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  • Help
    Jun 22, 2012
    Me and a friend are meeting in paris. I arrive in terminal one 3 hours before she lands in 2b will i be able to go to her terminal to meet her?


    You can only meet her after you both went through the immigration / customs clearance process - best to meet up in the arrivals hall.


  • Connection
    Jun 22, 2012
    I plan to arrive at LAX at 1000 am from Papeete and depart on Southwest at 12:20 pm. What is the best way to get from baggage claim to the Southwest terminal and is this enough time considering I have to claim my bags and rechedk them?


    At LAX you most likely arrive at TBIT, the international terminal (or TB) and will depart via Southwest at Terminal 1; After going through international arrivals procedures and exiting TBIT, T4-T8 are to your right and T3-T1 to your left. Board the blue-marked LAX bus route A on lower arrivals level island in front of TBIT, under sign "LAX Shuttle Airline Connection", which runs every 12-15 mins, making its first stop at T4, continuing to T8 and over to T1 - 6 stops or 15 mins. At T1 you need to go through security check and on to your gates. You have enough time.


  • ATL to ORD to Paris only 55 min
    Jun 22, 2012
    I land ORD at 5:05 and flight overseas departs at 6, enough time?


    Note that at ORD domestic terminals 1, 2 & 3 are connected at their gates, so you can walk to your connecting gate; however, if you depart from T5 you would need to take the ATS train, running every few mins.. Signs will guide you.


  • Delta to Alaska Terminal
    Jun 22, 2012
    How to get from Delta to Alaska terminal


    At SEA Delta uses the South Terminal, Alaska uses Concourses C & D with corresponding gates and the North Satellite (N gates). Your ticket and on arrival the overhead screens will indicate your connecting gate. NOTE: Passengers arrive at the South Satellite (whether changing planes or ending their trip at Sea-Tac) and then go through immigration clearance, pick up checked luggage, continue to customs (taking 30-60 minutes), and (from here on procedures differ): (a) If you end your trip at SeaTac, put your luggage on the high-speed conveyor which will deliver it to the Baggage Claim. Proceed to the Main Terminal to pick up your luggage at the Baggage Claim carousel. (Ground Transportation Information Booth is on level 3 of the parking garage.) (b) If you need to transfer to a domestic flight at Sea-Tac International, you must recheck your luggage and go through TSA security screening prior to proceeding to your connecting flight. If you have duty-free liquid items, put them in our checked luggage to prevent confiscation at the security checkpoint. Transferring from South Satellite to North Satellite: After immigration take the subway - make sure to follow the transfer path, NOT the baggage stop. Take the train to Transfer to North Satellite stop, walk across platform to transfer subway and take it to the next stop, then walk across platform, take the next train & get off at North Sattelite. It will involve 2 transfers and 3 trains, but only 15-20 mins.


  • 44 minutes between T4 and T2?
    Jul 21, 2012
    I'm arriving at T4 from San Diego on US airway 58 and leaving also on US airway but at T2. On Saturday Aug 4th. However, I only have 44 mins in between. Is that enough time?


    1. Make sure that you indeed depart at PHX from T2 - as I only see US Airways listed in Terminal 4. 2. Terminal 4 has gates A1-A30, B1-B22; & D1-D8. Terminal 2 has gates 1-15. To change terminals, you must leave the secure area and catch the inter-terminal bus at the curb. The free PHX Airport Shuttle bus stops, on its way to economy parking lots, at each terminal, every 7 to 10 minutes. If you need to get to Terminal 2, you need, on arrival, go through security check before proceeding to your gate. (While Terminals 2 & 3 are connected by walkway, T4 is on the other side of Sky Harbor Road which divided these terminals.


    US AIRWAYS does not fly from terminal 2! If your flying out on United, that is terminal 2. It is a 5 minute inter- terminal bus ride between them


  • Flight to Santa Barbara
    Jun 21, 2012
    I'm coming in on United flight and need to get to terminal for commuter flights. What term commuter flights go out of?


    At LAX, both incoming and outgoing flights are listed to be in Terminal 8 - no need to transfer to another terminal. T8 has gates 80-88. Both flights will be via United Express.


  • Term A - C: Security Again?
    Jun 29, 2012
    I'm arriving at terminal A and have to get to C for an international flight in 90 minutes. I keep reading somewhat conflicting comments about whether I need to go through security again once I'm at the airport. Will I have to or is it just a matter of moving from A to C? Does it matter if I use the tram or the bus? The goal, of course, is to avoid another lengthy wait in a security line.


    Since you arrive at EWR in Terminal A, you are obviously not an international arrival (Terminal B serves those, except United). Your connecting Terminal C is the United terminal with 3 gateways: C1 is arranged in a Y-shape with gates C70-75, C80-88 & C90-99 on each side; gate area C2 has gates C101A-115A-B (15 gates); gate area C3 has gates C12-130. On arrival a TA take the Airtrain which stops close to gateway A2; at TC the station is on the upper level's center. No need to go through security check. You have enough time.


    Take the bus to avoid security. That's the purpose for its existence.


    Thanks a lot. I'll be sure to take the bus. Does it run frequently and is it easy to find?


    The are signs for the bus. I believe near Gates A18 and A28. Any United Airlines gate agent should also be able to direct you. Frequency depends on time of day but probably every 10-15 minutes.


