minutes only. Will I be able to make it?


    Yes, if your first flight is on-time that should be enough time. You will pre-clear US Immigration in Montreal and all you have to do in IAD is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


  • Please help
    Apr 25, 2014
    I will be traveling with KLM from Panama To AMS and just have 1:20 minutes to pick up the baggage, check the passport and take one more flight with KLM to Helsinki. will be the time enough?


    That should be enough time. AMS is built to handle tight connections.


  • International to Domestic Transfer
    Apr 24, 2014
    Arriving in DEN on Icelandair and transferring to Southwest for PHX. Because we have checked bags and separate reservations for the 2 legs of the trip, please explain where/how to go to check in for the SW flight after customs.


    You will have to go up to the departure level of the terminal and find the Southwest check-in counters. Everything is in one building. The Southwest counters are in East Ticketing on Level 6.


  • where you clear customs
    Apr 24, 2014
    I am flying from Frankfurt, making a connection in Toronto and continuing to Chicago. Do I clear customs in Toronto or Chicago? I'm using Lufthansa to Toronto and Air Canada to Chicago.


    You will clear US Immigration in Toronto at the pre-clearance facility. You will not have to go through Canadian Immigration since both flights are in Terminal 1. Follow the signs towards US Flights upon arrival in Toronto.


  • MUC connection
    Apr 24, 2014
    I'm flying from CLT to MUC on Lufthansa and connecting to ZAG on Cityline. Will I have to go through security to make my connecting flight on Cityline?


    Yes, you will have to go through security but not immigration as both the US and Croatia are outside Schengen.


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