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  • Can we make our connection?
    Jun 25, 2014
    We are US citizens arriving LAX at 12:30 PM from Fiji on Friday Oct 31 2014. We Have a flight on Southwest which leaves at 3PM but we have to collect our bags and check back through with Southwest. do we have enough time to make this flight?


    Yes, if your flight from Fiji is on-time you should be OK. You will have to bring your bags with you to T1 to check with Southwest. Also try to check-in for your southwest flight online before you leave Fiji.


  • Time to catch different plane???
    Jun 24, 2014
    I'm flying in from Orlando and should land in IAD at 11:16am. I have to catch another plane at 12:20pm. This is one of those "hacker" deals from Kayak. I'm trying to decide if I will have enough time to catch the other plane. I don't know how far apart the 2 planes are. Is this a big airport? Do you think I will have time to catch another plane? Will I have to go through security or something else that may slow me down? Any help is appreciated!


    All gates at IAD are connected inside security. If you don't have checked bags and check in for your second flight on-line you should be OK.


    That should be enough time. You will go through Immigration, claim your bags, go through customs, then re-check your bags in Terminal 4. Then you can go to the departure level, through security, and then take Delta's shuttle bus to Terminal 2 where you will depart, or take the AirTrain/Air Terminals Train to T2 and go through security there.


  • International to domestic in 48 min. Will this work? Security twice?
    Jun 24, 2014
    We are flying from YYC and landing in IAH at 3:30. We then leave IAH towards BHM at 4:23. I know we must change terminals. Will we have to clear customs and go through security before getting to our connection? If so, we won't have time, I believe. Or, can we get from flight to flight without having to go through customs or security? Thank you!


    You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Calgary. Your arrival into IAH will be like a domestic flight. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. All terminals at IAH are connected inside security by the TerminaLink train.


    Thank you! Is the TerminaLink train the one above ground? I ask because on the way to Calgary, we took the train below ground and it took us out of security (which lead to a needed run through the airport). Thanks!


    Yes, the TerminaLink train runs above ground.


    Thanks!! You have been quite helpful.


  • Connection between T4 and T2
    Jun 24, 2014
    My flight from Frankfurt lands in JFK at 4:40pm by Delta and the only flight left to go back home to Charlotte NC is at 6:15pm (with Delta too). I only have 90 minutes. Is this enough time to go through custom, get my luggage, re-check them in and get on the flight?


    It's barely enough time. Lucikly the Charlotte flight is more likely to be delayed departing than your Frankfurt flight will be arriving.


    Thank you for the info! I will make sure to hurry and pray the flight to Charlotte will be late. LOL. :)


  • Connecting within Terminal 4?
    Jun 24, 2014
    I have a flight connection within terminal 4. Flight from Seattle gets in at 9.48pm (ET) at Terminal 4, Gate B34 and my flight to Amsterdam leaves at 10.55pm (ET) from Terminal 4, no gate yet. Is this feasible? I've looked at other comments and don't think I'll have to hit security, but is transferring like this within a terminal quicker?


    Yes, transferring within the same terminal is quite easy. You should have enough time if your first flight is on-time.


  • Is I need to claim check in baggage if change terminal
    Jun 24, 2014
    Hi , I am flying from Toronto to Sacramento via Dallas (DFW) with American airline .. at Dallas I need to change terminal from terminal D to Terminal C . So question is .. Is I need to claim my check in baggage at terminal D of Dallas airport before to go on terminal C.. Pls help me . Thanks


    No, you do not have to do anything with your baggage in Dallas. You will pre-clear US Immigration in Toronto. All you have to do in DFW is take the SkyTrain from Terminal D to Terminal C.


  • Arriving and departing Terminal 2 but on different airlines
    Jun 25, 2014
    Hi everyone, we arrive from Cancun to LAX Terminal 2 with Virgin America at 8.10pm. We then have another flight at 10.30pm with Air NZ to Australia also at Terminal 2. As these are not connecting flights as such (ie. different airlines and tickets booked seperately) we know we will have to clear customs and security first before checking in our bags again but are unsure where to go exactly for this. Is it true that there a check-in/security processing area above Terminal 2 for Air NZ?


    Yes, that is the same terminal. However, you need to be checked in for your NZ flight 2 hours before the flight. I think it will be very difficult for you to be out of customs and to the ANZ check-in counter by 8:30.


    Thanks for your reply. We have already spoken with somebody regarding the tight time schedule and we will certainly be cutting it very fine but hoping to be ok. Do you know if it is correct that we are to go to the ANZ check-in/security processing directly upstairs above terminal 2?


