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  • Lost iphone 4s on board SAS flight
    Aug 14, 2013
    Lost my iphone 4s on SK462 July 30 from CPH to OSLO


  • Meeting Place at Terminal 1
    Aug 14, 2013
    Hi. Our family will be arrinving at CDG terminal 1. A group will be arriving 30 minutes ahead of the other group. Where will the best place for our family to meet after we claim our luggage? Thanks!


  • Connecting flights operations
    Aug 18, 2013
    My flight is scheduled arriving in JFK T4 at 5,30 pm from SDQ and at 8,05 pm I have to take the connecting flight to FCO with the same air company ( delta ) in the same T4 terminal. Arriving gate should be B30 and boarding gate should be B20 in the same terminal. Since I have to desembarke and imbarque picking up baggage and repeating check-in and clearance processes, what's the best path to follow and complete the processes briefly between the two flight gates within 2,5 hours ? May I ask for help to somebody when I'll be there ? thanks for any response, cordially


    You should have plenty of time and there will be people around to help. You will claim your baggage in immigration and then re-check them with Delta after exiting customs. You will then go back through security and to your gate. You should be given both of your boarding passes in Santo Domingo. Delta's T4 is brand new and very easy to use but some of the gates are a bit of a long walk.


    thanks a lot ZAP, very useful your feedback . Concerning the long walk you talk about please let know me if gates B30 (arriving flight ) and B20 ( departing flight ) in T4 that I found with arrival & departures tracker should always be connected without take the railway shuttle . thank you.


    Your flights may not use those exact gates unless you're traveling today or tomorrow. However, both flights will operate from Terminal 4 and you won't have to take the AirTrain.


    ZAP Hello I am writing today Sunday, 08.18 three days after my return to Rome, it was going to fail for various reasons, all due to events that I endured in the JFK airport . I want to confirm that I enjoyed the valuable guidance given to me but the natural course of things was not as "normal" as I would expect. First, the flight DL 494 arriving at JFK landing with a 1-hour after scheduled time , so the time useful for me was reduced to 1.5 h. After landing total chaos, I arrived in a great indoor place in which we passengers with flight connection we were not led by anyone but the indications available from the posters on the spot. To receive my suitcase I had to wait three quarters of an hour. And so the remaining time fell to 45 minutes useful for making customs checks, the procedure of personal control and admission to the access port on the fly. In all this, NO ONE has made us realize that the customs control is divided into two parts, the first comprising fingerprints and the stamp on the form of goods transported before collecting the luggage, the second after the withdrawal of luggage; the second checkpoint after luggage retired with the completed form and stamped. This has meant that many of us have "jumped" in good faith the first part of fingerprints (which we had already done the first time, when we did the first travel to RD ) because we have taken a lane that made us bypass the frontier control, letting us get directly to the carousel luggage. And in that moment NOBODY did say us that we were doing the wrong thing , in spite that was enough staff personnel service intent on chatting. The result was that the second checkpoint has sent back us to put the stamp on the completed form to the first checkpoint. Were moments when I thought to losing my mental clarity . Do all this meant that it was 7.30 and the DL flight 246 departed time to 8.05. Yes and no half an hour to do the second customs check point (at least 200 meters in a row), then the control staff upstairs (another 200-300 meters in a row), and then down again to find the gateway to the DL 246 flight that was 41B. Yes, just the 41B, that is the furthest in absolute. And if I could reach it, I owe it to two employees of the airport, a black boy who has allowed me to "jump" the line of control personal check and a girl with a service vehicle that has allowed me to not collapse the ground with a heart attack for the race I did. Without her I would never be able to reach the B41. Which in the end I managed to do just because the good Lord sent me two guardian angels. It was 7.45 pm when I embarked on the B41. After all this I wonder: if I had arrived after 8.00 at the door of access to the flight what would have happened?


  • Arriving from UK - transfer query
    Aug 12, 2013
    Hi, We will be arriving in EWR (Terminal A) from the UK and transferring to a flight to Denver - both on United. I assume we will need to clear immigration in Newark. Will we also need to pick up our baggage or will that be transferred automatically? It's a single through ticket. Also - are there any ATMs in the terminal where we can pick up some dollars? Many thanks


    Yes, you will have to claim your baggage in immigration but can immediately re-check it with United after clearing customs. You will then go to the terminal for your departing flight and go through security. Yes, there should be numerous ATM's.


    Many thanks, that's very helpful. Do you know if the same will apply on our return flight (ITO - LAX - EWR - BHX)?


    No, on your return trip the only time you will have to go through immigration or touch your luggage is in Birmingham.


  • Help for disabled
    Aug 7, 2013
    My parents are arriving to O'Hare with Scandinavian (SAS SK943), then to transfer to United (UA3649) to Syracuse. They will be needing assistance for whole transfer due their disability. Who can I contact? Is it correct, that they need to collect their baggage, and check it in again, under all circumstances? They got about 2 hours to go thru checks, and to make to the another terminal Thank you in advance


    They need to contact SAS and request wheelchair service. Yes, you have to claim your baggage in immigration and then re-check it in Terminal 5 after clearing customs. They should have enough time.


  • DFW lost and found customer DISservice manager.... whew!!!!!!!
    Sep 30, 2013
    I found and turned in an expensive Apple Ipad last Friday. I called today to find out what happens to it should the rightful owner not claim it. I just was subjected to the most bizarre rants of a 6th grade educated supervisor who would not give me her name or title and conitunually called me by the wrong name. Ultimately I find that should the rightful owner not claim it, I have NO claim to it and either DFW or AA sells it and makes the profit. Unbelievable experience from start to finish. Such an uneducated woman. She threatened me that the call was being recorded and the police would be called. I welcomed both and asked her to play the call back to her supervisor and others for training purposes. In the end, I don't even think she understood my questions.


