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Location of handicap parking in long term parking lot?
How much does it cost to park a car for one week at the Indianapolis airport?
It depends on what lot you use. Parking on airport property starts at $9/day ($63 for 7 days) for the economy lot and goes up to $25/day ($175 for 7 days) for valet. You can also park in the park and walk lot or the garage, both of which are within walking distance of the terminal, for $14/day or $18/day respectively, Unlike many airports a "day" at IND is any portion of a calendar day, so if you leave the lot at 12:01 am they're going to charge you for that full day- worth keeping in mind if you have a late evening flight. There are several off site options as well that in general are cheaper and provide shuttle service to the airport but my experience is those shuttles run infrequently or on request only, so you may find yourself waiting a while for the shuttle when you just want to get home.
Long term parking prices