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  • international connections at terminal 1
    Nov 22, 2014
    I will arrive at Terminal 1 by Air China and connect to JetBlue, where can I re-check in my baggages at Terminal 1?


    forgot to say that I purchase the all tickets from the same agent and all transfers are supposed to label when I first check in.


    You will re-check your bags at the transfer desk after you exit customs.


    Thanks a lot.


  • Terminal 1 to Terminal 2 - is this transfer possible
    Nov 22, 2014
    Arrive Terminal 1 Southwest at 11:20pm - Depart Terminal 2 at 12:40am Volaris. No luggage check in carry on only. Thanks for your assistance


    Yes that should be possible


  • connecting on from Toronto to Doha
    Nov 22, 2014
    I am arriving on AA from Toronto at terminal 4 and have a connecting flight on Qatar Airways. Will my luggage be checked through from Toronto? only 2 hours to connect so wondering if I will need more?


    AA does not use terminal 4. Please double check your airline. AA uses terminal 8. If you bought tickets together your bags will be checked through after you preclear u.s. Customs in Toronto. You have plenty of time


  • Enough connection time
    Nov 22, 2014
    Hi The 12/23 I am flying from San Jose (Costa Rica) to Austin, Texas, with a connection in Houston (UA1097 to Houston and UA3468 to Austin). Connection time is only 1:37 - will it be enough? I arrive in Terminal E and depart from Terminal C. According to the plans I will arrive 1:53 pm i Austin and have to catch a plane at 6:15 towards Copenhagen with a connection in London (British Airways). In other words I have plenty of time in Austin but not much in Houston. Guess United Airlines has the responsibility to bring me all the way to Austin. They have another flight from Houston that arrives 3:28pm in Austin and would give me 3:10 in Houston to connect between the flights. Would it be a good idea to change my ticket so I extend my connection time in Houston and shorten my time in Austin or should I keep the tickets? I have to check in 30 min before departure in Houston and 1 hour before in Austin.


    I would change to the later flight. That is prob not enough time to make it thru immigration, customs, and recheck your bag.


  • Is the time enough?
    Nov 20, 2014
    I am arriving on 02/03/2015 at JFK via flight AF 22 at 11:15 and departing to MSY via flight AF9272 at 14:00. Is the time enough to catch the connecting flight?


    Yes. That is enough time your flight to New Orleans will depart from terminal 2 and be operated be Delta.


  • Exit T3 and back for check in
    Nov 22, 2014
    Hi, i am arriving from Athens at 12:10 (if all goes well) at T3 and i need to exit the the terminal and go back for check in at the departures of T3 for a flight to Malta. The flight to Malta is at 13:30. Do i have enough time to go out and then back in?


    any reply?


    That should be enough time, but doesn't leave much time to spare.


  • Connection - LGA / DEN / HDN - 36 minutes
    Nov 20, 2014
    Had booked flights with a one hour transfer window, but United has changed the schedule... so just wanting to check the following will allow enough transfer time at Denver - arrive on UA1607 from LGA then have a 36 minute layover until departing on UA3886 to HDN? We'll have checked baggage as well.


    Yes that is enough time but doesn't leave muc time to spare fore delays. Bot flights will be on concourse B.


    Thanks for your help. It's in Feb so given weather could easily cause delays, I changed the flights. Means we end up with a 2 hour stopover in Denver, but United didn't charge me to change the reservation, given it was due to the schedule change.


  • Connecting flight from AMS
    Nov 22, 2014
    Hi My family and I (european) are flying into ATL from AMS Thursday 26.03.2015 with KL621 at 2120 and depart for FLL with DL1235 at 2250. Going home again via ATL Friday 10.04.2014. Arrive from FLL at 1945 with AF2297 and depart for CDG with AF689 at 2045. Are we good timewise for our connecting flights? Thank you.


    You should have enough time both ways.


