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I am flying from AMS to ROC via JFK with Delta. My international flight from AMS to JFK arrives in Terminal 4 and my domestic flight to ROC from JFK departs from Terminal 4. Once I get off the plane at JFK, do I have to go through immigration and security again?
I'm flying from Hong Kong (HGK) to Sao Paulo (GRU) with a connection in New York (JFK), same reservation, code-sharing companies. Do I need to clear my luggage at JFK and re-check them or not?
I'm flying from Hong Kong (HGK) to Sao Paulo (GRU) with a connection in New York (JFK), same reservation, code-sharing companies. Do I need to clear my luggage at JFK and re-check them or not?
i intend to fly from Barbados to JFK on Jet Blue then from JFK to LAX on Jet Blue as well. Is a 2h 12min window enough time to make my connection from JFK to LAX?

I arrive at JFK T4 at 1.30pm from an international flight and need to transfer to T2 for a 2.55pm domestic flight both on the same virgin Atlantic/delta ticket. Is this enough time to clear immigration, customs and transfer terminals on a UK passport?

That is not realistically enough time, especially if you have checked bags.
Arriving from ATH at 3:50pm on Delta. Leaving at 5:29 on Delta flight to ATL. That's 1h39m. I have Global Entry and no checked luggage. Is this doable?

Also, do I go through security when leaving T4 or when entering T2?

After you clear customs you will be outside security. You can either go through security in T4 and take the shuttle to T2 or take the AirTrain to T2 and go through security there. You should have enough time.
Many thanks. Any thoughts on which is faster? I have never been able to check in online for return international flights on Delta, and I never have TSA Precheck written on my paper tickets printed at airports outside of the US. Assuming I have to go through regular security, I'd live to know if you'd suggest T4 or T2. Or, if you have any idea how to get TSA Precheck on my ticket printed at the ATH airport, is love to know. Thanks!
Reprint your boarding pass at JFK and it should have Precheck printed on it. Either that or use the Delta App.
i have a flight from edinburgh to jfk (aa279) that arrives in terminal 8. i then connect to flight aa199 to boston, departing from terminal 8. will i have to go through customs and recheck my baggage in jfk?
Yes, in JFK you will go through US Immigration, claim your bags, go through US Customs, re-check your bags at the re-check desk, go through security and to your departure gate.
thanks! will 2 hours and 45 minutes be enough time to do this? i imagine jfk will be very time consuming for customs/immigration
I should have said both flights are with American Airlines.
I will be arriving at JFK at 1.15pm terminal 8 from UK.
my connecting flight leaves terminal 8 at 3.14. Do I have enough time to clear customs 3rd and if not what happens then.
That is just enough time if everything goes smoothly. If you miss your connection then American will book you on their next available flight to your destination.
many thanks, I'll keep my fingers crossed that all goes well.
Hi I will be flying next month from Casablanca Morocco(CMN) to Orlando FL(MCO) through JFK. both flights are on the same reservation. first flight is with Royal air maroc and the second one is with Jetblue airlines. I have a layover in JFK of 3h45 mins. the first flight(from CMN to JFK) will arrive in Terminal 1. The second one will depart from Terminal 5. I want to know how much time needed to pass through immigartion then customs since i am a new vistor. and how to do a luggage transfer from terminal 1 to terminal 5. is it possible to drop off my bags in Terminal 1 or I have to collect my bags and then take them to Terminal 5 for Check_in.
That is enough time. Yes, since your bags will be tagged to Orlando you can drop them at the re-check desk in Terminal 1.