Parking Options at Quebec Jean Lesage Airport

If picking up a passenger at the Airport, you may want to use the new cellPARQ (cell phone lot) located at the Airport's access road - free for up to one hour.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the terminal's curb.

Parking options a Quebec City Airport
 include short-and long-term parking across from the passenger terminal, with the first 15 minutes free.
The new multi-level parking garage has now been completed.
Payment is accepted in cash, by Visa, MasterCard & American Express. 

For more parking information call 418-640-2658. 

Parking Rates at YQB Airport

Rate: 1 week $105
15 mins free
16-30 mins $4
31-45 mins $6
46-60 mins $8
61-75 mins $10
76-90 mins $12
91-105 mins $14
106 mins - 1 day $15
1 day $15

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