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  • cape air to united
    Jan 10, 2013
    i am flying in on cape air leaving on united what terminals will i use


    At STL, both Cape Air & United use Terminal 1 - United uses Concourse A and Cape Air uses Concourse C; both concourses have corresponding gate number, i.e. A21, C24.


  • terminal connections
    Jan 10, 2013
    I am flying into houston from torontoYYZ to terminal A and I would like to know how to get to B and what gate I'd need to go to, to get to McAllen tx.


    1. Make sure you go through US customs clearance at YYZ, saving you time on arrival at IAH. If you use two different airlines, find out from your first airline if they transfer your checked bags to the connecting airline - if not you need to take your bag & re-check them in at Terminal B. On arrival at Terminal A, look for the above-ground TerminaLink train sign. This train will take you to Terminal B where you arrive at post-security check and can proceed directly to your gate: Terminal B has gates B68 to B88. The overhead screens on arrival will show flight & gate number.


  • IAD-DEN 47 min layover DEN to YVR
    Jan 10, 2013
    All United. Is 47 min plenty of time? Have senior pax w/us. Not sure if there is a customs clearance requirement at our layover at DEN to YVR.


    1. At DEN you arrive at and depart from the Jeppesen Terminal's Concourse B, which has gates west B15 to B37; gates east B38 to B60, branching into north gates B59 to B79, and south gates B80 to B95. 2. If you are a domestic arrival - you have enough time for transfer. If you are an international arrival at DEN, you would need to go through FIS & US Customs at the north end of the Main Terminal at Level 5, where they need to retrieve their checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if connecting to another flight, take the AGTS underground train to their departure gate area. 47 mins would not suffice.


  • Travel time between terminals
    Jan 9, 2013
    How long does it take to get from Terminal 4 to Terminal 3? I have 1.5 hr layover between flights and am going to Ireland from San Francisco. Do I have to go through customs?


    Are you sure you arrive at T4 - which is the International Terminal - or did you reverse your terminals. On arrival at JFK, look for the Airline Terminals Train sign and board the train to the next stop - Terminal 3. The train runs in a continuous loop between all terminals and takes minutes, but serves only the unsecured (pre-security-check) areas. You need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate. NOTE: T4 has Concourses A & B with corresponding gates A2-A7 and B20-B30.


  • Do I have to go thru security again?
    Jan 9, 2013
    I'll be arriving at terminal 3 and departing at terminal 1. Will I have to go through security again? Thanks!


    At LAS, a shuttle bus with the McCarran logo runs about every 12-15 minutes between both terminals; the bus stops at T1 on level 0: from baggage claim, take elevator /escalator down one level and exit terminal, then take the crosswalk towards the covered parking garage, where the bus stops; at T3, it stops on level 0 in the center of the curb.


  • Delta to American AFTER baggage pickup
    Jan 9, 2013
    I'm arriveing in the Delta Terminal, my friend is arriving in the American Terminal. We are not connecting, we're staying NY. After we get our baggage how do I get FROM Delta to American baggage claim? THANKS


    At LGA, American uses Terminal B and Delta uses Terminals D & C. Terminal B is divided by the P3 long-term Parking lot from TC; TC & TD are close together, but presently not connected. The free shuttle bus roue A runs every 10-15 minutes between the terminals, or you can take a taxi.


  • Connection time for May/June 2013
    Jan 9, 2013
    I will be traveling on Alitalia from JFK to FCO on 5/27 and then connecting to NAP. I will have 1 hour 45 minutes to make this connection and go through immigration/passport check. Will that be enough time to make my connection?


    Your transfer time should suffice. Alitalia uses Terminals 1 & 3. At FCO, Terminals 1 & 2 are joined and share the Arrivals level; between Terminals 2 & 3 is the air control tower. T1 is your connecting terminal (domestic & Schengen flights only) and has Boarding Area B with B gates 1 through 30.


