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  • Flying from Austin-IAH-SJO (Costa Rica)
    May 2, 2013
    My family is flying from Austin to Costa Rica, but we go through IAH both ways. I see lots of helpful advice about understanding that we must clear customs in Houston on the way back. Does anyone know if we have to clear customs in Houston on our way TO Costa Rica, from Austin? Can we not clear customs in Austin and then not worry about having to re-check out bags in Houston on our way to Costa Rica? Thanks!


    No, the only time you will go through any immigration on the way TO Costa Rica is when you get to Costa Rica. In IAH on the way there you will just have to go from your arriving gate to your departing gate - you won't have to do anything with your bags.


    Awesome, thank you for the info.


  • Best Place to Meet - SFO - United
    May 2, 2013
    My daughter is arriving at the B Concourse (United Express) and I am arriving about 30 minutes later, Terminal 3, Concourse F. What is the best place for us to meet? Thanks!


    Your daughter arrives in Terminal 1 (B gates), where she should proceed to the Red-line of the AirTrain (an automated people mover) to Terminal 3 (your arrivals terminal). Have her meet you in the Arrivals area, next to the Information counter.


  • From Jefferson bus to Delta check in
    Apr 29, 2013
    Can one easily get from the bus to the check in? How?


    MSP has 2 terminals T1 Lindbergh & T2 Humphrey. The Jefferson Lines scheduled bus (visit: stop at the Lindbergh Terminal's Transit Center. Then take the tram and arrive at the Lindbergh Terminal's Tram Level; then proceed to the departures level. However, if you depart from the Humphrey Terminal you must take the light rail transit from the Lindbergh Terminal.


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