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Got a tip? Need some help? You've come to the right place for help on getting to, through, and between airports. Share your experiences with others, or post a question and get a notification when there is a response. Select a category from below:

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  • Non checked thro' flight, non-Schengen to non-Schengen
    Mar 31, 2014
    Upon arriving at Schipol, I will need to collect my baggage as it cannot be 'checked through' to my destination. After doing so, will I be required to pass thro' Immigration/Customs and then repeat to re-enter OR It is possible to collect my baggage and proceed directly to my next departure area?


    Non-Schengen to non-Schengen flights don't require immigration proceedings. Pick up your bag on arrival, check it in with connecting airline, go through security check and on to your connecting gate.


    Many thanks 'sumar14'! Your answer is exactly what I wanted and has prevented any problems upon arriving at Schipol. Now if only Schipol etc could be so efficient and as responsive?


  • Where to meet arriving International passanger
    Mar 29, 2014
    Where do I meet an international arriving passenger in terminal D? This person speaks no English.


    The exit of immigration on the arrivals level would be the best place.


  • MBJ to SFO thru IAD - is 90 min enough time
    Apr 20, 2014
    My flight connection time changed from 2hrs to 1.5hrs - I will be departing MBJ on a Wednesday afternoon and connecting through IAD with a 90 minute layover. Is this enough time to clear immigration/customs/security and make my SFO flight?


    Yes, that should be enough time, assuming both of your flights are on United.


  • Held by Customs
    Mar 26, 2014
    How can I get money to my fiancé to pay taxes on gold bullion. It is in the amount of 175K.


    Wire Transfer. Make sure it's not a scam first though.


  • Meeting Place
    Mar 23, 2014
    I arrive American gate D 10, another arrives Alaska T-3 terminal E - gates E - 14 + 15; where is the best place to meet - no checked baggage. How do we get to the Flamingo on the strip, least expensive way. Thank You


    Since neither of you have checked baggage, after you arrive you can take the tram to T3 arrivals. The cheapest way to the strip is the shuttle buses, but they're slow and make a lot of stops along the way, and since you pay for them by the person, you should probably just take a taxi as it will be a lot faster and only marginally more expensive.


  • LAX Layover
    Mar 22, 2014
    I'm currently scheduled to be on a Virgin Australia flight arriving in LAX at 6:30 am. Will I have time to make it to the United terminal after going through customs and immigration for a 9:10 am flight?


    That should be enough time.


  • 2.5 hours to change | Terminal A West to Terminal F | Can I make it?
    Mar 19, 2014
    Hi, I am arriving in PHL from London on BA67 at 16.10hrs. I have a domestic connection flight to Roanoke on AA4840 at 1845. This gives men about 2.5 hrs. I think I arrive in Terminal A West, while my connection is in Terminal F. I am not a US citizen. Will I be able to make it to my connection flight? Do I have to check out and check in my baggages again?


    Yes, when you go through immigration you will then claim your bags and go through US customs. Then you will be able to re-check them at the re-check desk. Note that your flight to Roanoke will be operated by US Airways (it probably won't be all called American by the time of your flight). Then you will go through security and take a shuttle bus to Terminal F. You should have enough time.


    You have sufficient time for transfer. On arrival at Terminal A West you will go through passport check, pick up your bags, go through customs clearance & re-check-in your bag. A big U.S. Airways shuttle bus will take you from Gate A1 to gate F14 inside security.


  • More from the Terminal 5 to 7 transfer story . . .
    Mar 17, 2014
    Such great info! I thought I might as well chime in. Nothing was ever lost by asking the question, so here goes. Ok Mr. Guru: Wife and I have 644pm Jet blue arrival on a March Wednesday (Term. 5) heading for a British Airways 1030pm departure to Heathrow (Term. 7). Based on some of the posts; I'm beginning to think that 3 hours to collect bags & clear customs & then security over in terminal 7 is not as big a cushion as I originally envisaged? Would you comment and what are your suggestions? Also for our return we have a little under a 4 hour window (B.A. arrival @ 350pm) until our leg back to Florida (730pm JetBlue). How long have the customs/immigration transit times in terminal 7 on Sunday afternoons in April generally been running? Will this therefore be enough time? Thank you.


    Both of those connection times should be more than sufficient


  • Sunday March 16 Status
    Mar 17, 2014
    Does anyone know if there were delays at LAS on Sunday, March 16 (yesterday). Was told there were problems at the airport which resulted in missed flights. Did anyone have any or know of any problems? Thank you.


  • Transfer between terminals
    Mar 17, 2014
    Hi We are arriving from MSP to LAX with Delta then need to transfer to Terminal ? for Air New Zealand flight to AKL. is ANZ terminal 2 and what is the best way to get there


    You can walk or take the shuttle bus. It's a bit of a walk. Please note that Air New Zealand will be moving from T2 to the TBIT soon, so be sure to check if they have moved by the time of your flight. If they have already moved to the TBIT before your flight, I would definitely recommend walking.


    Mar 16, 2014
    Am flying DB7342 from Harlington and NEED ASSISTANCE at IAH to connect to my flight to Chicago. Only have 30 minutes to make it and an electric cart.


    You need to contact United (the operating carrier) and request wheelchair assistance.


  • international connection
    Mar 15, 2014
    I will arriving @ LAX @11: 20am from china and going to Dallas on 6/26/14 13:20 pm. American Airline.Do I have enough time?


    1. All international arrivals need to go through passport check, pick up bags, go through customs clearance & re-check-in their bags. Most likely you will arrive in the International TBIT (or TB) Terminal - depending on your incoming airline. A new connector gets you to after customs clearance to Terminal 4, which is American Airline's Terminal. Your transfer time is sufficient.


  • Arriving with a dog in cabin
    Mar 13, 2014
    Does anyone know the procedure to follow when you arrive with a dog in cabin? Is there a specific customs officer or department that I need to see upon arrival? We arrive on a wednesday at 7.55pm so its after the main quarantine office closes, but they said they deal with commercial outgoing flights only, so I'm not sure where we are supposed to go or what we are supposed to do upon arrival.


    CDG has a special site for this: open If you can't open directly, open:, then click on Formalities, on 'Passenger traveling with a pet'.


  • 32 minutes layover
    Mar 12, 2014
    Hi ! I'm leaving from Knoxville with delta to detroit and then going back home to Ottawa. The flight is june 29th pm. They changed flights hour and we have now a 32 minutes connection, do you think it's possible to make it ? It's the only flight of the day


    Yes if your first flight is on time its enough time. Both flights will likely be on the same concourse.


  • Luggage
    Mar 12, 2014
    I am making a connection in Atlanta for my international flight (Costa Rica), do I have to claim my luggage and then check it in again ? I'm hoping that my luggage is going direct to Costa Rica from Syracuse where I originated.


    No. On your way to Costa RCA you don't have to do anything with your baggage in Atlanta. Only on your return will you have to claim it in immigration.


    Hi thanks for your quick response.. my next question is regarding your reply.. you said that on my return to Atlanta I have to claim my luggage in the immigration? Even though my final destination is Syracuse? From Costa Rica I am connecting my next flight in Atlanta to Syracuse. So in other words I have to go through the immigration, claim my luggage then check it in again to my next flight to Syracuse? I'm sorry for all this question but I just want to really clarify so I'm not going to be lost in transit ;o) Thanks much!


    Yes you have the return procedure correct. You need to claim bags to go through US customs.


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