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    Mar 27, 2014
    I'm planning a delta flight from YYZ that arrives in DTW at 4:40 pm on a friday and departs to MSP at 5:35 pm (55 minute layover). Do I just go from gate to gate, or do I need to retrieve and recheck baggage?


    All you have to do is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You will pre-clear US Immigration in Toronto.


  • Aeroflot - American Airlines
    Mar 27, 2014
    Hi, me and my friends are traveling from Moscow SVO to JFK and then to LAX. We arrive in JFK at 5:10 PM on Saturday 28th of June and departure for US Airways (operated by American Airlines) to LAX is at 7:20 PM. Is 2 h 20 min enough time for getting from one terminal to other including immigration control?


    It should be enough time. Aeroflot and American do have an interline baggage agreement so if you purchased your tickets on one reservation Aeroflot should be able to check your bags through to American. You will take the AirTrain from your T1 arrival to depart from T8.


  • Arriving at C96 and departing from C121
    Mar 27, 2014
    I have a flight from Atlanta to New Delhi with a lay over at NEwark. I will arrice at c96 gate and will take the connecting flight from C121. I am worried if i have to go through security check and baggage claim process?


    No, all you will have to do in Newark is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.


    Thanks you for the reply. Will I be able to make it in 40 mins? The lay over is only for 40 mins


    Yes, if your first flight is on-time 40 minutes is enough time. However there are frequently delays at Newark.


  • MBJ to SFO thru IAD - is 90 min enough time?
    Mar 27, 2014
    My flight layover time changed from 2hrs to 1.5hrs - I will be departing MBJ on a Wednesday afternoon and connecting through IAD with a 90 minute layover. Is this enough time to clear immigration/customs/security and make my SFO flight?


    It should be enough time. Everything will be handled in United's facility in the C/D concourse.


  • Connection Toronto - ORD - Bozeman, MT in 1h40min
    Mar 27, 2014
    I'm a German citizen flying from Toronto to Bozeman, MT connecting in Chicago. First flight (Toronto - ORD, UA 8399) is operated by Air Canada, the second flight (ORD - Bozeman, UA 3682) is just United. Is 1 hour 40 minutes enough time to connect? Do I understand the thread correctly that all immigration will be done in Toronto, so I'll only have to talk to my gate in Chicago? ... otherwise I might have to think about booking another flight to avoid having to stay the night for the flight to Bozeman will be the last for the day. Thanks so much already!


    I obviously meant to write "walk" to my gate in Chicago. The flight will be on May 30th.


    You have the procedure correct. You will arrive in Terminal 2 and depart from Terminal 1 or 2 (they are connected inside security). All you will have to do in Chicago is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate. You should have enough time.


    Thank you so much! This allows for some peace of mind when traveling that route!


  • Connection times from Delta to Aeroflot
    Mar 26, 2014
    Flying in from Austin on Delta to connect with Aeroflot flight to Kharkov, Ukraine. Have 1 hr 38 minutes between flights? Is that enough time or should I switch my flight schedule?


    That will be enough time if your first flight is on-time. Delta should be able to check your bags through to Aeroflot and issue your Aeroflot boarding passes in Austin. In JFK all you will have to do is go take the Airtrain from T4 or 2 to T1 and go through security.


  • Enough time?
    Mar 27, 2014
    Can I make a connection between a United flight and an American with 45 minutes in between?


    It will be very hard, even if you have no checked baggage. If you have any chance to make it you need to check in to your American flight online before you depart on your first flight.


  • Terminal 8 - Catching my next flight
    Mar 26, 2014
    I will be flying from Orlando to New York and catch my next flight to Doha using Qatar Airways with a window of 1hr 35mins. Is it enough time for me to catch the next flight?


    What airline are you flying to new york? Were your domestic and international tickets bought separately or together?


  • Connection from Tel-Aviv to Frankfurt Alitalia flights
    Mar 26, 2014
    I am arriving in mid. July from Tel Aviv on Alitalia flight to terminal 3, connecting to Alitalia flight to Frankfurt Germany on terminal 1. Layover is 1hr 15min. On the way back, from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv ariving on terminal 1, departure from terminal 3 -layover is 1hr 30 min. It is the same booking and same ticket, issued by Alitalia. Would it be enough? Too risky in case of little delaey? Thanks Will we have to go through custums/immigration?


    That should be enough time. You will have to go through immigration/customs in Rome on the TLV-FCO-FRA route.