    It's not really "above" Terminal 2, it's on the departure level of Terminal 2, above where you will come out from customs.


  • 45min transit time from SFO to SEA, and SEA to ICN -- All Delta
    Jun 24, 2014
    Hello, I have 45 min transit time from SFO to SEA and SEA to ICN, all delta. It seems a tight schedule but is it possible to take the international flight within 45 min? Thanks,


    Yes, it's possible. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and get on the plane. However, it doesn't leave much time for delays.


    Your Delta flight arrives at Terminal 2 (T2), unless you departed from either LAX, SFO or SEA airports, where you would land at T4. Alitalia serves Terminal 1. The 'Airline Terminals Train' on the upper level (follow signs) runs counter-clockwise on average every 10 minutes. No time to waste!


  • Delta Connecting Flight Boston to DTW to MANILA via NGO
    Jun 23, 2014
    Is there enough time from BOS to DTW to MANILA: DL 159 to DL 629 on a 54-minute layover? Thanks!


    Yes, it should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. Both flights will be on concourse A of the McNamara terminal.


  • No shuttle avail
    Jun 23, 2014
    My daughter just flew into EWR terminal C......had to get to terminal A for connecting flight....web site says Shuttle Available.....It was not....now she has to take the Air Train and go thru security again....Are you kidding me...... FIX THE SHUTTLE SERVICE.....


    The shuttle should be available. This is not EWR or United's website, so your complaint will not be heard here by anyone who can do anything about your problem.


  • terminal 8 to tbit
    Jun 24, 2014
    flying from Vancouver with air Canada arriving at terminal 8, then need to get to TBIT for a connecting flight to Fiji with Fiji airways air pacific . what is the easiest way to get from terminal 8 to TBIT, and will I have to re check baggage and go threw security and customs once arriving in LAx , all flights were purchased togeather thanks


    Air Canada does not use Terminal 8. Air Canada uses Terminal 2. Terminal 8 is used by United and United Express. The easiest way to get from either T8 or T2 to the TBIT is to walk along the curbfront. Air Canada and Air Pacific do have an interline baggage agreement, so your baggage will be transferred. You will pre-clear US Immigration in Vancouver. In LAX you will have to go to the TBIT, get your Fiji Airways boarding pass, and go through security.


    United and Fiji AIrways also have an interline agreement in case your YVR-LAX flight is operated by United/United Express.


    thanks for the info, the booking confirmation says my flight number is air Canada but is operated by united airways and says terminal 8 so im not sure. im just assuming I will arrive at terminal 8. would it be quicker to walk from either Terminal to tbit or catch the transfer bus


    Yes, if it's operated by United then you will check-in with United in Vancouver and arrive in Terminal 8. It's usually fastest to walk unless you're a very slow walker as curbfront vehicle traffic at LAX is horrible, meaning the bus moves very slowly.


    thanks, my layover time at lax is 2 hours 17 mins, hopefully that is enough time to get from T8 to tbit and threw security get to my gate


  • connection from dallas to maui with american airlines flights
    Jun 23, 2014
    I am looking at a flight from Orlando to dallas then to maui with an hour connection with both flights being with American airline. Do I have enough time to get to my plane for the Maui flight?


    Yes, that should be enough time. All gates at DFW are connected inside security by the Skylink train


  • Tight schedule for connecting flights
    Jun 23, 2014
    I'm flying from Rome to Zurich, then Zurich to San Francisco. The layover time in Zurich is 95 minutes. Both flights are Swiss Air. Is this doable?


    Yes, that is reasonable. All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate and go through security as both Italy and Switzerland are within the Schengen area.


    Thank you for your information and quick response.


  • Connecting between Alitalia and United
    Jun 23, 2014
    Looking to go from Palermo to Rome via Alitalia, arriving FCO at 7:20 a.m. United flight to Newark departs 9:50 a.m. Enough time? Will I need to claim bags, go through customs, etc.?


    If your tickets were bought together, Alitalia can check your bags through to United. You do not have to go through customs as both Palermo and Rome are in Italy. You do however, have to go to Terminal 5 to get your boarding pass and go through security. There is a shuttle bus from T1/2/3 to T5. You should have enough time.


  • Check in time
    Jun 23, 2014
    My flight from London lands in JFK at 7:05pm. The only available flight to go back home to Austin, TX is at 8:59pm. Is this enough time to get my luggage, re-check them in and get on the flight?


    Yes, that is a reasonable connection time considering that both of your flights will be in Terminal 8.


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