    As a general rule, lost & unclaimed items by owner, are held for a certain time, determined by each airport, and will thereafter be auctioned off or turned over to a chartitable institution. There's no 'Finders Keepers'!


    I lost my ipad in DFW do you know where did you turn it into. My cell number 3128103039


  • Honolulu Flight
    Aug 6, 2013
    I am flying United into LAX from Houston on a connecting flight to Honolulu. Will I have to recheck my bags and go through security to make my connecting flight?


    If both flights are on United, your bags will be transferred. Note that United uses both Terminals 6 & 7. If you need to transfer to another terminal, you either walk over outside, or go to the ground level, take the escalator down to the tunnel connecting both terminals, & back up escalator at connecting terminal; this would require you to go through security check before proceeding to your gate.


    tuaug is incorrect. You can get between every United gate at LAX without having to go through security.


    Aug 10, 2013
    I found an IPAD on us air flight tonight it was left on board from a prior flight in the seat pocket and I noticed it during my flight it was in the seat pocket I am happy to return it to the owner it is password protected so I can not try and access the info to return to you. I have been trying to call APPLE but they can not help


    I lost my IPAD on 8/1/13, and I think I left it on the plane. I was on flight 1979, Aircraft A320, seat 8D, and my flight was from Newark to CLT. My flight was at 1:14 p.m. and I arrived in Charlotte at 3:05 p.m. My IPAD is white, in a gray cover case. Serial # DMQHGHHTDKPH. I hope the one you found is mine.


    I forgot to mention that it is an iPAD 2 wi-Fi 16 GB model. I just turned on the lost signal today (didn't know I could do it until now) and if it is mine, it will have my phone number for you to call.


    I just realized that the iPAD may be dead at this point, so you may not be able to access my phone #. Please email me at and I'll give you my phone #.


    For the person that posted finding an iPAD on 8/1/13, please let me know if you still have it, or, if someone has claimed it, as I'm hoping it's mine.


  • connetion tim 2 h 10 m
    Aug 1, 2013
    Arriving vom Germany at ORD 2.55 pm. Connecting Flight to LAS is at 5 pm. Will this be enough time? And what is to do after landing?


  • Minor traveling alone
    Jul 31, 2013
    My niece is 16 and is flying alone to LAS. Will her guardian be able to pass the security checkpoint with her to help her find her gate?


    Probably if she goes to the check-in counter and requests a gate pass. However, a 16 year old should have no trouble finding her gate.


  • Lost small black bag
    Jul 29, 2013
    I misplaced my small black (cosmetic size) bag of computer/telephone assessories near terminal A24/A25. Please call if you located it 973 966-1025


  • I forgot my Ipone4 on board SAS air
    Jul 29, 2013
    I was on flightn front flight Sk926 on 10th of July and as I left the plane I realized did not have my Iphone with me as I turned back to Gate C29 Terminal 3 no one was there to help. I tried alot only was given a lost and found number to try while I knew exactly where my phone was but no one from SAS personal cared about customers at all to go and get for me and they left it to be stolen by cleaners. still I keep calling and wishing if it was some human decent enough and Honest would have returned and I will hopefully get it back. If anyone can help please let know. Its so annoying knowing that it is possible to find the Iphone but only if the SAS Air cared for their customers I would have my phone today as with all these technologies and cameras and tracking on board a plane, I am sure they can find out who cleaned and why they did not return a what they found? Please Help!!!


  • International flight with dogs
    Jul 28, 2013
    I will be flying by myself from Chicago to Brussels with 4 dogs (PCS). 1 in cabin and 3 with the pet safe program. I will be driving a rental car to the airport. Does United offer curbside check in? How much time should I plan on for rental car return? How much time should I plan on for checking in my dogs? I have never flown internationally and I have never flown with dogs. Any information will be greatly approciated.


    Yes, United does have curbside check-in but there's a specific counter inside you have to go with the dogs inside Terminal 1. I would get to the airport at least 2.5 hours before your flight due to the whole thing with the dogs.


  • Assisting International Traveler
    Jul 26, 2013
    I need to know if there a paid service to assist an international traveler arriving at O HARE INTERNATIONAL, TERMINAL 5 on 28 JUL 15:55 and changing from T5 to T3 to check in with AA to DIA at 20:45 ( Traveller speak only Arabic)


    I'm not aware of any such service but it's a very easy connection and he has plenty of time. After he clears immigration, he will claim his bags and go through customs. If his bags were checked through to his final destination he can then drop them back off at international re-check in T5. If not he has to take his bags to American in T3 using the ATS train. Here he might have some trouble since the check-in kiosks will not be in Arabic and he will have to pay a checked bag fee using a credit card. However, if he speaks a little English (or french, or spanish) he should be OK. The good news is that he has nearly 5 hours. Perhaps he can find someone on the plane that speaks English that is also transferring to American that he can follow along with.


  • Terminal 2 to terminal 1
    Jul 24, 2013
    Will I need to use airport transportation to get from Terminal 2 gate F12D to Terminal 1 gate B17?


    No, you can easily walk between those gates within security in about 10-15 minutes.


    You arrive at ORD's T2, Concourse F, lower level; head for the Departures Level (in secured area) and follow signs to (walkway) T1 (usually used as United Express transfer), which has gates B1-22.


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