  • san diego to edmonton with connection in denver
    Mar 26, 2014
    I am flying from San Diego to Edmonton on air canada/united on May 7 with a 45 min layover in Denver. Is this enough time to make it to my connection?


    Yes, but it doesn't leave much time for delays. Since only United flies SFO-DEN and DEN-YEG, all your flights will be on United and all their flights at DEN use the B concourse.


  • Worried about layover
    Mar 28, 2014
    We are flying from KC to Costa Rica. Our stop is in IAH with a layover of only 50 minutes. Will we have enough time to get to our flight? Will we have to recheck our bags?


    Yes, if your flight is on-time that should be enough time. You won't have to do anything with your bags in Houston on the way to Costa Rica.


    Thank you! one more question, both our flights are united so will we have to go through security again since it is an international flight?


    No, you will not have to go through security. All gates at IAH are connected inside security.


  • Connecting from KLM to Croatia airlines
    Mar 26, 2014
    I am arriving on a KLM flight from AMS at 4:30pm and departing on a Croatia AIrlines flight to Split at 6pm. The airline said they should be able to transfer my bags to the Croatia Airline flight, but I will still need to check in with Croatia. Will I have enough time? Do I go to a transfer desk in Rome to check in for the Croatia airlines flight?


    Yes, you have the procedure correct. You should have enough time, even if you have to go to the Croatia airlines ticket counter. Also, Croatia Airlines has web check-in. If you are able to, use that.


  • 37 min connection time - Terminal 1 to Terminal 3
    Mar 25, 2014
    I will be flying into Terminal 1 in SFO and flying out of Terminal 3 - both flights on United Airlines with a 37 minute connection time. Is that enough time? What is the fastest way to get to terminal 3 - walk or shuttle? will I have to go through security again? Thanks.


    You will barely have enough time. Take the shuttle, you will not have to go through security. However, note that not many United Express flights use T1 anymore as they recently opened more gates in T3.


  • 1 hour 15 min time is sufficient
    Mar 30, 2014
    Iam traveling from kansas on us airways to chicago which will arrive on terminal 3 and again I have to take the connecting flight that is qatar airways to doha at terminal 3 but the lay over is 1 hour 15 min is that sufficient for me How I have to go??? And what about my baggage do I need to transfer my baggage myself to qatar airways???


    Please note that your first flight will be operated by American or American Eagle, not US Airways. That should be a very sufficient layover time. As long as both tickets were bought together your baggage will be transferred and you will just have to go from your arrival gate to your departure gate which will both be connected inside security in T3.


    Thanks a lot for ur response Ya our first flight operated by American Airlines and we have bought tha tickets together So our baggage will be transferred by them nly a kk thank you Our depart time in kansas is 5:50 pm and we reach by 7:30 pm and our layover is 1 hr 15 min So how much will be taken for security check after we arrived??? Should we have to take anyATS train to reach qatar airways departure terminal to doha in chicago??? And one more thing will us airways operated by American Airlines will charge for baggage We are traveling in economy class


    All of your flights will be in Terminal 3. You will not have to take the ATS Train or go through security. If you are on an international itinerary, American should not charge you to check your baggage in Kansas.


    Thanks a lot for ur valuable information


    Zap, My flight schedule is similar to the above. Qatar Airways: Nashville to Chicago to Doha to Bangalore. The layover time for me at Chicago for the next connecting flight to Doha is just 1 Hour 30 Minutes and I will be very much in Terminal 3 then. Would 1 Hour 30 Minutes.be sufficient to: A) Reach the Departure Gate (Chicago to Doha) within Terminal 3 B) Complete the Security Check Process


    ZAP ,from Hyderabad to doha to chicago , in qatar airways and from chicago to kansas American Airlines ,so I have booked the tickets together so I have to collect the baggage and I will have to go through security check and I will arrive at terminal 5 in chicago and I have to departure at terminal 3 to kansas so I have nly 2 hr 20 min time is that sufficient for me Plz give rpl and help me iam little bit nervous abt that


  • Bogota - Houston - tokio transfer
    Mar 25, 2014
    Hi im going from Bogota. Colombia to Tokyo by Houston, I have an American Visa, but I dont know if I have to do Inmigration to take the connecting Flight, I have 3 hours to get the flight to Tokyo, that will be enough? The teo flights are with United, thanks


    Yes, you will have to go through US Immigration. 3 hours should be plenty of time.


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