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  • Terminal B connecting flights
    Feb 24, 2014
    Hi my parents would arrive at Terminal B at 7.55 am. And they have a connecting flight at 11.00 am from Terminal B to Cincinnati. They have 3 hrs time at Newark. Is this enough to catch their flight. Also do we have a quick connect pass in Newark like JFK.


    3 hrs transfer time is plenty. Note, however, that Terminal B serves only international arrivals & departures. Terminal A is the domestic terminal; Terminal C is only for United - which uses also TA for some of its United Express flights. After customs clearance and baggage recheck-in the Airtrain will take them to the connecting terminal, where they will have to go through security check before proceeding to their gate.


  • Connecting United flight from Dubai to Nashville will have 75 mins
    Feb 24, 2014
    I am a US Citizen returning back to us. My quiestion is will I have enough time to clear customs and make my Nashville flight, I have 75 min but will not have any checked luggage. The arrival time is 6:55am. Not sure what the trafic is in customs at that time. Please advise I will be flying out United as well.


    United uses Midfield Concourse C/D (C & D gates) All international arrivals at IAD are being transported to the International Arrivals Building (IAB) at the west end of the main terminal for TSA clearance. IAB streamlines its passenger flow from the Arrivals Hall all the way through to the passenger greeting area (and down the escalator to the underground AeroTrain for connecting to Concourses A, B & C. After customs clearance: If your connecting flight is out of D gates, you cannot use the AeroTrain (serving only A, B & C gates), but need to take the Mobile Lounge shuttle at Main Terminal's lower level to gates D1-32. 75 minutes is tight, but should be doable if incoming flight is on time.


    Modern is incorrect. You will likely go throu I,migration in united's facility in C/D. You will have a tough time making this connection in 75 mins but it is possible.


  • Connection time is 40mins, flying from Fort Myers - Calgary
    Feb 24, 2014
    Would this be enough time, unfortunately I don't have the Terminals. Thank you


    I have found out that arriving and departing from Terminal C,,, so 40mins would be OK for transit time? Thnx again


    40 mins should suffice.


  • CUN to LAX - enough time for connecting flight?
    Feb 23, 2014
    Hi. I'm flying from Cancun to Los Angeles with a lay over in IAH of only 1hr 10 mins (United). My itiniery says I arrive IAH in Terminal E and depart out of Terminal C. Is this enough time? Do I have to go through Customs out of E and then through Securtiy in C?


    Yes you will have to go through immigration and customs in E then go through security and to your departure gate which will likely be in C. It will be hard to do that in just 75 mins but united has lots of flights to LAX if you miss your connection.


  • changing terminals
    Mar 23, 2014
    Changing Air Canada Terminal B to Delta Terminal D. I have 1 hr 15 mins to make the change March 1. Which would be the best way to make this change, and do I have to go through security between terminals?


    There is a shuttle. Yes you will have to go through security. It will be hard to make that connection if there is any delay.


    I made it ....just!


  • Layover allowance and bag check
    Feb 23, 2014
    Flying from Salt Lake City to Toronto Canada with plane change in Chicago ORD. Is an hour enough for plane change (do I switch terminals or go through security again) and will my bag get checked straight through? (I'm on the same airline for both legs.) Thanks!


    Yes your bag will be checked through and all your gates will be connected inside security so you should have enough time.




  • Is an hour enough time?
    Mar 18, 2014
    I am going from SFO United domestic to United international OKA, no checked bags and I have an hour layover, is that enough time to make my international flight?


    You arrive at SFO, Terminal 3 (T3) & need to get to the Internatinal Terminal with G gates 91-102. Domestic passengers transferring from T3 to the International Terminal may transfer via a connector walkway (located post-secuirty near gate 75) to the International Terminal's Boarding Area G arriving at post-security near gate G92. You have enough time.


    What do you mean by "post-security"? Is T3 and International Terminal Boarding Area G connected with a connector walkway that eliminates the need to go through Customs Border Protection? I am on United Airlines flying in from Canada to SFO connecting with United Airlines to Narita. Will the 1.5 hr layover be enough?


  • International to domestic flight connection 1h 15min enough?
    Feb 23, 2014
    I am contemplating purchasing a ticket Helsinki-JFK-San Diego all on Finnair/AA landing in JFK 15:50 and departing for San Diego 17:05 on 4th of April 2014. Is the transfer time enough for a US resident?


