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  • Terminal 2 to terminal 1
    Jul 24, 2013
    Will I need to use airport transportation to get from Terminal 2 gate F12D to Terminal 1 gate B17?


    No, you can easily walk between those gates within security in about 10-15 minutes.


    You arrive at ORD's T2, Concourse F, lower level; head for the Departures Level (in secured area) and follow signs to (walkway) T1 (usually used as United Express transfer), which has gates B1-22.


  • Assistance for traveler with autism
    Jul 24, 2013
    My 32 year old son with (high-functioning) autism wants to fly to Taiwan to visit his brother. How can I get him assistance from his arrival at JFK (from Dulles) to the gate for the next leg of his flight. I'm afraid he'll be terrified and not be able to find his way. He has over 3 hours to get to the next gate. Thanks for any ideas!


    1. When making airline reservations, be sure to mention his special needs, so that on arrival arrangements may be in place. 2. His arrival at & departure from JFK will depend on the airline. It is likely that he may have to transfer between terminals via the 'Airline Terminals Train', and go through security check before proceeding to connecting gate. 3. I suggest you open, then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text with airline & transfer information.


  • Lost laptop
    Jul 20, 2013
    On the 20th of June 2013 I landed in Frankfurt from Ljubljana and accidentaly I left my computer on board. I realized it after few minutes when I reached the bus to get to the gates. Immediately I informed both the Adria and Lufthansa staff in order to go back and pick it up or have somebody to do it for me. The staff did not allow me to do it and now the laptop is lost. Has somebody found it ? I can provide you all the details if you have found a laptop from 20 June at Frankfurt airport. Many thanks in advance ! If you have it please contact me on


    If you are not sure whether you lost your item at Adria or Lufthansa, I suggest you call both airline's Lost & found department. This is the normal route you take when losing an item onboard the airplane.


  • Hold a Flight?
    Jul 19, 2013
    If JetBlue causes the incoming flight to be delayed would they hold a connecting flight that dead ends for five minutes so people can get home?


    It depends if there's a flight later that day and how many people connecting on your flight are late and if the delay will really be 5 minutes.


  • Greeting elderly arriving passenger Terminal 4
    Jul 18, 2013
    Elder passenger expected to arrive Terminal 4. An airport volunteer told me Starbucks would work as a meeting place, but when I look at terminal map info I see 'After Security' for Starbucks. Does that mean I'm not permitted to walk into Terminal 4 as far a Starbucks? Where is a reasonable place to easily meet up? She will have carry-on bag only and a cane.


    What Airport?


  • Changing from T5 to T3
    Jul 16, 2013
    Hello - travelling from LHR to DFW via ORD, arriving on AA91 to ORD and then leaving on AA 2359 to DFW. Have 90 minutes to transfer from T5 to T3. Will I make it? I heard for BA/AA share code flights there is another way than through customs, with a bus? Or do I need to go through customs?


    You will have to go through immigration in T5, claim your bags in immigration, then re-check them after you clear customs. You then go upstairs and take the ATS train from T5 to T3 (one stop). It's a tight connection but possible. However, if you do miss your connection, AA has hourly flights between ORD and DFW, however, since it appears that 2359 is at 9:40 PM, there is only one later flight to DFW. The good news about coming in that late is that immigration shouldn't be very crowded.


  • LAx transfer bags from Southwest to Quantas
    Jul 14, 2013
    I am flying into LAX on Southwest before transferring to Quantas to Sydney. Can my bags be transferred or do I need to leave the terminal, get my luggage, return through security and have it rechecked to Quantas? Any idea how long that will take?


    Southwest does not transfer bags to or from any other airlines. You will have to claim your bags and take them to the TBIT for your QANTAS flight. I would leave 2.5 hours to do that.


  • Lack of any help
    Jul 12, 2013
    My daughter is stranded in Midway. Southwest employees could not even help her to find her way out. She will never fly alone again. What a horrible experience for a young woman traveling alone.


  • Pick up location
    Jul 12, 2013
    Thank you for that information. Question, how will I be able to call them and is someone there to answer the cell phone if I call, what number do I call??? Asking about the cell phone lot to meet someone.


    Your friend waits in the cell phone lot with their Cell Phone. You call them with your cell phone when you're ready to be picked up and then they come and get you. If either of you doesn't have a cell phone, obviously, this doesn't work.


  • Where to meet someone
    Jul 12, 2013
    Can anyone suggest a good place to have someone meet me at the airport. This is my first time to MCO, so not familiar with how it is laid out. Someone is to pick me up when I arrive late afternoon.


    Probably the easiest procedure for someone picking you up would be for them to wait in the Cell Phone Lot and then come to the curb when you call them.


    Thank you for that information. Question, how will I be able to call them and is someone there to answer the cell phone if I call, what number do I call???


  • Meeting my family at international terminal
    Jul 11, 2013
    Hi, I am meeting my family at the international terminal after they clear custom; they are flying Delta. I am arriving at the domestic terminal with Delta. How easy is it to get from the domestic terminal to the international arrivals exit point?


    Delta is using the new Terminal 4 for its international flights & domestic flights to/from SFO, LAX & SEA airports. Delta Shuttle bus service from gate to gate (no security check necessary) will be available between T2 & T4 - add about 12 minutes. Meet them at the Arrivals level of T4 - in front of the Information counter. Presently, its Arrivals level is separate, connected by 2 walkways to the concourse level and housing Customs clearance, baggage claim, & Information counter.


  • bagage claim
    Jul 11, 2013
    we`re changing from a domestic flight on to an international flight. we have 1.15 hours. do we have to collect our Luggage and bring it somewhere else?


    Are both of your flights on Delta and booked on the same reservation? If so you will not have to do anything with your baggage in Detroit.


    yes, both delta flights and booked on the same reservation. but I checked the delta website and it said you allways have to collect your Luggage. so now I`m not sure. I dont want it left behind


    When going International -> Domestic you have to claim your baggage. When going Domestic -> International you do not, and in fact, cannot as the baggage will be transfered automatically.


  • lost samson galaxy phone on flight 1501 july 9th seat 19 E
    Jul 9, 2013
    maybe in with magazines call jeff at 803 791 3240


  • Transferring from An International Flight to a Domentic Flight
    Jul 8, 2013
    We are on a Delta flight from LHR arriving Atlanta at 7:00 pm. Originally the connecting Delta flight to San Diego departed Atlanta at 9:50 pm (2 hr 50 min layover). Yesterday I received an e-mail from Delta that the time of the departing flight to San Diego had been changed to 8:30 pm (1 hr 30 min layover). We plan to just have one carryon each. Is this enough time to get through immigration, customs and to the departing flight. Right now I don't find any other later flights on Delta to San Diego. Also, even though I have requested a wheelchair in the past, this time I did not because we had such a long layover. I am not able to run or jog through the airport. Will the wheelchair help to speed things up or not. Sometimes I have had to wait so long for a wheelchair that I give up and just start walking even though it can be difficult and slow if the walk is long. Most grateful for any advice you can give us.


    It should be enough time. Immigration shouldn't be too busy that late and you'll be helped by not having any checked bags. I have no insight onto whether wheelchair service will help or not.


  • Want to know do I need to tranfer in two terminal
    Jul 7, 2013
    I will from China to DTW then tranfer to Elimira Corning, NY . two line all for Delta airline . Want to konw if i need to take the shuttle from McNamara to North terminal


    No, all Delta flights use the McNamara terminal.


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