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  • airport fligths
    Mar 20, 2013
    I live in europe, usually I take a fligth from here to (IPL) imperial county, the itinerary has 1 or 2 stop, either new york - los angeles etc... I'ts been days I am triying to find a fligth and none of the search engines as e-dreams, expedia, momondo or any small company found it, I been calling to the airport but the answer machine keeps telling me is close or you are far from your desk. Kindly let me know if the airport is close or the fligth IPL - los angeles or any other stop to IPL doesn't exist anymore... if so let me know if there any other way to arrive to the airport form another city. i'm desperate!!


    Starting next month, a new airline will be flying to IPL called SeaPort Airlines. You have to book your flights with them on a separate reservation and their flights to IPL will go from San Diego instead of Los Angeles. Alternatively, if you don't want to take SeaPort, the San Diego airport is a 193 km drive from Imperial and the Palm Springs airport is a 160 km drive from Imperial. http://seaportair.com/


  • Parking rates
    Sep 2, 2014
    What´s the daily rate at the parking lot?


    Call the Airport at 760-355-7944.


    I've tried to call the airport a couple of times now at the number listed above and people have either been busy or away from their desks. I'd rather not leave a message as I simply want to know the current parking rate per day for a regular sized sedan. Is there any way that you can post that in a reply? Thank you.


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