    The good news is that both airlines are in the same Terminal 8. However, on arrival you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag where indicated, before you can proceed to your connecting gate. You should be able to make your connection in time. T8 has gates B1-B16 & C31-C47.


  • 85min to transfer
    Feb 23, 2014
    Hi, I will be landing at LAX T5 on Delta domestic at about 11:35 pm, and then I will go to TBIT to take Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong at 1:00 am. Is that time enough for rechecking baggages and security? About how long is the security check at midnight? Plz reply, thx!!!


    Now I decide not to check any baggage at LAX, and how much time will be saved?


    That should be enough time. Especially without checked bags.


  • Connection from VCE -T4 to T2 MCO
    Feb 23, 2014
    I will fly Delta from Venice (Italy) on April 9 landing at T4 - JFK at 4:50pm, and departing from T2 to MCO at 7:09pm flying Delta. So I have 2 hours and 19 minutes to go through passport control; claim baggage; customs; recheck bags and take transportation to T2 . Please, advise if the time is enough, and which is the fastest way to go to T2 - Delta shuttle or Air Train. Thanks for help.


    You have plenty of time. Take the Delta shuttle .


  • Arrive T2, depart T4, can I get into T7 to use Club?
    Feb 23, 2014
    I'm arriving Delta T2, departing Egypt Air T4 but I have a pass for the United Club in T7 and many hours to kill. Will TSA let me into T7 to use the Club?


    If you have a valid boarding pass departing JFK on the day in question they should


  • will i make it
    Feb 28, 2014
    'm a U.S. citizen flying from Toronto to O'Hare on to San Fran then Honolulu. I have 1.38 hours in Chicago. Will I make it. United booked this for me but it sounds tight. On United all flights. Thur. 1:35p arrival.


    Yes, if your first flight is on-time that should be plenty of time. You will pre-clear US Immigration in Toronto so all you will have to do in Chicago is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate, which are all connected inside security.


    Thank you. One more question. I'll have checked bags. Will I have to recheck? Or do they get sent straight through? Much appreciated!


    You won't have to claim your bags in Chicago


    Thank you. You have been a great help!


    All went well. Thanks again.


  • Connection Time
    Feb 22, 2014
    Arriving at 1315 on UA929 from LHR into T5 then need to get to T1 for the 1455 UA3390 flight to STL. Purchased as one ticket. We will have checked baggage. Will 1.40hr be enough?


    Yes, that should be enough time. After you clear customs you can re-check your baggage with United. Then you will take the ATS Train to Terminal 1 or 2 (3390 could leave from either, so check the monitors before you depart) and go through security.


    Many thanks for your speedy reply, much appreciated.


  • From Terminal B to C going through customs
    Feb 21, 2014
    I will arrive from Munich at 7pm arriving to terminal B, and I have another flight at 9pm in terminal C. Will I make it!??!?!?! Please give me some help to make sure I will do it.


    On arrival at EWR, at Terminal B, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag where indicated. Then take the frequent Airtrain on the gate level of TB to TC, go through security check & on to your connecting gate. There are 3 gate areas: C1 (gates C70-99); C2 (gates C101-C115); & C3 (gates C120-139). Count on at least one hour gate-to-gate transfer.


    It will be impossible then? The air train takes me to where in Terminal C? What do you suggest? Thank you, Emilia


    No, 2 hours is doable for this transfer. The AirTrain station in Terminal C is outside the check-in area.


  • 1 hour 15 min layover arriving from Narita
    Feb 21, 2014
    Will one hour and 15 minutes be enough time to catch my connecting flight at IAH to San Antonio? Coming from Narita, Japan. Arriving at Terminal C, connecting flight at Terminal B. Please help mE!!!


    Yes your time should be sufficient. NOTE: International arrival at IAH come n at either Terminals D or E. From there they go through secure corridors, walk across the sky bridges to adjoining Federal Inspection Services (FIS), where they will claim baggage & clear U.S. Customs. If continuing your journey, re-check in your baggage at the recheck counters and proceed to the Arrivals Lobby, where an escalator down to the Inter-Terminal Train will take you to your connecting terminal B. Then follow signs to Concourse gates (check overhead screens for your flight & gate number). Note: Level 2 of TB has access to Concourse B gates at NE, NW, SE & SW: (a) Northeast (NE) concourse with gates B84-91; Northwest (NW) Concourse with gates B76-83; (b) Southeast (SE) Concourse with gates B17-20 & Southwest (SW) Concourse with gates B21-31.


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