IKT Airport - Irkutsk Airport ( Irkutsk, Siberia , Russian Federation )


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Irkutsk Airport IKT serves the greater Lake Baikal area of the Russian Federation.
The Airport is located eight miles from the center of Irkutsk, a large city in southeastern Siberia, 37 miles east of Lake Baikal.

With a very long runway and 1.7million passengers in 2015, Irkutsks Airport is served by domestic and international airlines with routes all over the Asian continent, with connections around the world. Seasonally Aeroflot offers flights to Anchorage, Alaska and Seattle, Washington, with a stopover at Khabarovsk, while The Airport is also served by charters with seasonal flights to popular vacation destinations.

Hotel Air Harbor with 145 rooms of various sizes is located 200 meters from the terminal - tel. (3952) 266-104 /fax 266-157
For Tourist Information contact ‘Intourist’, located in Irkutsk at 44 Bld. Gagarina (tel. 392 296 355).

Irkutsk Airport has a Domestic and an International Terminal - both are within walking distance. 
Shiryamova 13
Irkutsk, Siberia, 664009
Website: http://iktport.ru/
Contact: office@iktport.ru
Phone: +7 3952 266 277 /fax 400