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  • envelope marked "mom and dads coupons "
    Mar 14, 2013
    "Mom an Dads coupons", written in purple ink. Could have fallen out on the plane or in the airport.White business size envelope. Contained a gift for my moms 80th birthday, and my aunts obituary along with coupons.


  • Lost iPhone 3GS yellow and black case
    Mar 14, 2013
    Lost my phone in terminal B baggage claime in the wee hours of 3/14/13. Would love to have it back.


    Try to call the Airport's Lost & Found at 816-243-5237.


  • Lost rosary in black pouch
    Mar 13, 2013
    Lost 3/4/2013 green Irish rosary with small shamroch on each bead in black pouch. Please call if found 703-327-4200


  • Lost Silver Helmet in a Black Bag
    Mar 10, 2013
    I lost my skiing helmet (with goggles) in a black bag at the Chitose Airport on March 10 (Sunday). It could be in the shopping area or Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge. Can someone help to find it? (I've already contacted Cathay Pacific to check their business class lounge).


  • Is there Sprite?
    Sep 3, 2013
    I really like sprite? Is it available in the airport for my layover?


    Yeah, pretty sure they sell Sprite at concessions. But some only have regular, not diet. Which do you want? You could also ask at the info desk if then can draw you a map of which shops sell which sodas.


    There's more than sprite you know. I mean they sell all the usual stuff. Its a real airport; even with a starbuck and macdonald. Why do like Sprite so much?


    I'ma pilot with Delta AL. Don't really recommend Sprite or any soda. Try water or some other no calorie drink. In the long run you won't miss Sprite and you'll feel better.


    Hey guys, thanks for all the suggestions. I'm sticking with sprite if I can get it in the airport. But I think I have enough time between my flights that I can briefly leave the airport and get something. Might be a store nearby where I can get it. Pilotpete, do they offer Sprite on Delta? I was gonna fly Southwest airline, but I haven't bought my tix yet.


    Why are you guys all taking about Sprite like its some sort of magic potion? Dude, chill! Its just an airport; just have something else or nothing.


    I work in the airport. All vendors that sell beverages sell Sprite as well, either from the fountain or in bottles.


    @PilotPete To each his own; if he wants to drink Sprite that's his choice man. Its a free country!


    Check Manny's (not the express version) -- I know they have it there, because I just bought something there when I was at MDW the other day.


    I'll be on my way back on Tueday and I'll try Manny's. It will be nice to find it there. Looking forward; thanks for checking.


    Yes, but if you have trouble finding it, check with the information desk. They have maps of the terminals.


    @AportNan, yes, she's right. And you can even call in advance to get help. You might do that. Ask for nancy at the desk she's been there the longest and really knows her stuff. You can tell her big Jim sent you :-)


    So I came back through the airport this week and everything went very well. Thank you all for the suggestions. I had plenty of time to relax and I love having a nice cold Sprite to freshen up. So it worked out and I found Sprite in several places and stopped to relax 2 separate times. Thanks everyone!


    Wait, are you guys like having a discussion just about 1 kind of soda? That's whacked! Is this a joke or something. I think you missed April 1st.


    Howie, chill out. Nothing wrong with liking one soda over another. I bet you drink it yourself.


    This is so cool! I'm also a BIG sprite fan; so cool to find a group of like-minded people. Anyone interested in organizing a Google hangout? I would do that to hang with some Sprite fans! Thanks.Looking forward to it!


    Johnny, that's awesome! Welcome to the group. We should try to do a mtg and it doesn't have to be just Sprite people, I'm totally cool with people that drink other sodas. How can we organize?


    Hi Sprite, Just got the email, so yeah we should organize soemthing. My buddy says we could use google hang-out. But I don't know how, let me check it out unless you already know how.


    Looking forward to our first event! Sprite, Sprite, Sprite!!!!


    Is this meetign still going on?? I haven't heard anything. Lemme know!


    Hey Johnny, we were getting ready when some guy insisted we also serve Diet Coke! Some nonsense about equal access to soda. So at that point we decided that we can't have a Sprite mtg if we have to do that and we called it off for now. I would still like to have it but we need to keep it real.


    Is this discussion still active? I'm looking to join a group where we can freely discuss soda's of all kinds. Please let me know.


    No way, PopzGirl! This is strictly a Sprite group. We've already had a problem with people wanting to talk about colas. Sorry, but out yah go! Better start your own group.


    Anyone interested in reunion?


    Hey, Johnny here! Yes definitely interested in another Sprite meetUp! Have you set a date? Which terminal??


  • Lost my iPhone 4S
    Mar 10, 2013
    I lost my iPhone on the Blue bus after deplaning from Delta at 11:30 on Saturday, March 9. The screen saver has a slight blue tint to it


    If you find it, would you please call 816.792.3055 or email


  • Elderly Assiatnce required
    Mar 8, 2013
    Hi my mother and father coming to JFK terminal 1 and they have to transfer Terminal 5. They are elderly and my father handicap. Where can I get assistance service to ensure that they transferred properly and safely to terminal 5. Is there any company provide such services at your airport? Regards Reha Abi


    Call the airline of their first flight. They will arrange for the wheelchair service.


  • Lost Bible
    Mar 6, 2013
    I flew Westket from Saskatoon to Toronto on Sunday (Feb 24) and at some point my Bible fell out of my bag. It is a Black/Tan NLT Bible with a lot of notes and the name David Ong on the inside. It has huge sentimental value so if anyone has any ideas on how to potentially track it down that would be great!


    Mar 6, 2013
    I was on flight EZY 1827 from Manchester to Tel Aviv on 25th February 2013, departing 12,30. I was sat in row 13 and I left my grey zip up jacket behind. It is easily identified by three small badges on the top and a bleach stain on the bottom. I will be in Tel Aviv airport again on 7th March, could I please pick it up then, Thank you. Philip Gordon.


    This is not the airport's website. The best way to get the jacket back would be to try to contact Easyjet, but I doubt you will have much success


  • need 2 wheel chairs
    Mar 5, 2013
    new back injury in need of wheel chair to get through airport, husband also has back problems.Flight Mar. 22 2013 US Air2632


    Call US Airways - they will arrange for the wheelchairs.


  • Customs & Baggage/security
    Mar 5, 2013
    Hello, Coming through customs from Costa Rica, if I have checked my bag in Liberia will it go straight through to my final diestination or do I need to pick it up and go through security again for my connecting domestic flight?


    When you arrive in the US you will clear immigration, claim your bag, go through customs, then recheck your bag with your airline. However, it will have a bag tag placed on it in Liberia to your final destination, so all you have to do is drop it off.


  • Lost Kershaw pocket knife
    Mar 3, 2013
    3-3-13. TSA failed to zip my bag up properly and my knife fell out.


  • Terminal changes
    Mar 2, 2013
    I am flying to New York and meeting my daughter is is coming in on another airline. I am coming in at Terminal D and my daughter is arriving in Terminal C. Is there a sidewalk where you can walk to the other terminal. Also is there ground transportation desks in both terminals


    At LGA, Terminals TC & TD are close together (and shall soon be connected). A transportation information center is in the arrivals area of each terminal.


  • Lost Bag - Terminal 2/ Gates E
    Feb 27, 2013
    Small shopping bag containing maple cookies and candy purchased from Duty Free - Canada


  • phone number
    Feb 27, 2013
    phone number listed on web site is wrong it should be 956 instead of 946


    You have the wrong site. iFly site got it right!


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