Parking Options at Sioux Falls Regional Airport

The passenger waiting lot is close to the Airport entrance on Jaycee Lane (at right). Stay with your car until your party has collected bags & calls you to be picked up at the terminal curb.

Other parking options at Sioux Falls Regional Airport:
  Short-term parking is right across from the passenger terminal, while long-term lots are right behind it, divided by the Parking Exit Plaza.
For passenger dropoff use 'Second Chance' entrances - drop off passenger, then cicle around to park. 
For payment, go ticketless by swiping your credit or debit card. Parking fees are very low.

Parking fees:
Short-term: First hr $1, each add'l hr $2,  up to daily max $12
Long-term: Each hr $1 up to daily max $8; weekly $42
Economy South Lot: Each hr $1, up to daily max $7, weekly $35.

Parking Rates at FSD Airport

Short Term
Rate: 1 hr $1
each add hr $1
1 day $9
Long Term
Rate: 1 week $35
1 hr $1
each add hr $1
1 day $7

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