  • How to get from Terminal C to Terminal 5
    Jun 20, 2012
    I do not see a terminal C - we are coming in from Boston on Jet Blue and leaving to Costa Rica on Jet blue from terminal 5


    Jet Blue uses both the International Terminal 4 with Concourses A & B and corresponding gates (A gates A2-7; B gates B20-30); and Domestic Terminal 5 with 25 gates. If you arrive & depart from different terminals, you need to take the AirTrain which comes around every 8 minutes; at T4 it's inside arivals level at center; at T5 it's near gates 25 or 1 on opposite sides. As the train operates at pre-security areas of the terminals, you would have to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate.


  • Terminal C to Terminal A- 2 hours
    Jun 23, 2012
    We arrive from Rochester, NY into Terminal C and leave for Minneapolis-Saint Paul, MN 2 hours and 10 mins later from Terminal A. Would we be able to leave the airport during that time? and if so, do we even have enough time, given that we would need to come back thru security?! Would appreciate any comments- thanks :)


    You arrive at the United Airline Terminal C. If your connecting flight is by another airline, make sure United forwards your checked bags at EWR - if not you would have to pick up your back in the baggage claim area and take it along to Terminal A, checking it in at your connecting airline's checkin counter. The Airtrain runs frequently from terminal to terminal, at post-security - and takes minutes between the three EWR terminals. At Terminal C, the station is on the upper level (follow signs); at Terminal A it stops near near gateway 2. TA has gateway 1 with Gates A10-18, A2 with gates A20-28 and A3 with gates A30-39. You have plenty of time.


    You could leave the airport but you would not get far before having to turn right around to get through the security check in time to catch your flight. I suggest take your time exploring Terminal C which has many shops and eateries before taking the United shuttle Bus to Terminal A which will let you avoid going through security.


  • fastest way at the Atlanta Airport
    Jun 20, 2012
    please give the fastest way in the Atlanta Airport on July 1 arriving from Tampa on Air tran Flight #361 at 7:43 pm and departing from United Airlines 2969 at 8:40 pm Thanks


    At ATL, AirTran serves both Concourses C & D, and United serves both Concourses D & T. Concourse C (gates C30-57 at left; C22-C1 at right - escalator/ elevator/ take Plain Train to other Concourses in center); Concourse D (gates D21-37 at left; D16-1A at right - take escalator/ elevator to Plain Train; Concourse T: (gates T9-15 at left, T8-T1 at right - take esclator/ elevator to Plain Train to Concourses. Your ticket and on arrival the overhead screens will indicate flight number, gate and departure time. Just follow signs to the Plain Train.


  • How to get from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1
    Jun 20, 2012
    Thank in advance for the advice!


    You have 2 choices, both of which involve going through security check at Terminal 1: You can walk over to T1, or you can take the elevated AirTrain, which runs on average every 7 mins on a continuous loop among the 8 terminals. At T2 it stops outside arrivals, at T1 on the Arrivals level, outside, center. AirTrain run clockwise between the terminals.


  • Arriving T8 need to find T5
    Jun 20, 2012
    I have 90 minutes to get from T8 (AA) to T5 with no checked bags. Is that a reasonable amount of time? How do I get to T5? Thanks!


    On arrival at T8 at JFK, look for the AirTrain, follow sign to and board the train to T5. (AirTrain runs clockwise between the 8 terminals and comes around about every 7 mins) You have enough time..


  • Flight to Heathrow
    Jun 20, 2012
    Leaving Milwuakee via American and on way to Heathrow via American. Gates?


    1. At ORD you would arrive at Terminal 3, and depart from either the same terminal or Terminal 5. Terminal 3 has Concourses G, H, K & L with corresponding gates: Concourse G has gates G1A-G21, and on the lower level gates G13-G17. Concourse H has gates H1-H18, with a Rebooking Center near gate H7. Between Concourses H & K is the Admirals Club. Concourse K with gates K1-K20. Concourse L has gates L1-L10. The ATS shuttle train runs every few minutes between Terminal 3 and 5 (which has Concourse M with M gates. and takes about 25 mins. Look at your ticket and on arrival at the overhead screen to find your connecting gate and time.


  • customs checked
    Jun 20, 2012
    I am arrvingdtw on interntiona flt from mnl on/DL, am a foreigner and will connect within 1 1/2hr to a UA flt to CLE. Do Ihave enough time for connection nd if DTW is the custom check for international flt.r


    1. All international arrivals in the US need to go through passport check, pick up their bags, go through customs clearance and then re-check-in their bags. EXCEPTION: If your Delta Flight from the Phillipines will not transfer your bag to your connecting United flight (check with Delta at Manila) then you will have to take your bag with you and check it in with United at your connecting North Terminal. 2. You arrive at DTW at the McNamara Terminal which has A, B & C Concourses with corresponding gates; and you will depart from the North Terminal, which has a 0.5 mile-long Concourse D with gates D16-D1 starting from the center to the left, and gates D17-D32 from the center to the right. 3. A shuttle bus runs every 10 minutes between the McNamara and the North Terminals, taking 7 minutes. When entering the North Terminal you need to go through security check before proceeding to your gate. You should have enough time if your plane is not delayed.


  • International Flight
    Jun 20, 2012
    We are flying to Dublin by way of O'Hare and Philadelphia. Am I right in thinking that passports, etc., will be checked in Chicago? How much time do we need to allow once we get to airport? Flight leaves at 3:55 p.m.


    Only international arrivals need to go through customs clearance, etc. However, note that Dublin has U.S. customs clearance - use it on your way back and you needn't use it on Arrival at the U.S.


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