  • Terminal 0
    Jan 9, 2013
    I am looking to book a flight that connects in dallas from indianapolis but says i enter at terminal 0 ... and will leave for Sydney in Terminal D .. all the flights are thru qantas airlines and just want to make sure the hour I have would be plenty of time to make it from terminal 0 which i cant find anywhere on a map .. lol .. to terminal D thanks heaps .. supposed to book flight in about 24 hours .. so help would be great asap .. thanks again


    At DFW, Qantas uses only Terminal D (someone must have taken the D for an O). Note that TD has a very long gate area with gates D6-D40 - served by the Skylink train, which makes stops are near gates D1, D20, D25 & D34.


  • Layerover time 34mins :C32 and A31
    Jan 16, 2013
    Will arrive at gate C32 and within 34mins have to catch my connection to Chicago O'Hare at Gate A31. Is this possible to do or will I miss the connection? Are there TSA screening points between C32 and A31


    At DTW, Concourse has C1 through C43 and a connector to Concourse A: Concourse A has 1.5 miles of moving walkways. Concourse A has to the left gates A38-A1; to the right gates A40-78, and at its center the tunnel connecting to Concourse B to the left and Concourse C to the right.


    In view of what you have stated, do you think I have sufficient time (31 mins. ) to catch the connecting flight?


    It's enough time if your first flight is on time. You do not have to go through security again.


    Thank You!


  • Hotel shuttles
    Jan 8, 2013
    Where does one catch the hotel shuttles?


    Hotel shuttles stop at the isles in front of each of the LAX terminals.


  • Connecting flight
    Jan 8, 2013
    I am flying with United Airlines to IAH from Heathrow arriving in terminal E and then leaving for Pensacola from terminal B (also United Airlines), I only have 1 hr and 35 minutes to get my connecting flight. Is this enough time - can you advise how long it will take and what process I will have to go through. Many thanks


    At IAH, as an international arrival at Terminal E, you need to head to the International Arrivals building (follow signs), go through customs clearance & take the escalator down to Baggage Claim Level 1. After customs clearance and re-checking-in bags, go straight out to the International Arrivals Lobby which has an escalator down to the Inter-Terminal Train taking you to your connecting Terminal B. You need at least 35-50 mins for Customs check, and another 20 mins or so to get to Terminal B, go through security check and on to your gate: TB's gateway leads to a rotunda with surrounding gates B60-88.


  • Transfer from TC to TE for flight to PTY
    Jan 8, 2013
    On Jan 30 arriving IAH on UA357 scheduled for 0805 and departing on UA1032 scheduled for 0848. How do I transfer to TE and is there enough time?


    At IAH, your time for transfer should suffice, unless your flight has delays. If arriving at gates C29-45 and transferring to Terminal E: walk towards gates C14-24 and proceeds straight on to Terminal E. Gates E1-11 and E12-24 are on opposite sides.


  • C and E connected to the SOUTH?
    Jan 8, 2013
    I've read that they are connected to the north, but what about between C-43 to 45 and E10?


    At IAH, if arriving at gates C29-45 and transferring to Terminal E: walk towards gates C14-24 and proceeds straight on to TE. Gates E1-11 and E12-24 are on opposite sides.


  • terminal transfers
    Jul 17, 2013
    Are you able to get from terminal 5 to terminal 6 without going back out through security? is there a passenger walkway or something? and how long would it take?


    At LAX you can either walk outside from T5 to T6, or you can take the escalator on the ground level down to the tunnel connecting T5, T6 & T7. Either way, you will need to go through security check at T6.


    are you sure about this????I have read and also talked to a Alaska agent that informed me you DO NOT have to go through security again when going from terminal 6 to terminal 5 at LAX via the tunnel


  • help to istanbul
    Jan 8, 2013
    Arriving on UA119 2/13/2013 at 9:00 AM Need to transfer to LH1298 to Istanbul at 12:55PM. Do we have to get luggage or will luggage be transfered to Lufthansa Airlines. Do we have to go to customs?


    At FRA, Lufthansa (using A & B gates of Terminal 1) & United (using B gates of T1) belong to the Star Alliance - your bags will be transferred to your connecting flight. NOTE: U.S. Arrivals are being processed at Area A where they go through passport control only; (US departures use the Z gates). If you need to transfer inside Terminal between B gates (T1B) and A or Z gates (T1A), you can use transfer tunnel outside security, or the SkyLine train inside security, which leaves every 2-3 mins. An escalator from lower level A gates connects to upper level Z gates.


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