  • Schengen Visa required ??
    Nov 24, 2014
    My flight is from Delhi -->Abu Dhabi-->Rome-->Atlanta. Do I need a Schangen Visa. I wil be changing Flight in rome from Etihad to Delta Airlines. Also do i need to change terminal. please reply soon.


    its Alitalia airlines all the way from delhi to Atlanta


    You need a schengen transit visa. Both flights will be in terminal 3


    I am a student going for masters to USA. I have a valid US visa. Still would i need the Schangen visa ??


    Yes as u said above both the flights are from terminal 3 only. i am a student going to US for masters.I have the US visa so would i need the Schangen visa?? Pls answer


    Yes, you need a schengen transit visa.


    Thanks Zap.I will need the airport transit visa right or some other visa?


    Yes, airport transfer visa


    The airport transit visa will be issued from the embassy or I can get it from the airport itself?? Or nother way to get the airport transit visa. pls help


    I just want to add that I am an Indian citizen .


  • Dallas transfer question
    Nov 19, 2014
    Hi all, UK Citizen travelling to Brazil, via Dallas Airport. Both connecting flights with AA and are 2 hours apart. I would be grateful if someone could answer the following questions: do I have enough time (this will be around xmas), do i need to check back in and check back out, and will be bags be transferred or do I have to pick them up. Thanks in advance!


    You will arrive in Terminal D, go through us immigration then you should be able to proceed direct to customs as you are on an international to international itinerary. Then you will go through security and to your departure gate, also in terminal d.


    Thanks Zap, very helpful :) so u think its enough time, and I dont need to collect bags...


  • Grenada to London via Miami
    Nov 24, 2014
    Hi, I am travelling from Grenada to London via Miami on 6th Dec Both flights are American Airlines and layover is 5 hours 40 mins. Do I need to checkout and re-checkin my baggage? Do I need transit visa ? Any information will be helpful. Thanks


    Unless you are a citizen of a visa waiver country you need a transit visa. You will not have to claim your bags because you are on an international to international itinerary


    Thanks. Can I get transit visa on arrival at Miami airport? I am in Indian citizen


    The United States does not offer Visa On Arrival. You need to get one from a consulate or embassy.


  • connecting from terminal C to terminal 2
    Nov 19, 2014
    I have 1hour and 25 mins layover to connect from terminal C to terminal 2 (international) in Houston. Is it enough time? and how far is terminal 2 from C?


    There is no Terminal 2. International flights on United leave from Terminal E and on other airlines from Terminal D. Both are directly connected to Terminal C.


  • Grenada to New Delhi
    Nov 20, 2014
    Hi, I am flying from Grenada to New Delhi via JFK on 6th Dec 2014. Grenada to JFK is Caribbean Airlines reaching Terminal 4 JFK to New Delhi is Air India, again departing from Terminal 4 1. The stopover is for 2.5 hours. Is that enough? 2. Do I need to checkout the baggage at JFK and check-in again, since these are 2 different airlines? 3. Hopefully not, but just wanted to confirm if I need a Transit visa?


    2.5 hours is really pushing the limit of what is possible for such a connection. Yes, you will have to claim your bags and re-check them. If you are a Grenadian or Indian citizen you need a transit visa.


    Thanks for the info. Yes, I am an Indian citizen. Surprising that even for transfer within terminal 4, a transit visa is required! One more thing...Do they give transit visa on arrival, as it may not be possible for me to arrange for one, now!?


    No, the u.s. Does not offer visa on arrival. You should have done more research before you booked your trip.


  • Enough Time?
    Nov 19, 2014
    I have a connecting flight in Houston on Dec 3rd with only 1 hour 17 minutes between flights. Will I have enough? Is there a way to look up what terminals I need to connect to/from this far in advance?


    If your first flight is domestic that should be enough time. If you post flight numbers and cities I can help you with terminals


  • Connecting flights with United
    Nov 19, 2014
    Planning to fly United from Rapid City SD to Jackson Hole WY on UA3867 and have 51 minutes to connect with UA5497. Do we have to re-check bags and go through security. Is 50 min enough time to make this transfer? Thanks.


    No you don't have to do anything with your bags or go through security. All you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate which will be near each other in the same concourse.


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