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My wifes inbound AA flight to JFK is delayed from Charlotte due to weather. Now scheduled to arrive at 11:04 pm in terminal 8. She is scheduled to leave on a 1:00 Aeroflot flight that says departing Terminal 1 and that they close the boarding on at 12:40 (20 Minutes before flight). Aeroflot tells me if she misses the flight due to delayed inbound flight that is not Aeroflot the ticket is then lost and another needs to be purchased. Will she be able to make her connection? Or do I need to change the ticket before their midnight time limit to a later flight? What is your recommendation....
Does the Air Train only go in one direction, since the air port is in a circle, or do you have Air Trains going in both directions?
Example You Get on at terminal 4 can you immediately get off on terminal 2 or do you have to ride the entire circle passing terminal 5, 1 etc.. to get to terminal 2
There are trains going both directions. The train that goes in ascending order goes to the train station after it gets to terminal 8. The train that goes in reverse order just goes in a circle around the terminals.
How long does it take to get to terminal 2 from terminal 4. Are you walking? Is there a bus service? is there a tram?
There is bus service inside security and also the AirTrain outside security. Taking the bus inside security should take less than 20 minutes.
I, myself, and my wife will be travelling from Minneapolis to Delhi. We've got tickets with same booking code and the route is MSP-JFK by Delta, JFK-CDG by Air France, CDG-DEL by Air France.
Whatever the luggage, I'll do check in Minneapolis, it will be delivered in Delhi or I've to collect luggage at JFK and rebook for Delhi?
Secondly, I think that Delta will land in terminal 4 and Air France is from terminal 1, how long it takes to reach to terminal 1 from 4.
Your baggage will go through to Delhi. In JFK you will take the AirTrain to Terminal 1 and go through security. It will take 30-45 minutes.
We'll be arriving from Paris, Europe at 19.00 at terminal 1 going to BWI at 21.30. What can we do to manege that? It seems a narrow schedule, but the tickets are bought as if it's possible?
Sorry. Forgot to write that the departure to BWI is from Terminal 4. So it's between terminal 1 and 4. 2 1/2 hours
That is enough time if the flight from Paris is on-time.
The Jetblue flight I am looking at arrives at JFK from Buffalo at 2:26 PM.
The next Emirates flight is at 4:30 PM.
Does this layover give me enough time to connect?
That is enough time if both flights are on the same reservation. You just have to take the AirTrain to Terminal 4 and go through security.
My fiance and I are returning from Ireland, and trying to make a 70 minute layover. Flight DL206 arrives from Shannon, Ireland at 1:48pm at JFK, and the flight DL442 departs at 2:49pm to Philadelphia. Is this enough time at JFK? Thank you.
Yes, that is enough time. you will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Shannon so all you have to do in JFK is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
My wife and 2 children will travel to JFK from Syracuse on JetBlue arriving around 1.30pm Term 5 and fly from Terminal 1 at 7 pm on international flight. What woudl be best and quickest way of transferring between terminals
The only way between terminals is the AirTrain. Are all their flights on the same reservation or is it two separate reservations?
Hi there,

I'm a UK citizen, looking at going from Montreal to JFK on DL3845 then JFK to BOS on DL 43. Layover is 1hr 27. With checked bags. Delta, tickets bought together. Think it's enough time? Thanks in advance.
I meant YUL (Montreal)!
Yes, that is enough time. You will pre-clear US Immigration and Customs in Montreal so all you have to do in JFK is go from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
I will be arriving jfk from Istanbul on Turkish airlines on Monday by 5:30 pm. I will thereafter be connecting a United airline flight by 7:25 at LaGuardia airport. Would I be able to get there in good time I have a checked baggage.
No, that's not possible. You will be arriving right in the middle of rush hour and have less than 2 hours. Completely impossible.