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  • Found iPad
    Jan 7, 2013
    12/25/12 Flight 1213 Tampa to DFW Seat 19F . Found iPad in seatback. I put a note with the ipad- Flight # and seat # date. I turned it in to the flight attendant when we finally landed at DFW. Christmas Night I hope it gets back to the owner.


    i lost my ipad christmas day on AA flight # 451 7am cell# 817-925-6510 i've contacted airline not help there,no one will return calls


  • Intl. Connection
    Jan 1, 2013
    Return trip BDL - IAD - SGN. I have a 53 minute layover in IAD with no checked baggage. And before you blast me, I have a very small carry-on -LOL. Is this enough time to transfer. I have not been to IAD in 10 years and that was only once. I do have other connection options but on a 28 hour flight a couple hours saved makes a big difference. Thanks for any info.


    Your arrival at, and departure from, IAD depends on which airline you will take: Emirates (via Dubai); ANA & US Airways via Tokyo; Korean & Delta via Seoul, United via Newark EWR, or Air France & Delta via Paris. Arriving passengers follow signs 'TO BAGGAGE CLAIM / GROUND TRANSPORTATION'; domestic arrivals at A, B or C gates should follow the AeroTrain sign; international arrivals will board the shuttle to US Customs. The Underground Aerotrain runs in a continuous loop from the main terminal's post-security area to the center of the midfield concourses A/B and C/D, takes minutes, but presently does not serve the D gates; it can be used for the following gates: A1-32, B35-79, and C1-30 - the latter connects by walkway D gates D1-32. You have enough time - make sure your carry-on fits under the front seat or in the overhead bin!


  • Lost Cellphone
    Dec 31, 2013
    White Nokia smartphone by Verizon, lost Friday 28th


    For items lost onboard your airline or in the gate area contact your airline. For items lost inside the CPR Airport terminal, cll 307-261-5014


  • Lost Leap Pad
    Dec 30, 2012
    Lost Green Leap Pad- Name on toy: LUKE. Special Needs Child's Favorite Toy- Probably C Terminal Friday December 28 B or C terminal.


  • Visiting Family
    Dec 30, 2012
    We are heading to Florida via Toronto from Calgary. Can we go out of security to visit family while waiting in Toronto and then return to go through US customs?


    Assuming you have enough time, yes, you should be able to.


  • lost / delayed baggage
    Dec 30, 2012
    Customer service was nice when they recorded the information about lost bags on a piece of scrap paper. Sadly there was no professionalism or follow up displayed. Bags still lost two days later.


    Dec 30, 2012
    I left a black handbag containing a piece of artwork handmade by my father in the Grand Central Oyster Bar in Terminal C at EWR before a 5:35pm United flight to Hamburg on 29 Dec. Port Authority Lost & Found doesnt answer the phone and voicemail is full. Any tips would be very much appreciated.


    You need to contact GC Oyster Bar - don't have its EWR number, but try to call the NY City number of GC Oyster Bar: (212) 490-6650 for their EWR retaurant.


  • Navy blue address book and silver rosary
    Dec 30, 2012
    The above items were lost on flight 4182 on 12-25-12 flying from Harrisburg Pa to Chicago. The American Eagle ER4 left Harrisburg at 12:55pm and arrived in Chicago at 1:55 pm.


    Contact American Eagle!


    Nice information.


  • Clearing Customs - Time Needed
    Dec 27, 2012
    1/12/2013, I will arrive in flight UA1401 from Bonaire at 11:43 a.m. My connecting flight, UA 684, departs Huston at 12:56 noon. Time total is 1 hour 13 minutes. Is that enough time to clear customs and catch my flight?


    As an international arrival at IAH you need to go through passport check, pick up your bag, go through customs clearance and re-check-in your bag where indicated. United uses Terminals A, B, C & E. After customs clearance in the International Arrivals building (follow signs), go straight out to the International Arrivals Lobby, take escalator down to the Inter-Terminal Train to Terminals A, B & C, which runs in a continuous loop. On arrival of your connecting terminal, you need to go through security check before proceeding to your gate. Gate numbers correspond with Terminals, i.e., Gate E12 -Terminal E. You should have sufficient time for transfer.


  • Lost iPad & Keyboard
    Dec 25, 2012
    Lost on Flight 1818 from Tampa


    You need to contact your airline.


  • traveling with adopted child from congo
    Dec 25, 2012
    have 7 hour layover ---need help suggestions


    I have searched all services & amenities at Brussels airport, but could not find anything pertinent. My suggestion would be to alert your flight attendant that you will need a wheelchair on arrival at Brussels. Once through passport control and possible baggage check, you should continue to the nearest information counter and state your needs. IMPORTANT: You will need for your child an identity card or passport. Brussels Airport has a full-service drugstore, and a 'Kiddiland'. For detailed Terminal layout / getting around - open and click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS, then scroll down to the text.


    Dec 24, 2012


    If you pick up by car, you have the option of parking in the cell phone lot ('Passenger Pickup Lot')--stay with your vehicle until your party has gathered luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. To access the lot, whether you are approaching the airport using John F. Kennedy Boulevard or Will Clayton Parkway, just follow the purple signs to the entrance. (Or use the garage for short-term parking). For paging call 281-230-3000. If arriving taxi, you will, on entering the terminal, see the ticket counters in front of you. Take the escalator to Level 1 - International Arrivals - with a lobby /passenger greeting area.


  • atl "wheelchairs"
    Dec 21, 2012
    the wheeled chairs are horribly uncomfortable! seats very hard, and every bump ( as on elevator and tram entrance/exit ) hurts!


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