Main Terminal / Concourses at Jeddah King Abdulaziz JED Airport

The present passenger terminal complex at King Abdulaziz International Airport consists of  three passenger terminals
    the North Terminal, used for international flights,
    the South Terminal, used for domestic flights (served by shuttle buses) and
    the Hajj Terminal serving pilgrims to Mecca.  

All terminals offer a host of amenities & services, but do not permit smoking. The new Customer Service Center can be reached at 920011233.

International North Terminal of KAIA Airport completed its renovation & expansion project, including adding three new crescent-shaped passenger halls south of it.  The North hall has 14 gates and is intended for all regular foreign airlines, as well as for the airlines operating exclusively during the Hajj and Umra seasons.

Domestic South Terminal of KAIA Airport
also completed its  expansion & renovation project. It serves exclusively Saudi Airlines and is recognized by its pronounced inclined roof above the main departure hall, considered an architectural wonder, and designed to accommodate 2,500 passengers per hour, with 40 airline gates and offering VIP travelers separate housing to rest and freshen up, as well as their private parking lots.
NOTE:  Both North & South Terminals have now completed their expansion & upgrade projects - increasing space, improve equiipment & improve customer service.
The newly overhauled A-Fursan Golden Lounge at KAIA offers services comparable to five-star hotels.
Worship locations: While the KAIA Airport offers their passengers many locations near all three passenger terminals to perform their prayers, the airport's main mosque, located in the court of the south hall, is where daily and Friday prayers are performed. The mosque has a mihrab made from forged 500-year old tiles and can accommodate up to 1,250 worshipers.

NOTE:  Ongoing Phase 1 construction (currently 80 percent complete) will have all airlines under one roof.  However, commecial operations only start mid-2017.

The current Hajj Terminal of KAIA Airport, which is the world's largest passenger terminal, recognized by its tent-shaped roof, was built to handle pilgrims on their way to Makkah, to partake in the annual Hajj rituals. The Hajj Terminal is considered to be an independent airport with all public utilities, a separate runway, services and Tawafa agents, including and a huge mosque. It is divided into two locations separated by a 160-meter wide road. Each location has five concourses and each concourse has two gates connected with two airbridges. Amenities at Hajj Terminal include 120 shops, restaurants, a medical center, and more. During the busiest season, it can accommodate up to 50,000 pilgrims daily, and its runaway was designed to serve up to ten huge aircrafts.

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