Public transportation  from Instanbul Sabiha Gokcen Airport: The following public bus lines stop at the Airport:   E3 to Levent; E9 to Bostanci; E10 to Kurtkoy & Kadikoy; 16S to Yenisehir & Kozyatagu; and 132 to Kartal - Teperoren.

1. Havas Shuttle buses (tel. +90 216 411 8600) run between the Airport and Sahrayicedid, Kozyatagi, Taksim and Izmit. The trip between the Airport & Kozyatagi takes 45 mins; between the Airport and Taksim 1 hr ; between the Airport & Izmit 1 hr.  To get to Sultanahmet, change at Taksim to a taxi or public bus.

2. Regular Public IETT bus service by Buses E3, E9, E10, E11, 16S, 18H, & KM22 is available at the Airport . Buses between the Airport, its nearest Metro station, and City Center  take 30-45 mins.  For more information call (0212) 245 0720; or visit (www) iett.gov.tr)

4. The Pendik ‘Sea Bus’ Port (+90 212 444 4436) is 14 km from the Airport ; from there you can take a ferry to the Islands.
[5. The Pendik train station is 14 km from the Airport - NOTE, however that the Haydarpasa-Penkik atrains will not run for the next 2 years!]

5. The Kadikoy Krtal Light Rail System’s now runs between Kadikoy & Kartal (north to south) with 14 stations in between. It is to  integrate with the Marmaray Project:
6. The Marmaray Project representing the BOSPORUS TUBE CROSSING TUNNEL was completed in late October 2013. This project will 'eventually' integrate the fragmented local rail system which runs two unconnected tracks in the Asian & European sides.

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